What is a Beer Garden? Explained (2023 Updated)

What is a Beer Garden

Originating in Germany, “Beer Gardens” are outdoor spaces where food and alcohol are served simultaneously.  Other outdoor spaces are surrounded by any form of greenery while bringing people together during events, especially happy hours.  But apart from knowing what is a beer garden, do you want to know more about this unique space? Like how … Read more

10 Best Russian Vodka Brands Ranked (2023 Updated)

Best Russian Vodka

Russians take their vodka seriously as it is a staple of Russian culture, celebration, and pride.  However, with all the Russian vodka brands in the market today, which bottles are worth trying? Good thing we compiled a list of the best Russian vodka bottles you should take advantage of. Keep reading.  Top 10 Russian Vodkas … Read more

What Does Vodka Taste Like? Answered (2023 Updated)

What Does Vodka Taste Like

Traditional vodka originating from Eastern Europe is “supposed” to have a neutral flavor. But recently, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) amended vodka’s definition to “without distinctive character, color, aroma, or taste.”  Now, what does vodka taste like? Can you drink vodka straight? Let’s see what experts say.  What Vodka Really Tastes … Read more

7 Best Alcohols For No Hangover: Full Guide (2023)

Best Alcohol For No Hangover

You’re kidding if you’ll say you haven’t experienced a hangover before unless you’re not a drinker. We all like how alcoholic drinks spice up every moment–from ordinary days to special occasions.  However, drinking alcohol may produce hangover symptoms the next day, and it feels sickening having a nasty hangover from consuming the worst alcoholic drinks.  … Read more

What is a Wine Flight? Answered (2023 Guide)

What is a Wine Flight

If you’ve ever visited some wine bars or restaurants, you may have heard the term “wine flight” thrown around. So, what is a wine flight exactly? A wine flight is a term used in the wine world to refer to a selection of wines for tasting—or, simply put, a wine-tasting event. But there’s more to … Read more

Why is Alcohol Called Spirits? Resolved (2023)

Why is Alcohol Called Spirits 

Liquor is often called “Spirits,” but ever wonder why? The origin of the word “Spirit,” referring to alcoholic drinks, is just one interesting history of alcohol.  So to answer why is alcohol called spirits, keep reading as this article will take you back to history to learn the definition and development of this intriguing topic.     … Read more

What Does Wine Taste Like? Answered (2023 Updated)

What Does Wine Taste Like

Wine is one of the most well-loved drinks worldwide for its unique tasting notes, health benefits, and significance.   But if you haven’t done any wine tasting before, you sure wonder – what does wine taste like?  Let’s find out as this post reveals the tastes of wines and other flavors to expect.  How Do You … Read more

How Much Soju To Get Drunk: Complete Guide (2023)

How Much Soju to Get Drunk 

Soju is a South Korean beverage quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular alcoholic drinks. You may have seen soju in Korean dramas and movies before, but if you have yet to drink soju, you’re probably curious about how it tastes and how strong this alcoholic beverage is. So, let’s transport to South Korea … Read more

How Much Alcohol is in Champagne? Answered (2023)

How Much Alcohol Is In Champagne 

Champagne’s light and sparkling quality make it the perfect celebratory drink for weddings, festive occasions, and other special celebrations. But how much alcohol is in Champagne?  If you’re not careful, the bubbles can get you drunk quickly and leave a nasty hangover the next day.  Let’s see how many shots of Champagne would take a … Read more

How To Remove Labels From Wine Bottles: Solved (2023)

How to Remove Labels from Wine Bottles

Whether you are planning to start a wine labeling business, save the label, or reuse wine bottles, removing wine bottle labels needs the proper method and materials to avoid damage. We have created a complete guide on how to remove labels from wine bottles that are simple to follow and with the help of everyday … Read more

15 Best Wines At Whole Foods To Try (2023 Edition)

Best Wine at Whole Foods

Whole Foods is one of the largest chains of supermarkets in America, and its broad and decent wine selection can be overwhelming at times.  Skip the hassle and avoid hit-and-miss with their wines, as we will reveal the best wine at Whole Foods that will surely impress everyone. Keep reading.  Top 15 Wines To Grab … Read more

Casamigos Blanco Tequila Review (2023 Edition)

a banner for Casamigos Blanco Review

After a decade in the tequila industry, Casamigos is one of the fastest-growing tequila brands in the world today.  But is it an excellent tequila or just another overrated celebrity-backed tequila brand? Know more about this tequila with our honest Casamigos Blanco review. Keep reading.  Casamigos Blanco Tequila In-Depth Review  Casamigos Blanco was founded by … Read more

Michter’s American Whiskey Bottle Review (2023 Edition)

Michter's American Whiskey Review 

The Michter’s brand goes beyond the traditional blending of whiskey by introducing their Unblended American Whiskey, which doesn’t have the usual corn, rye, and barley grains. Since this whiskey is crafted differently from others, how do you think would it taste like? Let’s all find out in this Michter’s American Whiskey review.  Michter’s American Small … Read more

Barrell Dovetail Bourbon Bottle Review (2023 Edition)

Barrell Dovetail Bourbon Review

The blending and finishing of bourbon whiskey are interesting yet not wholly rare approaches these days, and while some do it well, others could be more successful.  In this honest-to-goodness Barrell Dovetail bourbon review, let’s see if this bourbon experiment gets it right or will turn people away.  In-Depth Review on Barrell Dovetail Bourbon  Barrell … Read more

Madeira vs Marsala Wine: What’s the Difference? (2023)

Madeira vs Marsala 

If you’re looking for a new wine bottle to enjoy, you may have come across Madeira and Marsala wine during your search. While these distilled spirits are fortified wines, how do they differ?  Some drinkers use Marsala and Madeira wines interchangeably, but these two wines have more distinct characteristics than their similarities.   So today, let’s … Read more

Casamigos Anejo Tequila Bottle Review (2023 Edition)

Casamigos Anejo Review

Many celebrities have been getting into the tequila game recently, but tequila aficionados look at these products negatively. Fortunately, celebrity-owned tequilas were still a new concept when George Clooney launched Casamigos. In this Casamigos Añejo review, we’ll see why this tequila brand made Clooney the highest-paid actor in 2018, even without a film appearance.  Is … Read more

22 Most Popular Tequila Brands (2023 Edition)

Most Popular Tequila Brands

With the popularity hike for Margaritas and boosted by celebrity owners and endorsement, the tequila market has grown from strength to strength, brand to brand.  Today, we’ve created a cheat sheet of the most popular tequila brands that have captured the hearts of many tequila lovers worldwide. Keep reading to know if your favorite brand … Read more

Angel’s Envy Bourbon Bottle Review (2023 Edition)

Angel’s Envy Bourbon Review

Bourbons with double maturation, especially finished in port wine barrels, are huge in the whiskey market right now—and Angel’s Envy is taking one of the top spots. Angel’s Envy made a suitable introduction to bourbons finished in port barrels. This brand paved the way for barrel-finished products to be recognized by whiskey drinkers. But are … Read more

7 Best Whiskeys For A Toothache (2023 Updated)

a brand logo for the Best Whiskey for a Toothache

For centuries, drinking whiskey, Scotch, and vodka has been used as a folk remedy for toothaches.  Alcohol is believed to fight bacteria causing toothache while numbing the pain. And the sweet taste has said to have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing inflammation and tooth infection. But is whiskey really an effective remedy for dental pain? Can we … Read more

Don Julio Primavera Tequila Review & Tasting Notes (2023)

Don Julio Primavera Review 

Don Julio Primavera, a reposado tequila, is a limited offering from the brand, targeting young and adult drinkers alike.  While it’s a great party drink, will it be good for sipping or in a different cocktail drink besides Margaritas? Let’s find out through this Don Julio Primavera review.  Overview On Don Julio Primavera Don Julio … Read more

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Review: In-Depth Guide (2023)

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Review 

Woodford Reserve has been introducing whiskey expressions from the spirits company Brown Forman–building a fan base worldwide. While many fanatics are impressed with the brand’s spirits, others feel it’s overrated.  So, as your sound source of liquor insights, we conducted this Woodford Reserve bourbon review to make a fair judgment based on our actual experience. … Read more

Coopers’ Craft Bourbon Bottle Review & Guide (2023 Edition)

Coopers' Craft Bourbon Review

Brown-Forman cooperage introduced Coopers’ Craft Original in 2016, gaining attention from whiskey fanatics. Then in 2019, the 100-proof version was released, elevating the experience.  For those new to the whiskey world or who have yet to try even one bottle of this brand, you need to know first what to expect from this spirit.  So … Read more

Ancient Age Bourbon Bottle Review (2023 Edition)

Ancient Age Bourbon Review

Bourbon is an every-person liquor, and your daily sipper should be worthy of your home bar. With the thriving bourbon culture, more people are keeping an eye out for exceptional bourbon brands.  But do bargain bourbons like Ancient Age deserve our full consideration? Let’s get down to our Ancient Age bourbon review and learn how … Read more

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Bourbon Review (2023 Edition)

Maker's Mark Cask Strength Review

Maker’s Mark wheated bourbons are well known for their smoothness and richness, but do you know that you can taste their purest form with Maker’s Cask Strength?  Here’s our honest take on Maker’s Mark Cask Strength review. Read on.  Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Bourbon In-Depth Review  Maker’s Mark Cask Strength bourbon is non-chill filtered bottled … Read more

4 Best Casamigos Tequila Bottles Tasted & Ranked (2023)

Best Casamigos Tequila 

Casamigos was founded in 2013 by Hollywood actor Geroge Clooney and his friends, and despite being new to the business, it was named the fastest-growing spirit brand in 2022. With the Casamigos tequila surging in popularity, choosing the best Casamigos tequila should be based not only on the price point but also on tasting notes … Read more

15 Best Indian Whisky Brands Ranked (2023 Edition)

Best Indian Whiskey Brands

The best whiskeys aren’t just found in the US, Scotland, Japan, Ireland, and Canada; India is also home to some of the best whiskies you can find in the whisky world.   If you’re used to Scotch or bourbon, you might want to try whiskies from the Indian market that’ll surely surprise you and your palate.  … Read more

10 Best Cherry Bourbons Tasted & Ranked (2023 Edition)

Best Cherry Bourbon

Bourbon whiskeys aren’t just vanilla and caramel; there are a variety of flavors, like peach, orange, peanut butter, and apple, among the popular ones.  But did you know that there are also cherry-forward expressions? If you like the flavors of cherries, then the bottles we’ll feature today will surely leave you wanting more. Let’s get … Read more

10 Best Peach Whiskey Brands You Should Try (2023 Edition)

Best Peach Whiskey

Distilled spirits infused with flavors are getting popular these days, but some brands overdo it while some don’t do it enough.  If you are looking for a fruity whiskey that does not cover up the brown spirit’s distinct taste, you have come to the right place.  We’ve tried various peach whiskeys in circulation and selected … Read more

15 Best Apple Whiskey Brands To Try (2023 Edition)

Best Apple Whiskey

Apples can be anywhere from downright sour to sweet and tart, but do you know it mixes excellently with whiskey?  Apple-flavored whiskeys taste great on their own, but since it is versatile, you can use them to make fabulous cocktails. Read on for our expert picks of the best apple whiskey bottles to sip by … Read more

Old Forester 86-Proof Bourbon Review (In-Depth 2023 Guide)

Old Forester 86-Proof Bourbon Review

When it comes to history and origin, Old Forester has something to boast, which can be its edge over the other brands.  But what about the character? Flavor profile? Does Old Forester deliver what most drinkers prefer?  If you’re curious too, then stay with us as we detail our in-depth Old Forester 86-Proof bourbon review.   … Read more

20 Best Scotch Whiskies for Beginners (2023 Edition)

Best Scotch for Beginners

As someone who just started with Scotch whisky, the gentle spirit comes in various types, flavors, and prices.  We understand that it can be intimidating to be surrounded by similar bottles, and you may need help with where to start.  Good thing you came to the right place because we curated a list of the … Read more

20 Best Texas Bourbon Bottles Worth Trying (2023 Edition)

Best Texas Bourbon

The majority of bourbon brands we know today originate from Kentucky and Tennessee.  But despite the states’ supremacy in making bourbons, there are appealing brands you can find outside those states—of course, we’re talking about Texas.  Texas has deep roots in creating bourbons outside the shadow of long-established bourbon styles. Our team gathered up the … Read more

17 Best Potato Vodka Brands (2023 Updated)

Best Potato Vodka Brands

Most vodkas are made with grains, wheat, or rye, and only three percent of vodkas are made from potatoes worldwide. Some people may think potatoes are inferior base materials, but potato vodkas are popular because of their superior flavor, making them perfect for mixed drinks. If you are interested in the flavor profile of this … Read more

15 Best Sipping Bourbons To Drink Neat in 2023 (According to Experts)

Best Sipping Bourbon Brands

Bourbons are one of the best spirits to sip and enjoy. However, inexperienced bourbon drinkers may assume that price should be the basis for the best bottles. No worries because we curated a list of the best-sipping bourbon that will not break the bank. Top 15 Bourbons For Sipping  1. Knob Creek 12-Year-Old Bourbon Whiskey … Read more

What is Going On With Buffalo Trace & Yellowstone? Explained

What is Going on With Buffalo Trace and Yellowstone

Buffalo Trace has been in the spotlight since it’s been featured on the fifth season premiere of Costner’s “Yellowstone.”  If you’re one of those who’ve noticed the appearance of Buffalo Trace bourbon on the show, good for you, but for those who’ve missed the episode, you can still see BT soon.  But what is going … Read more

Jack Daniel’s Bonded vs Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash Whiskey | Expert Comparison

Jack Daniel's Bonded vs Jack Daniel's Triple Mash Whiskey 

Jack Daniel’s has been dropping exclusive editions that you rarely find. And it’s really frustrating thinking you can’t get special releases from your favorite whiskey brand.  But good news, the distillery announced Jack’s Triple Mash and Jack Daniel’s Bonded Tennessee Whiskey as the first two permanent expressions in their new Bonded Series. While both are … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Vodka in 2023? (Sold At Costco)

Who Makes Kirkland Vodka

There are surrounding rumors about Costco’s Kirkland products over the years as the origins of their privately labeled alcoholic drinks remain primarily secretive. Grey Goose commonly topped the blind taste test for Kirkland Signature French Vodka, so many think they are the same stuff. But who makes Kirkland vodka? Read on to find out. Who … Read more

Is Whiskey Good For High Blood Pressure? (2023 Edition)

Is Whiskey Good For High Blood Pressure

Whiskey is a dark, distilled spirit that started as medicine in 16th century Scotland. Doctors prescribed this liquor during the Prohibition Era for people with tuberculosis, pneumonia, and high blood pressure.  And this article will discuss evidence supporting one of these traditional claims: Is whiskey good for high blood pressure? Does Whiskey Help Lower Blood … Read more

Larceny Barrel Proof A122 Bourbon Review (2023 Updated)

Larceny Barrel Proof A122 Bourbon Review 

Larceny is a signature label of Heaven Hill released thrice a year on a limited basis. Introduced in 2020, they’ve released a barrel-proof expression, following the small batch.  If you have yet to try any of the brand’s expressions, you might want to check our Larceny Barrel Proof A122 Bourbon review today and see if … Read more

Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash Whiskey Review (2023 Edition)

Jack Daniel's Triple Mash Whiskey Review

Aside from Jack Daniel’s famed Black Label bottle, its Triple Mash bottles have been rolling high in the market, especially in the Bottled-in-Bond world. This intriguing bottle release is another milestone for Jack Daniel’s in bringing bonded American malt into rye and Tennessee whiskey. But is it a solid punch? After a few blind tastings, … Read more

How To Clean Whiskey Stones: Full Guide (2023)

How to Clean Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones can be your handy solution if you want a full flavor profile plus chill whiskey minus the dilution.  But how to clean whiskey stones and maintain them? Should you wash it, or does it even get dirty?  Read on to find out.  3 Easy Steps To Clean Whiskey Stones  1. Wash The Whiskey … Read more

Why is Pure White Hennessy Illegal? A Complete Guide (2023)

If you’re a cognac connoisseur, you may have heard of the rumors surrounding Hennessy Pure White as an illegal cognac. Interestingly, Pure White Hennessy is not officially distributed by the cognac giant anywhere in the US, even on their official website store. So, why is Pure White Hennessy illegal? Read on to find out. Pure … Read more

What’s The Best Whiskey To Drink Straight? 17 Expert Picks for 2023

What Is The Best Whiskey To Drink Straight

Drinking whiskey straight reveals a lot about your drinking experience because it allows you to appreciate the true flavor profile of the whiskey. Some whiskeys are meant to be enjoyed in cocktails and poured over ice, while there are show-stopping bottles when consumed straight. Let’s get to know what is the best whiskey to drink … Read more

14 Best Canadian Whisky Brands You Should Try (2023 Edition)

Best Canadian Whisky 

Whether you’re a massive fan of everything Canadian, such as maple syrup, hockey, and cold weather, one thing is for sure– Canadian whisky mustn’t be skipped.  What makes Canadian whiskies unique? Canadian whiskies are aged for at least three years and must be at least 40% ABV.  If you’re a beginner wanting to explore what … Read more

Old Forester King Ranch Bourbon Review (2023 Edition)

Old Forester King Ranch Bourbon Review

Old Forester bourbon, in collaboration with the King Ranch, created a bottle that captures American history and holds the legacy of the two brands. This debut collaboration of two iconic American brands connects and celebrates with Kentucky Derby; unfortunately, the limited bottles were only available in Texas.  We’re ready to give our take on this … Read more

Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon Review (2023 Updated)

Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Review 

Buffalo Trace introduces great-tasting, excellent bourbon expressions, capturing many fanatics’ taste buds. And one of the remarkable expressions from the distillery is Colonel EH Taylor.  From the brand, the small batch is the most popular among drinkers due to its availability (before) compared to other expressions.  If you haven’t tried this bourbon before, you might … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Canadian Whisky? (2023 Updated)

Who Makes Kirkland Canadian Whisky

Kirkland brand liquor is generally considered a decent buy given its price range. And what makes Kirkland more interesting is the speculations regarding its manufacturer being one of the big distillers.   Do you have any idea who makes Kirkland Canadian whisky? Keep reading if you want to know the truth.  Kirkland Canadian Whisky – Who … Read more

Belvedere Vodka vs Grey Goose: Compared (2023 Updated)

Belvedere Vodka vs Grey Goose

When Grey Goose won the title of the “Best Tasting Vodka” in a blind tasting room, Belvedere filed a complaint about the “disingenuous” decision. This incident might have started a rivalry between Belvedere vodka vs Grey Goose in 1998.  More than twenty years later, the world of spirits still has an undecided winner. So, our … Read more

Bushmills vs Jameson Whiskey: What’s the Difference? (2023)

Bushmills vs Jameson

You’re probably reading this because you want to know which Irish whiskey bottle you should buy or which Irish whiskey cocktail you would better enjoy at your go-to bar.  Our team spent the entire week learning all about these two brands — from aroma and taste to pricing — to give you an in-depth comparison. Here’s … Read more

Cognac vs Whiskey (2023 UPDATED) Complete Comparison

Cognac vs Whiskey

With plenty of alcoholic drinks available today, choosing the perfect spirit could be particularly challenging. Take Whiskey and Cognac, for instance.  When it comes to Cognac vs Whiskey, you’ll find that they differ in criteria like age terms, distillation process, and base product. The team gathered resources for all things Cognac and Whiskey and pointed … Read more

15 Best Reposado Tequila Brands For 2023 (Don’t Miss Out)

Best Reposado Tequila Brands

Tequila prices are skyrocketing for some reposado brands. The law of supply and demand is why tequila-makers are stepping up in their game.  If you want to know which brands are worth your money, check our list of the best reposado tequila brands. Top 15 Reposado Tequilas To Sip  1. AquaRiva Reposado Average Alcohol Content: 40% … Read more

Kirkland Small Batch Bourbon Bottle Review & Guide (2023)

Kirkland Small Batch Bourbon buying guide

Kirkland Small Batch is a notable new labeling bourbon distilled by Barton for Costco Warehouses. The two brands are in a clear partnership, ready to enter the whiskey world with their new bourbon expressions. If you think a Kirkland bottle is worth a try, check out our Kirkland Small Batch bourbon review to get an … Read more

Tito’s vs Grey Goose (2023 UPDATED) Complete Guide

Tito’s vs Grey Goose

Tito’s vs Grey Goose has always been long-time rivals in the vodka department. Both are known as versatile and popular vodka brands, but aside from the price, there are other aspects where these vodkas vary from one another.  Check out our head-to-head comparison between these incredible spirit brands!   Grey Goose or Tito’s: Which is A … Read more

15 Best Rye Whiskeys Under $50 Ranked for 2023

Best Rye Whiskey Under $50

Rye is a lighter American whiskey made with a high-rye mash bill. It gives a more intense and distinct flavor. If you’ve never had rye, you’re missing half of your life. With so many different types of rye whiskey out there, you no longer have any excuses to pass up on this beverage. Don’t worry; … Read more

6 Best Johnnie Walker Colors Ranked (2023 Edition)

Best Johnnie Walker Colors Ranked

It is almost impossible to find anybody unfamiliar with Johnnie Walker’s whiskies. Their products date back to the 19th century but still compete as one of the best whiskies today. Each bottle of whiskey has a special flavor and a unique story behind it.  Let us find out what the different Johnnie Walker colors mean … Read more

Bacardi Rum Bottle Prices, Types, Sizes & Buying Guide

Bacardi Buying Guide

Bacardi Limited is the largest privately-owned spirits company worldwide, boasting over 200 brands today. In fact, the Bacardi facility in Puerto Rico is the largest rum distillery to date. The company was first a producer of rums exclusively but has now evolved to making scotch, gin, vodka, and other liquor products.  We’ll discuss the prices … Read more

Wild Turkey 101 12-Year-Old Bourbon Review

Wild Turkey 101 12-Year-Old Bourbon Review

The Wild Turkey 101 12-Year-Old bourbon has finally returned after its 10-year hiatus, but don’t go running to your local liquor store because it is an export-only product.  We are giving you a comprehensive Wild Turkey 101 12-Year-Old bourbon review to see if it’s worth the hunt in the export market. Keep on reading.  In-Depth … Read more

How Much Does White Hennessy Cost? Complete Guide (2023)

How Much Does White Hennessy Cost

If you’re a huge Hennessy enthusiast, you may have heard of the elusive Hennessy Pure White that is, interestingly, not sold in the United States.  For this reason, many are intrigued by the folklore surrounding Pure White Hennessy and what makes it so rare.  White Hennessy: A Brief Introduction Cognac lovers who have sampled a … Read more

Does Tequila Make You Horny? (2023 Edition)

Does Tequila Make You Horny

It’s no secret that drinking alcohol tends to gear up your sex drive. You may have heard people saying tequila could “up your game” in bed with your partner and make it more exciting. Really, does tequila make you horny?  Our team of experts thoroughly searched for an answer and discovered a few more shocking … Read more

15 Best Bourbon Tours in Kentucky (2023 Edition)

Best Bourbon Tours in Kentucky

Kentucky is known for bluegrass and horse racing, but another reason to visit the state is the Kentucky distilleries, and its impressive roster has reached 73. If you plan to take Kentucky’s bourbon trail, here are the best bourbon tours in Kentucky that you should not miss out on!  Top 15 Bourbon Tours To Experience … Read more

15 Best Affordable Whiskeys To Drink Straight in 2023 (Expert Picks)

Best Affordable Whiskeys To Drink Straight In 2022

Whiskey is one of the distilled spirits with deep complexity. Many believe that taking it straight is better than mixing it with cocktails.  Today, we’ll help you find the best affordable whiskey to drink straight from different distilleries.  Top 15 Affordable Whiskeys to Drink Straight 1. 2 Gingers Blended Irish Whiskey Average Price: Roughly $15.99 (Total … Read more

Elmer T Lee Single Barrel Bourbon Review (2023 Edition)

Elmer T Lee Single Barrel Bourbon Review

Legendary, stately, and familiar—these are how whiskey enthusiasts describe the eponymous bottle of Elmer T Lee bourbon. Its bottles are elusive in the market, considering it is one of Buffalo Trace’s quintessential bourbons. Because of its current price tag, many believe it’s just a ‘hype.’  We’ll share the tell-all details of our Elmer T Lee … Read more

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon Review (2023 Edition)

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon Review 

Want to explore the double-oaked expressions starting with Woodford Reserve? You’ve just hit the right spot, as we’re doing a Woodford Reserve Double-Oaked Bourbon review today. If you’re still deciding whether or not it’s worth the price and your time, stick with us until the end of this post and assess if this bourbon is … Read more

Heaven Hill Heritage Collection 17 Year Bourbon Review (2023)

Heaven Hill Heritage Collection 17 Year Bourbon Review 

For avid bourbon fan collectors, limited series bottles are a gem. Good news, Heaven Hill has kicked off its limited annual release, rumored to outshine ‘Pappy Van Winkle’ bottles. We’re talking about the first edition of Heritage Collection barrel-proof Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, showcasing Heaven Hill’s ultra-aging techniques. Here’s our first-hand Heaven Hill Heritage Collection … Read more

What To Mix With Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon? 10 Mixers for 2023

What To Mix With Wild Turkey 101

Wild Turkey 101 is one of (if not the most) popular whiskeys in the United States for its hint of sweet vanilla, caramel notes, cinnamon, and oak spices. It offers classic bourbon flavors and high-proof content, enjoyable straight, on the rocks, or in cocktails.  If you’re wondering what to mix with Wild Turkey 101, keep … Read more

Wild Turkey Bourbon Decanter Values & Prices Explained (2023 Edition)

Wild Turkey Decanter Values

On the lookout for Wild Turkey decanters to collect? Or do you aim to sell your Wild Turkey vintage bottles? Regardless of the reason, you’re at the right place.  If you’re curious about the Wild Turkey decanter values these days, we’ve gathered relevant information about the prices of decanters (or if it’s even worth something).   … Read more

25 Best Bourbons For The Money in 2023 (Review & Guide)

Best Bourbons For The Money

The strict set of characteristics that regulate the quality and taste of bourbon sets bourbon apart from other types of whiskeys. As a result, getting a bad bottle is absurd, so it can be challenging to determine which ones are bang for your buck. Fortunately, we found numerous gems that stand out on the long … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Tequila in 2023? (Costco Silver & Añejo)

who makes kirkland tequila

Kirkland tequila is part of Costco’s Kirkland signature brands which are their private label bottles. Costco sells various products, but they do not own a distillery. The question now is, who makes Kirkland tequila? Let us find out who is behind this Kirkland bottle and if Costco sells quality spirits.  So, Who’s Making Kirkland Tequila? … Read more

Absolut Vodka Bottle Prices, Sizes & Buying Guide

Absolut Vodka buying guide

Absolut Vodka is famous for its infinite distillation process, which results in a complex, full-bodied spirit. The product has become so well-loved all over the world that it is sold in over 126 countries.  Read on to find out more about Absolut Vodka as well as its price list.  Absolut Vodka: A Little History  You’ve … Read more

Is Tequila a Stimulant or a Depressant? (2023 Updated)

Is Tequila a Stimulant or a Depressant

Tequila is claimed to be the only distilled spirit that works as a stimulant rather than a depressant, as you’ve surely heard. However, many people are still unsure about this. So, is tequila a stimulant or a depressant? Our team did thorough research and found the answer. Is Tequila An Upper or A Downer? Most … Read more

5 Best Vodka Brands For No Hangover (2023 Updated)

Best Vodka Brands For No Hangover

Drinking alcohol during celebrations has become an unspoken tradition globally. These drinks are great during the night, but what about the next morning? Researchers worldwide suggest vodka as the spirit least likely to cause a hangover. Our team of experts did comprehensive research to give you a list of the best vodka brands for no … Read more

Is Yellowstone Bourbon Hard to Find? Resolved (2023)

Is Yellowstone Bourbon Hard to Find

Yellowstone Bourbon is a highly sought after whiskey that has gained a reputation among whiskey connoisseurs for its unique blend of flavors. Despite its popularity, however, many whiskey enthusiasts find that Yellowstone is hard to find, often sold out at their local liquor stores or unavailable in their area. To highlight this query, read on … Read more

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Bottle Prices, Sizes, Varieties & Buying Guide

Jack Daniel’s Buying Guide

One of the most recognizable American whiskies all over the world is Jack Daniel’s. The black label is their best-selling product, but Jack Daniel’s also offers a wide variety of signature blends and flavors.  Our team spent 48 hours researching Jack Daniel’s price and everything we should know about this famous Tennessee whiskey.  An Overview … Read more

Basil Hayden vs Knob Creek Bourbon: Which is Better? (2023)

Basil Hayden vs Knob Creek

Small-batch whiskeys commercially stand for the upper-premium market, and two of the famed brands are the eponymous Basil Hayden and the notable Knob Creek bourbon whiskey. Although both flagships came from the same small batch collection, these two have a lot of differences starting from the used mash bill to their proof, and especially, their … Read more

What Food Goes Well With Whiskey? (2023 Updated)

What Food Goes Well With Whiskey

Most experts will advise you to drink whiskey straight. It is the most suitable way to enjoy whiskeys with a touch of sweetness or those with earthy and smoky notes. However, there are also foods that you can take with whiskey that will complement its flavors.  So, what food goes with whiskey? Read on to … Read more

Glenlivet vs Glenfiddich: Which is the Better Whisky? (2023)

Glenlivet vs Glenfiddich Which is the Better Whisky

Comparing Glenfiddich and Glenlivet Scotch whiskies can be over one’s head, knowing that their staggering sales and popularity worldwide are almost similar. But which whisky tastes better? Which one is smoother? We’ll answer your questions in this detailed comparison between Glenlivet vs Glenfiddich. Glenlivet & Glenfiddich Compared  Glenlivet’s business began earlier than Glenfiddich’s, but their … Read more

30 Best Virgin Drinks & Non-Alcoholic Cocktails (2023)

Best Virgin Drinks & Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

A warm welcome to virgin drinks readers worldwide! We are thrilled to have you visit our site and our shared goal of promoting socially responsible drinking. We are a team of bartenders and cocktail consultants who aim to provide you with updated liquor price guides, brand reviews, buying guides, and a variety of cocktail and … Read more

What To Mix With Pink Whitney? Top 10 Drinks in 2023

What To Mix With Pink Whitney

Pink Whitney is one of the most famous flavored vodkas because of its versatility as a delectable cocktail ingredient. Aside from being an excellent base spirit, one might wonder what mixers go well with this flavored vodka to make it taste more interesting. Fortunately, our team prepared a comprehensive list of what to mix with … Read more

Black and White Scotch Whisky Bottle Price & Guide (2023)

Black and White buying guide

Diageo is widely famous for producing best-selling liquor brands, including Johnnie Walker, J&B, and Crown Royal. However, Black and White Scotch whisky may not be as familiar, but it is a classic brand that supplied the royal family before.  This article is a quick review of the Black and White whisky price and how it … Read more

How Many Shots of Vodka To Get Drunk? (2023 Guide)

How Many Shots of Vodka To Get Drunk

Ask any liquor enthusiast — or, ahem, expert — and they’ll probably tell you that drinking the crystal clear drink vodka is one of the fastest ways to get drunk.  But how much vodka can you actually drink before you’re considered completely drunk? We’ll let you know in a second.  How Much Vodka Can Get … Read more

10 Best Non-Chill Filtered Bourbon Brands (2023 Edition)

Non-Chill Filtered Bourbon 

Non-chill filtered is a term closely related to high-proof spirits. But apart from that, this may also mean complexity and rich flavor notes.   Besides, non-chill filtered spirits are bottled without undergoing any filtration process to strain fatty acids and cool down their temp and proof.  If you’re interested in these kinds of spirits, we got … Read more

10 Best Balcones Whisky Bottles Blind-Tested & Ranked (2023)

Best Balcones Whisky 

If there’s one brand that would surely appeal to Scotch and bourbon drinkers, that’s no other than Balcones whisky. Flavorful and sweet, buttery and smooth, and woody and spicy– that’s Balcones whisky in general. If you’re interested in exploring this whisky brand, we’ve prepared a list of the best Balcones whisky bottles you should try. … Read more

10 Best Bourbon Brands for $150 & Under for 2023

Best Bourbon for $150

Bourbon lovers, it’s time to indulge in the rich and smooth flavors of the finest spirits. If you’re looking for a premium experience, then you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up the best bourbons for $150 or less. So sit back, pour yourself a glass, and let’s dive into the world of the top bourbons that … Read more

Is Michter’s Bourbon Hard to Find? Answered (2023 Updated)

Is Michter's Bourbon Hard to Find

Recently hailed as the “World’s Most Admired American Whiskey” by “Drink’s International” in the UK, all eyes are on Michter’s, a US-based spirits company.  With the increasing fanatics of the brand and Michter’s limited production and releases, online forums and groups talk about how difficult it is to purchase a bottle of Michter’s nowadays. But … Read more

Why is Larceny Bourbon So Hard to Find? Need To Know (2023)

Why is Larceny Bourbon Hard to Find

Larceny bourbon, associated with the legendary Old Fitzgerald, has been gaining popularity. More and more fanatics are interested, looking out where to find this spirit.  However, social media forums and groups have been talking about how Larceny is invisible nowadays, and most are asking where to find this spirit.  But why is Larceny bourbon hard … Read more

Belle Meade Reserve Bourbon Bottle Price Guide (2023)

Belle Meade Reserve Bourbon Price

Recently, the news of halting the production of Belle Meade bourbons became a hot topic among the whiskey community. Fortunately, it is not entirely true as the brand would only disappear from the national market. Here’s our quick review of Belle Meade Reserve Bourbon, the premium expression of their first bourbon.  Everything About Belle Meade … Read more

7 Best Cheap Tequila For Shots (2023 Updated)

Best Cheap Tequila For Shots

Tequila is usually the go-to for drinkers who are on a budget. Most of these spirits are below the $20 marker. However, inexpensive tequila is often harsh, burning your throat when swallowed. Luckily, not all of these cheap bottles are low quality. Here are a few brands we know are the best cheap tequilas for … Read more

Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Bottle Prices & Guide (2023)

Pappy Van Winkle buying guide

The Pappy bourbons are famous premium-quality drinks with limited annual production. Their rarity leads to skyrocketed Pappy Van Winkle price points at some retailers, especially from the black market. But what makes it so famous? Here’s our quick review of the most sought-after Pappy and what makes it an exceptional brand. All About Pappy Van … Read more

15 Best Blanco Tequila Brands To Drink in 2023

Best Blanco Tequila

Blancos are probably the most authentic tequila variant, and the burn is a part of its charm. However, knowing which brands make the smoothest ones will improve your drinking experience. Read on if you want to find out the best Blanco tequila brands.  Top 15 Blanco Tequilas You Need To Try 1. 123 Organic Blanco Tequila … Read more

5 Best Four Roses Bourbon Bottles (2023 Updated)

Best Four Roses Bourbon

Four Roses have a long, illustrious history behind its success. It is one of the six licensed distilleries operating during the Prohibition Era. And after relaunching in the American market in 2002, it has become one of the most recognized brands in the industry.  We’ll review the best Four Roses bourbon portfolio to give you … Read more

10 Best Whiskeys For Ginger Ale (2023 Edition) Tried & Tested

Best Whiskey For Ginger Ale

Using whiskey for mixing cocktails may not be our first choice when we have an expensive bottle. However, the complex flavors of whiskey lend an unpredictable taste when mixed with ginger ale. Unlike ginger beer with spicy ginger flavor, ginger ale has a subtle sweetness that complements whiskey. Our team has tried different brands recently, … Read more

Redemption Bourbon Review: Full Guide for 2023 (Updated)

Redemption Bourbon Review

Redemption is quickly becoming a rising star among beginner spirit companies today, paving the way to becoming a prominent whiskey spirits producer.  Following its acquisition by the Deutsch Family Wine Spirits company, they’re now producing high-quality bourbon and rye whiskey at a lower price. And one of the favorites is the Redemption Bourbon.  So, we’re … Read more

10 Best Flavored Whiskey Bottles To Try Now (2023 Edition)

Best Flavored Whiskey 

The rise of flavored spirits has been attributed to the increasing number of new products introduced each year— from smoked-salmon vodka to chocolate tequila. That’s why whiskey distillery makers are joining the trend, too. From small to big brands, they’re releasing flavored bourbons and rye whiskey.  If you’re interested in trying new whiskey flavors, there’s … Read more

Balcones Whisky Review & Tasting Notes (2023 Guide)

Balcones Whisky Review

Scotland is the leading producer of Single Malt whisky worldwide. But over the years, the United States has also started producing its very own American Single Malt Whisky varieties. With over 170 distilleries releasing American Single Malt products, Balcones is the first to produce a single malt in Texas after Prohibition. Here’s our quick review … Read more

Larceny Bourbon Bottle Review: In-Depth Guide For 2023

Larceny Bourbon Review

As we continue our bourbon journey, we’ve come across wheated bourbons, and little did we know that the iconic Old Fitzgerald is related to Larceny.  Since we’re impressed with how the Old Fitz delivers, we’ve tried Larceny as well, and surprisingly it’s quite good, too.  If you haven’t tried or have second thoughts about this … Read more

Buffalo Trace White Dog Review (2023 Guide)

Buffalo Trace White Dog Review 

Buffalo carved itself as one of the leading distilleries worldwide, crafting low to mid-to-top-shelf whiskeys.  If you’ve exhausted most of their well-aged selections, try something new and discover a new profile to add to your shelf.  Today, we’re here to do this Buffalo Trace White Dog review to see if this is what you’re looking … Read more

7 Best Weller Bourbon Bottles Ranked (2023)

Best Weller Bourbon Brands

Weller Bourbons are getting so much attention for being a long-standing backup for the Pappy Van Winkle bourbon collection. While it may share similar mash bill and barrel specifications as Pappy, Weller bourbons have a unique flavor profile, making it one of the most sought-after spirits in the market today. Read on as we give … Read more

15 Best Peanut Butter Whiskey Brands To Try in 2023

Best Peanut Butter Whiskey

Peanut butter whiskey is a unique variation of whiskey infused with peanut butter’s rich, creamy flavor. These whiskeys can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, as well as in various cocktails. They are perfect for those who enjoy the taste of peanut butter and want to try something new and unique. But which peanut … Read more

20 Best Tequilas In Mexico (2023 Edition)

Best Tequilas In Mexico

Mexico is synonymous with tequila, so if you want to taste the best tequila, make sure to get authentic tequila brands from Mexico. Tequilas from Mexico are more than a distilled spirit because it is their country’s heritage. If you want to know the best tequila in Mexico, read on and see if your favorite … Read more

14 Best WhistlePig Whiskey Bottles To Try (2023 Edition)

Best Whistlepig Whiskey

Not long ago, the WhistlePig brand was born. It all started in the town of Shoreham in Vermont—a farm transformed into a distillery. Although it’s relatively young in the market, WhistlePig has impressed many whiskey enthusiasts with its unique rye portfolios, and for us—its intriguing spiciness caught our palate. We’ve tracked down the best WhistlePig … Read more

15 Best Blended Scotch Whiskies To Buy in 2023 (Updated)

Best Blended Scotch

In a world of blended whisky, blended Scotch takes pride in delivering equally delicious and unique drams that might go far beyond our taste expectations. From a distinctive craft of the finest single malt and grain whiskies, blended Scotch continues to take the spotlight in offering a flavorful and more impeccable whisky. You don’t have … Read more

15 Best Wheated Bourbons To Drink According to Taste [2023 Edition]

Best Wheated Bourbons

A bourbon mash bill comprises at least 51% corn, along with rye and malted barley. But there’s this “unofficial sub-category” called “wheated bourbon,” which replaces rye with wheat in the mash bill.   This gives the bourbon a unique flavor profile, described as softer, with sweet flavors. If you want to try something different beyond the … Read more

30 Best Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Bottles Ranked (2023 Edition)

Best Jack Daniel's Whiskey 

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey has been serving connoisseurs and impressing beginners with its top-of-the-line spirits.  In fact, numerous Jack Daniel’s bottles have been introduced, enticing whiskey lovers. But with all the Jack Daniel’s releases, which do you think is best? We took the time to rank the best Jack Daniel’s whiskey bottles to show you … Read more

10 Best Aged Bourbon Brands To Try (2023 Edition)

Best Aged Bourbon

If you’ve exhausted more of the younger whiskey expressions, it’s time to be a little oldie with matured spirits.  While younger expressions can be mild and light, old-aged bourbons are more on a bold and rich profile. If you’re looking for this or want to take a step forward to more complex whiskeys, we got … Read more

12 Best Red Wines for Cooking Any Meal (2023 Updated)

Best Red Wine for Cooking 

While wine is a great pair for your favorite dishes, it’s also an excellent ingredient for cooking.  Some recipe calls for wine in the cooking process, whether for deglazing your pan, tenderizing meat, or adding flavor when making sauces. But what is the best red wine for cooking?  We’ve tried different wines and made a … Read more

15 Best Blended Whiskey Brands Ranked (2023 Updated)

Best Blended Whiskey

From mixing grains and single malts, blended whiskeys take a huge part in the accounts of many worthy whiskey brands you never knew existed. Blended whiskeys are sometimes viewed as inferior compared with other types of whiskey. But in reality, it still dominates the whiskey market because of its excellent malt blends. We’ve compiled the … Read more

Angel’s Envy vs Woodford Reserve Bourbon Differences (2023)

Angel's Envy vs Woodford Reserve 

Welcome to another battle between two of the favorite bourbons— Angel’s Envy and Woodford Reserve. If you’re torn between these brands, let’s make or break your decision by discovering the differences between Angel’s Envy vs Woodford Reserve.   What are their positive points? Which can deliver a great drinking experience? And which is the best bourbon … Read more

SIPN Bourbon a Social Liquor E-commerce App For Enthusiasts (2023 Guide)

Sipn Bourbon

Calling all bourbon lovers, connoisseurs, and curious ones!  We discovered another gem where you can read and share interesting facts about bourbon, tip off rare finds, and show off bourbon collections in the comfort of your home.  SIPN Bourbon is a community and social liquor e-commerce app that aims to bridge the gap between every … Read more

10 Best Sugar Free Vodka Brands You Should Try (2023)

Sugar Free Vodka Brands

Some people consider vodka the simplest and most neutral liquor. But this innovative spirit has a lot to offer, even for health-conscious individuals who want to reduce sugar intake. So, if you’re searching for a zero-sugar vodka drink to help track your diet or just exploring healthier drinking options, you’re in the right place. Here … Read more

12 Best Red Wines For Casual Drinking (2023 UPDATED)

Best Red Wine for Casual Drinking

When choosing red wine for casual drinking, endless options range in quality, style, and price.  But the best red wine for casual drinking should be lighter in body and more approachable.   Here are our tried-and-true red wines that can make you feel relaxed and at ease. Keep reading.  Top 12 Red Wines To Casually Sip … Read more

What’s the Best Way to Drink Buffalo Trace Bourbon? Your 2023 Guide

Best Way to Drink Buffalo Trace

If you’re looking for a whole Kentucky bourbon drinking experience, you don’t want to miss out on the Buffalo Trace. This flagship holds a rich background history and a classic bourbon profile. Most bourbon enthusiasts would prefer sipping it neat, but the versatility of Buffalo Trace’s tasting profile can do a lot more. Prepare your … Read more

Do Flavored Vodkas Have Sugar? Resolved (2023 Updated)

Do Flavored Vodkas Have Sugar

The subtle palate of flavored vodkas and their high-alcohol content makes them an exceptional mixer, and it’s not surprising distillers keep releasing new vodka flavors simultaneously. But the big question is – do flavored vodkas have sugar? And how much is in it? Keep scrolling to find out.   Do Flavored Vodkas Contain Sugar?  Flavored … Read more

Blanton’s vs Weller Bourbon: Which is Better? (2023)

Blanton's vs. Weller

Blanton’s and Weller are two different bourbons crafted in the same facility — the Buffalo Trace Distillery. While both are notable whiskey brands, which is better than the other?  Let’s uncover more differences between Blanton’s vs Weller in this in-depth comparison and determine which bourbon suits you. Read on.  Blanton’s & Weller Special Reserve Bourbons … Read more

15 Best Bourbons to Collect in 2023 (Hard to Find)

Best Bourbons to Collect

Bourbon is a type of American whiskey made primarily from corn and aged in charred oak barrels. There are many different brands and styles of bourbon, and some are considered to be more collectible than others. So what are the best bourbons to collect? Let’s find out. Top 15 Bourbons Every Collector Must Score  15. … Read more