What Does Rum Taste Like? (2022 Updated)

What Does Rum Taste Like?

Rum’s first literary mention dates back to thousands of years ago. Although the first commercial distillation of sugarcane was in the 17th century, enthusiasts believe that rum is the oldest spirit in human history.  It went through different modifications and created varieties from the oldest version. But in the modern day, what does rum taste … Read more

What Does Tequila Taste Like? (2022 Updated)

What Does Tequila Taste Like

Since 2019, Hollywood celebrities, including A-listers, are opening their tequila businesses left and right. Tequila is famously known for being the main ingredient of Margarita, a best-selling cocktail. Many people believe that it has health benefits, that’s why it’s famous. But for those who haven’t drunk tequila yet, you may be asking- what does tequila … Read more

What Does Gin Taste Like? (2022 Updated)

What Does Gin Taste Like

Gin is a non-barrelled spirit that has been perceived differently over the centuries. People either love its taste (including us) or despise everything about it. Despite that, gin still belongs to the most sold spirits worldwide. What does gin taste like, you wonder? After testing each variant, let’s head to what our team found out. … Read more

What Does Whiskey Smell Like? (2022 Updated)

What Does Whiskey Smell Like

Experienced aficionados appreciate and enjoy the whiskey’s scent even before engulfing its true flavor and taste straight from the glass. However, newcomers tend to forget to put a lot of emphasis on appreciating its fragrance. Ever wondered what whiskey really smells like?    Continue reading to have a sniff of what you might have been missing.  … Read more

How Long Does Vodka Last? (2022 Updated)

How Long Does Vodka Last

Sometimes, it pays to double-check every vodka bottle’s mortality to avoid any disastrous, unforeseen events. Nobody wants to open a good bottle of liquor with a distasteful aroma and flavor, right? So, how long does vodka last? We’ve got the answer right here.  Don’t wait for your vodka to go bad. Drink it and enjoy! … Read more

Is Rum Cake Alcoholic? (2022 Updated)

Is Rum Cake Alcoholic?

Rum cakes are one of the most popular desserts during Christmas and special holidays. They are considered to be a traditional dessert and can be given as gifts. Considering it is a rum, does this mean that this cake is alcoholic? Let’s find out everything you need to know in today’s article! Rum Cake: Alcoholic … Read more

Effen vs Ciroc (2022 UPDATED) Comparison Guide

Effen VS Ciroc

Vodka is one of the fastest-growing spirits because of its high-strength flavor and the versatility of its ingredients. As folks taste different vodka brands, Effen vs Ciroc has been competing for premium vodkas.  Our team spent 24 hours researching to compare these two crowds’ favorite vodka comprehensively.  Diddy’s Ciroc vs 50 Cent’s Effen: Vodka Rivalry … Read more

40 Best Cocktail Recipes (2022 UPDATED)

Cocktail Recipes

According to the Cocktail Codex, all cocktail drinks follow one simple formula: start with the core ingredient, which is the primary spirit; followed by an element of balance, which would contradict the core’s flavor for more depth; and finished with a dash of seasoning, to complement and enhance the core.  Whether you’re an aspiring bartender, … Read more