Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Bottle Prices, Sizes & Types (2023)

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If you’re looking for delectable liquor to match your high-flavor meal, then the Cabernet Sauvignon might suit your palate. This high-tannin vino is one of the most popular wines in the market, and for good reasons.

Our team uncorked the bottle of facts about this popular wine, especially its price in the market.

Cabernet Sauvignon: A Brief Introduction 

Cabernet Sauvignon

The popular red Cabernet Sauvignon grapes originated from the red Cabernet Franc grape and white Sauvignon Blanc grape back in the 17th century. Because of its unique history, the grape’s thick exterior, and impeccable fruity flavor, it rose into popularity among winemakers in the region of Bordeaux. 

Aside from Bordeaux, it grows in any region or state with a warm climate, as a rule of thumb. This grape variety has plenty of tannins, allowing it to age in oak for longer years without compromising its quality and flavor.  

4 Factors That Impact Cabernet Sauvignon’s Pricing 

4 Factors That Impact Cabernet Sauvignon’s Pricing 

1. Regional Significance

Aside from the French territory, one can also find these high-quality grapes taking root in California. Those grown in Napa Valley, California, won the hearts of many liquor enthusiasts. This kind of grape grows in other places like the USA, Italy, Australia, and Chile. 

While the Cabernet Sauvignon wines from Napa Valley, California, were dubbed the “Classic Cab,” the Chilean wines also dominated a blindfold wine-tasting. They also garnered praises for the blended balance between tannin and fruit flavor [1].

2. Lasts Longer 

Napa Valley, California

The Cabs that grow in Napa Valley, California, yield a more balanced savor. Cab Sauv can stand on its own as a wine varietal. 

It contains the right amount of tannin, so it can be aged in oak barrels, thereby delaying expiration and producing expensive Cabernet Sauvignon wine bottles. Winemakers store the oak barrels in a cool, dry place and maintain a low temperature until entirely aged. But what’s the best wine for no hangover?

3. Unique Vegetable Taste

An oak barrel of this aged liquor produces a unique vegetable savor in every bottle of wine. It typically has a dark appearance and low to medium acidity. It also has an alcohol level of 13.5% by volume. 

A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon wine is well worth its expensive cost. However, there are still variants with prices that are within your budget. 

4. Oak’s Influence

oak barrels for wine

The oak contributes a lot to the notes of every bottle as the wines are stored in the barrel. The tannins in the bottles work like a preservative for the liquor to last longer in oak barrels and produce various savory flavors. 

The wine produced from the grapes grown in Napa Valley, California, typically tastes rich like cherries, a hint of vanilla, cassis, sage, peppercorn, and green pepper because of the oak barrel’s influence. Cabernet Sauvignon wine bottles are easy to find in both online and brick-and-mortar alcohol stores across any region in the world.

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The Most Expensive Wine Bottle Ever?

The 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon is among the barrels of expensive wines in the world, where bottles were priced at around $500,000 in 2000. The reason behind this high price is that the 1992 bottle came from the winery in Napa Valley in California, USA [2].

Common Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Prices 

Common Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Prices 


Size Alcohol By Volume Average Price Region
Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml  13.5% $6.00 – $7.99

South Eastern Australia

Barefoot Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml 13% $7.00 – $17.00 California, USA
Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml 13% $5 – $20

California, USA

Blakemore Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml 13.5% $6.99 – $12.99 California, USA
Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml  13.5% Around $12.87

California, USA

Chad Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml 

750 ml 



$25 – $38.99

$17.99 – $24.99

California, USA
Gallo Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5 L 13.5% Around $9.99

Napa Valley, USA

Jordan Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml 13.8% Around $59 Alexander Valley, USA
Matt Parish Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml  14.5% Around $19.99

Napa Valley, USA

Robert Mondavi Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml 14.5% $29 – $50 Napa Valley, USA
Silver Oak Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml  14% $81.99 – $149.99

Napa Valley, USA

Three Wishes Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml 13% Around $4.99 California, USA
Tisdale Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml 13% Around $4.99

California, USA

Vista Point Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml 12.5% $4.99 – $7.99 California, USA
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml  13.5% $6.99 – $12.99

California, USA

Compared To Other Wines 

Compared To Other Wines 

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir originates from the Burgundy region, so one bottle can be more expensive than Cab Sauv. The grape used has thinner skin, is fragile, and is prone to damage. It consists of low tannins, making it less dry than the Cab. While Pinot Noir is fruity and light, the latter offers a thicker flavor. 



Chardonnay produces white wine out of green Chardonnay grapes. This also originates from the Burgundy region in France, and winemakers around the world produce Chardonnay in bulk. An affordable bottle of Chardonnay ranges from $5-6, almost the same as Cabernet Sauvignon.



This spirit is less expensive than Cabernet. Although coming from the same parent plant, Merlot has a softer savor and a soft red appearance. It also has a relatively mild acidity and a lower level of tannin.

Popular Cabernet Sauvignon Cocktail Recipes 

Popular Cabernet Sauvignon Cocktail Recipes

Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail


  • Ice 
  • 1oz of vodka 
  • 2oz – 3oz of Cab Sauv 
  • 6oz of lemonade


Pour in the vodka of your choice in a glass and add the lemonade. Then, take the Cab Sauv and pour it on the glass. Stir gently and ensure to mix both drinks well. Add in a couple of ice cubes (this drink is best served chilled).

Gin and Cabernet Sour

Cabernet Cocktail


  • 1.5oz of gin
  • .75oz of Cointreau
  • .75oz of Simple syrup
  • .75oz of Lemon juice
  • .75oz of Cab Sauv 


Pour in and mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Afterward, transfer the mixture into a glass. Using the back of a spoon, let the Cab Sauv flow on top of your cocktail.


Is Cabernet Sauvignon a dry wine?

Yes, Cabernet Sauvignon is a dry wine because it has a small amount of sugar. The high-quality grapes from California that are left to age in oak casks produce a bold and complex flavor even without the need for too many artificial sweeteners.

How do you drink a Cabernet Sauvignon?

Before drinking, uncork a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for up to three hours to let it breathe. This improves the quality of the liquor and your overall drinking experience. The more air in contact with the wine, the more it brings out all the flavors.

But what’s the best Cabernet Sauvignon under $25?

Key Takeaways 

Cabernet Sauvignon is a dry red wine that ages in casks and are distinct from other red wine types. Its origins trace back to Bordeaux, France, and California, but this is available anywhere in the world. While some are bottles expensive, the cost still depends on the winemaker and source. 

The next time you’re eating grilled meat, make sure to pop open a Cabernet Sauvignon!



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