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10 Best Cheap Wine Under $5: Bargain Bottles Revealed (2024)

Best Cheap Wine Under $5

Hey there! Ready to sip and save? Discovering great wine doesn’t have to break the bank. After savoring a variety of options, we’ve rounded up some fantastic picks for you.

These budget-friendly wines are sure to deliver delightful flavors without compromising quality. From inexpensive red wines to whites, here’s the best cheap wine under $5. Check them out!

Top 10 Best Cheap Wine Under $5 To Sip

1. Double Dog Dare Sweet Peach Moscato

Average Price: Around $4.99/750ml (Total Wine – Winery Direct)

Alcohol Content: 8.5% ABV

Nose: Floral, Peach

Palate: Peach, Pineapple, Citrus

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why We Like It: This white wine boasts floral aromas and sweetness. We find its bright, fruit-forward profile light and enjoyable. It’s one of the best wines that goes well with pulled pork, ribs, and chicken.

“Savoring quality doesn’t demand a high price tag. Affordable wines shine.” – Liquor Laboratory

With its approachable nature and delightful palate, this Moscato is a double-dog dare bottle you won’t regret taking!

2. Canyon Oaks Moscato

Bottle and a Wine of Canyon Oaks Moscato

Average Price: Around $4.99/750ml (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 12.5% ABV

Nose: Peaches, Lychee, Rose Petals

Palate: Apricots, White Peaches, Honeydew Melon

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why We Like It: Canyon Oaks Moscato enchants us with its aromatic blend and luscious palate. Its well-balanced nature, coupled with a crisp and clean finish, makes it irresistible.

This light-bodied Moscato is one of the bottles we enjoy, delivering a taste of summer in every sip. Besides, it’s a steal that satisfies any sweet tooth.

3. Fifty Provinces Sauvignon Blanc

Bottle and a Glass of Fifty Provinces Sauvignon Blanc and a Grapes

Average Price: Approximately $5/750ml (Wine-Searcher)

Alcohol Content: 12% ABV

Nose: Floral, Citrus

Palate: Crisp, Tropical, Grapefruit, Kiwi

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why We Like It: This Sauvignon Blanc wine tasted like natural grapefruit and kiwi combined. It opens with inviting aromas, leading to a refreshing, crisp palate and a vibrant finish.

Despite the low price tag, this is a quality wine – a well-rounded one that pairs great with light pastas and seafood dishes.

4. Fifty Provinces Tempranillo

Fifty Provinces Tempranillo Bottle and a basket of Grapes

Average Price: Roughly $4.99/750ml (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 12% ABV

Nose: Spicy, rich

Palate: Cranberry, Strawberry, Blackberries

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why We Like It: We like this red wine’s bold red fruit flavors. This vibrant wine is an excellent match for grilled meats and pizza, making it a versatile choice as an evening drink.

Its richness and fiery character make it one of the best cheap wines to enjoy without hesitation.

5. La Vostra Prosecco

Bottle of La Vostra Prosecco

Average Price: Around $4.99/187ml (Bargain Liquors)

Alcohol Content: 11% ABV

Nose: Fresh

Palate: Apple, White Peach

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why We Like It: Although this bottle costs around $5, it’s one of the decent wines with a light-bodied charm and enchanting bubbles.

The balanced flavors and affordable price tag earn it a well-deserved spot on our list. This drink delivers the same vibe as expensive bottles, so we suggest trying this bottle.

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6. Canyon Oaks Chardonnay

Bottle of Canyon Oaks Chardonnay

Average Price: Roughly $4.99/750ml (Chambers Wine & Liquor)

Alcohol Content: 13% ABV

Nose: Oak, Tropical

Palate: Oak, Vanilla, Tropical

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why We Like It: This wine tasted like tropical fruit with gentle hints of oak and vanilla. Crafted from the coastal wine grapes, it’s medium-bodied while the lightly-oaked Chardonnay shines.

We like the balanced profile – an affordable indulgence for those who appreciate well-crafted white wines.

7. Canyon Oaks Merlot

Canyon Oaks Merlot

Average Price: Roughly $4.99/750ml (Chambers Wine & Liquor)

Alcohol Content: 13.5% ABV

Nose: Plum, Berry, Oak

Palate: Rich, Fresh, Silky

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why We Like It: This wine bottle oozes rich flavors with oak notes. Made from the Merlot grape, it delivers a fresh, fruit-driven profile with a silky finish.

Its well-structured taste is best for sipping or pairing with lighter red meat dishes and pizza. This affordable wine provides a satisfying taste experience. But what’s the cheapest wine with the highest alcohol content?

8. Santiago Station Cabernet

Santiago Station Cabernet

Average Price: Approximately $4.99/750ml (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 12.5% ABV

Nose: Dark Fruits

Palate: Dry, Balanced

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why We Like It: This red wine is one of the inexpensive wines with a perfectly balanced finish and smooth texture. The taste is perfect with grilled dishes.

If you love wine with a pleasant character – at an affordable price – this is one of the bottles worth stopping by.

9. Rondel GOLD Brut Cava

Rondel GOLD Brut Cava

Average Price: Around $4.99/187ml (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 11.5% ABV

Nose: Fruity, Floral

Palate: Crisp, Peach, Fruity

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why We Like It: This sparkling wine provides an exceptional blend, creating a lively and fruity profile. We like the crisp and briny character, coupled with lasting flavors.

If you want to try something new besides a Pinot Noir red wine, a bottle of Rondel Gold Brut Cava is one the best wines to try. It gives a sophisticated feel yet is very affordable.

10. Rondel Brut Cava

Rondel Brut Cava

Average Price: Approximately $2.99/187ml (Wine Guy)

Alcohol Content: 11.5% ABV

Nose: Fruity, Floral

Palate: Peach, Nut, Briny

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Why We Like It: This wine bottle exudes a delightful fusion of aromas and flavors with briny freshness. We enjoyed it alongside shrimp tempura; its approachable sweetness and floral hints shine.

“Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish Novelist

Despite the low price tag, its profile has a touch of elegance, making it one of the good wines to savor.

*Note: Average prices are based on Drizly and the official product websites. The star rating was determined based on a blind test, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Each product was evaluated on its overall quality, flavor profile, complexity, smoothness, and overall enjoyment.


What brand of wine is the cheapest?

The cheapest wine brand is Two Buck Chuck by Charles Shaw. Two Buck Chuck is often sold at Trader Joes [1]. It is typically priced at around $2. However, prices may vary depending on location and availability.

Does cheap wine taste better than expensive wine?

Cheap wines may taste better than expensive wine bottles, depending on personal preferences. An expensive wine bottle often offers more complexity, aging potential, and rare qualities.
However, affordable wine bottles can also provide enjoyable flavors and experiences. Price doesn’t always determine taste satisfaction; finding wines that align with your palate is key to enjoying any wine, regardless of cost.

Does cheap wine get you less drunk?

No, cheap and expensive wines generally have similar alcohol content by volume. Drinking less of an expensive wine [2] won’t necessarily reduce its intoxicating effects.
All the wines can get you drunk, so responsible drinking and understanding your alcohol tolerance is recommended.

Are there specific wine varieties or types that are more likely to be found under $5?

Varietals such as Moscato, boxed wines, and some blends are more commonly found in the under $5 price range. Additionally, bulk-buying options like boxed or large-format wines may offer better value.

Can I expect the same quality from a cheap wine under $5 as I would from a more expensive bottle?

Generally, wines in the under $5 range may lack the complexity and depth of more expensive options. However, with careful selection, it’s possible to find enjoyable wines for everyday drinking within this price range.

How can I ensure I’m getting the best value when purchasing cheap wine under $5?

Look for sales, promotions, and discounts offered by retailers to maximize your purchasing power. Additionally, consider trying different brands and varietals to find ones that suit your taste preferences.

Are there any specific regions or countries known for producing affordable wines under $5?

Some regions, such as Spain, Argentina, and Chile, are known for producing budget-friendly wines that offer good value for money. Exploring wines from these regions can lead to pleasant discoveries.

Should I be concerned about the quality of cheap wine under $5?

While cheap wine may not offer the same quality as higher-priced options, there are still plenty of enjoyable selections available. It’s essential to manage expectations and be open to trying different wines to find ones you like.

Key Takeaways

Among the wines we’ve tried under $5, the Double Dog Dare Sweet Peach Moscato truly stands out as a gem.

Its harmonious blend of floral aromas, peachy sweetness, and bright citrus notes encapsulates the perfect budget-friendly sip. It has rich flavors and a structured profile, which we enjoy.

But we suggest trying all these bottles to know what suits your palate best. So, cheers to discovering and savoring these wallet-friendly vintages!


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