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Redemption 10 Year Old Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey


750ml, bottle

This Redemption 10 Year Old Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey is a high-rye whiskey (95% rye mash bill) aged for 10 years and bottled at barrel proof, typically around 114 proof. Aged in Indiana at MGP, a well-respected distillery, it's a rye whiskey for enthusiasts.


Redemption 10 Year Barrel Proof Rye is a rye whiskey experience crafted for those who appreciate bold flavors and nuanced complexity. Aged for a decade in Indiana at the esteemed MGP distillery, this 95% rye mash bill whiskey boasts a barrel proof bottling, typically around 114 proof, ensuring an unadulterated expression of its character.

Aromatic Intrigue

The first encounter ignites the senses with a captivating aroma. Rich notes of dark caramel and licorice intertwine with unexpected hints of tropical fruit, creating a unique and inviting fragrance. The signature rye spice, a peppery tingle, emerges gradually, promising a flavorful journey ahead.

Flavorful Exploration

The first sip unfolds the rye’s true essence. The initial sweetness of dark caramel and molasses mingles with the warmth of vanilla, creating a smooth foundation. As the flavors unfurl, hints of freshly cut grass and a ginger zing add a touch of unexpected freshness. The rye spice takes center stage, complemented by the deep richness of dark chocolate and the herbal complexity of licorice and fennel. Cardamom, black pepper, and tarragon weave their magic, adding layers of intrigue to the palate.

Lingering Grande Finale

The finish is where Redemption 10 Year Rye truly shines. Long and incredibly satisfying, it leaves a lasting impression. The warmth of the rye spice gracefully fades, leaving behind a lingering essence of caraway seed and a hint of cool spearmint. A subtle peppery astringency ties everything together, creating a balanced and unforgettable conclusion.

Enjoyment Ritual

To fully appreciate the depth and complexity of this rye whiskey, savor it neat. Allow the aromas to fill your senses before taking a sip, letting the flavors develop on your palate. A splash of water can be added to tame the heat slightly, revealing even more subtle nuances.  For those who prefer a chilled experience, enjoy it on the rocks, ensuring the ice melts slowly to avoid diluting the taste.

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Redemption Whiskey


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Black caramel, molasses and vanilla layered over tones of freshly cut grass and hints of ginger



Spicy rye notes evolve with flavors of dark chocolate, licorice and fennel laced together with cardamom, black pepper and tarragon



Deep amber with lime hues