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Eifel Whisky German Peated Duo Malt Whisky 2021

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750ml, bottle

The Eifel Whisky German Peated Duo Malt Whisky 2021, a special edition, combines malted wheat, unpeated malted barley, and heavily peated malted barley to create a distinctive blend. Aged for a minimum of 7 years in various casks, this whisky offers a complex and flavorful experience with notes of peat smoke, honey, vanilla, dried fruit, and spice.


Eifel Whisky German Peated Duo Malt Whisky 2021 is a unique whisky that combines the smoky flavor of peated malt with the sweetness of unpeated malt and wheat. The whisky undergoes aging in different types of barrels, each adding to its intricate flavor profile. The first fill Bordeaux casks impart notes of red fruit and spice, while the re-charred red wine casks add depth and body. The new heavily-charred German Oak bottoms add a touch of vanilla and smoke.

The whisky presents aromas of peat smoke, honey, and vanilla right on target. Its palate delivers smooth creaminess, featuring peat smoke, dried fruit, and spice flavors. The finish, long and warming, leaves lingering notes of smoke and oak.

Taste Notes

  • Peat smoke
  • Honey
  • Vanilla
  • Dried fruit
  • Spice

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Eifel Whisky


750ml, bottle


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