Whiskey & Cognac – How Are They Different?

Cognac vs. Whiskey

With plenty of alcoholic drinks available today, choosing the perfect spirit could be particularly challenging. Take Whiskey and Cognac, for instance.  When it comes to Cognac vs Whiskey, you’ll find that they differ in criteria like age terms, distillation process, and base product. The team gathered resources for all things Cognac and Whiskey and pointed … Read more

Whiskey & Brandy – What Are The Differences?

Brandy VS Whiskey

Fine drinkers can easily distinguish the difference between Brandy vs Whiskey. However, when it comes to distinguishing spirits, non-drinkers can get confused about these two fine spirits.  With this, our team spent 48 hours researching to help you understand the similarities and differences between Brandy and Whiskey.  Whiskey or Brandy: Which is Better? Whiskey and … Read more

Ciroc & Effen Vodkas – How Are They Different?

Effen VS Ciroc

Vodka is one of the fastest-growing spirits because of its high-strength flavor and the versatility of its ingredients. As folks taste different vodka brands, Effen vs Ciroc has been competing for premium vodkas.  Our team spent 24 hours researching to compare these two crowds’ favorite vodka comprehensively.  Diddy’s Ciroc vs 50 Cent’s Effen: Vodka Rivalry … Read more