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Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Cornerstone


750ml, bottle

Wild Turkey Master's Keep Cornerstone pushes the boundaries of Wild Turkey's rye whiskey offerings. This limited-edition release is the brand's oldest and highest proof rye ever, crafted by Master Distiller Eddie Russell. Aged for 9 to 11 years, Cornerstone uses a rye mash bill but retains enough corn and barrel influence to appeal to bourbon drinkers as well. Expect a complex and balanced flavor profile with notes of honey, baked apple, warm spice, and a lingering oak finish.


Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Cornerstone showcases the potential of aged rye whiskey. The unique mash bill and cask strength bottling create a bold and flavorful experience.


Warm vanilla and black pepper notes greet you initially, followed by the signature rye spice of toasted rye grain. Hints of baked apple and other orchard fruits emerge, adding a touch of sweetness. A subtle whisper of oak and spice might also be present, hinting at the complexity of the whiskey.


The medium-bodied character offers a satisfying weight on the tongue. The initial taste is a delightful explosion of rye spice and sweetness. Honey and baked apple notes from the aroma translate beautifully, offering a rich foundation. The rye spice dances on the palate, with hints of cinnamon, clove, and black pepper adding warmth and complexity. The corn and malted barley influence contribute a subtle hint of vanilla sweetness and toasty character. The oak influence starts to reveal itself with hints of vanilla bean and toasted wood shavings, adding depth.


The sweetness fades gradually, leaving a long and lingering finish. Rye spice and oak character take center stage, with hints of honey and baking spice lingering in the background. The high proof (109) delivers a noticeable warmth that complements the flavors.

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Wild Turkey


750ml, bottle


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