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7 Best Whiskey Bar San Diego California (2024 Updated)

Whiskey Bar San Diego

We love whiskey, and good thing San Diego has a lot to offer. Whether you’re looking for bars with great whiskey bottles or liquor distilleries, you can find popular places in “America’s Finest City.”  These top whiskey bar San Diego will ignite your love and passion more in what we call the “water of life.”  

Top 7 Whiskey Bar San Diego 

Here we are going to discuss the top 7 whiskey bar San Diego.

Gaslamp Whiskey Girl

Gaslamp Whiskey Girl Bar Counter

Location: 702 Fifth Avenue San Diego, CA 92101

Opening Hours: 11 AM – 1:30 AM (Daily)

Why We Like It: Gaslamp’s Whiskey Girl is a long-running entertainment venue offering a full dinner and brunch menu, as well as a classic cocktail selection.

You can enjoy American-style food with signature drinks like whiskeys and beers.

The Lion’s Share

The Lion's Share Bar

Location: 629 Kettner Boulevard San Diego, CA 92101

Opening Hours: 4 PM – 2 AM (Tue-Sun)

Why We Like It: The Lion’s Share bar offers a variety of food, whiskey, and other drinks made with the finest ingredients.

Besides, you can expect excellent service, allowing you to enjoy every moment inside.  

Bar Three Piece

Bar Three Piece Bar Counter

Location: 3054 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

Opening Hours: 8 PM – 2 AM (Daily)

Why We Like It: Located in a quiet and friendly neighborhood, Bar Three Piece is a great place to enjoy a drink and socialize with friends.

It has a great selection of whiskey and regularly hosts great-tasting events. If you want something fancy, then try their bottle lockers. 

Seven Grand

Seven Grand Whiskey Bar

Location: 3054 University Ave San Diego CA, 92104

Opening Hours: 4 PM – 2 AM (Daily)

Why We Like It: The Seven Grand is popular for its whiskey-themed program. Anyone can enjoy the pool tables, live music, and various whiskey-related products and services.

“Sitting on a bar stool and sipping a shot of Jack Daniel’s washed down by a cold bottle of beer is an impeccable routine. I cannot think of a better ritual.”

― John E. Quinlan, Author/CEO

The establishment is additionally home to the Whiskey Society, a membership program for people who love whiskey.

Aero Club

The Aero Club Bar

Location: 3365 India St San Diego, CA 92103

Opening Hours: 2 PM – 2 AM (Daily)

Why We Like It: Situated on India Street, the Aero Club is a place for serious drinkers. This isn’t a fancy-bar-of-the-month type of establishment, but expect a solid selection of a variety of whiskeys.

The small size of the bar and the knowledgeable staff make it a great place to hang out.

The Whiskey House

The Whiskey House

Location: 420 Third Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

Opening Hours: 4 PM – 11 PM (Mon-Wed) up to 12 AM (Thurs)/ 9 AM – 11 PM (Sun) up to 1:30 AM (Fri-Sat)

Why We Like It: The Whiskey House has 2,500+ types of whiskeys from all around the world.

No matter which one you prefer, you’ll surely find anything here that you’ll enjoy to the fullest. And if you’re looking to experience rare whiskeys [1], this is the perfect place.


Barleymash Bar

Location: 600 5th Ave Gaslamp District San Diego, CA 

Opening Hours: 12 PM – 2 AM (Mon-Fri)/9 AM – 2 AM (Sat-Sun)

Why We Like It: Barleymash is a must-visit if you like good food, bourbon, and beer. If you’re a fan of bourbon whiskeys, you should be a regular here to enjoy everything this bar offers.

It’s a high-energy, fun, and progressive place that pays homage to the American culture through good whiskey and food.

FAQs Related to Whiskey Bar San Diego

Are there whiskey bars in San Diego that offer whiskey tasting?

Yes. The whiskey bar in San Diego, CA, offering tasting events is Bar Three Piece. They’re regularly hosting whiskey-tasting events, where anyone is welcome. 

Is San Diego known for whiskey bars?

San Diego is known for its whiskey bars offering diverse whiskeys and other spirits. However, bars in San Diego are not as many as in other US states like Kentucky, Portland, and Denver.  

What types of whiskey can I expect to find at a whiskey bar in San Diego?

Whiskey bars in San Diego typically offer a wide range of options, including bourbon, Scotch, Irish whiskey, rye, and other specialty whiskeys. You can expect to find both well-known brands and artisanal labels.

Do whiskey bars in San Diego serve food?

While the primary focus of whiskey bars is typically on whiskey, many establishments in San Diego also offer a menu of food options to complement your drinks, ranging from small bites to full meals.

Are there any whiskey-themed events or tastings at San Diego whiskey bars?

Yes, whiskey bars in San Diego often host special events such as whiskey tastings, pairing dinners, and educational seminars led by whiskey experts.

Do whiskey bars in San Diego have a dress code?

Dress codes can vary depending on the establishment. While some whiskey bars may have a casual atmosphere where jeans and a t-shirt are acceptable, others may have a more upscale vibe where business casual attire is preferred.

Can I make reservations at whiskey bars in San Diego?

It’s a good idea to check with the specific whiskey bar you’re interested in visiting, as some may accept reservations for large groups or special events, while others operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Do whiskey bars in San Diego offer cocktails in addition to straight pours?

While the focus is typically on whiskey neat or on the rocks, many whiskey bars in San Diego also offer a selection of whiskey-based cocktails for those who prefer mixed drinks.

Final Verdict 

One of San Diego’s jewels is its fine whiskey (whisky) [2] and food establishments, constantly attracting local and international liquor fans/tourists. 

Although the number of bars in San Diego is quite fewer than bars in other US states, no one will go home feeling unsatisfied. 

So if you’re living or planning to visit San Diego, don’t miss the fun and satisfying experience these whiskey bars in San Diego offers.  


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