How To Open A Bottle Of Wine With A Lighter: Solved (2023)

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In your haste to get somewhere, you’ve all forgotten to bring the wine opener along with the bottle. Nothing is more frustrating than having stemware only to realize you can’t pour the wine because you forgot the opener.

Fortunately, we have a helpful suggestion – use your lighter. But how do you open a bottle of wine with a lighter? Read on.  

5 Steps To Open A Bottle Of Wine Using A Lighter 

1. Remove The Wine’s Cover/Foil Capsule

hand removing wine's cover

Take off any wax or extra packaging around the wine bottle’s neck and mouth. You want to be able to see through the glass to where the cork fits in the bottle’s neck.

2. Locate Where The Cork’s Bottom Sits

Locate the depth of the bottleneck below the cork. Turn the lighter on its side, so the flame touches the glass below the cork.

With this, the air in the bottle’s neck can begin to warm up. The rising air pressure will force the cork upwards.

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3. Put The Lighter’s Flame On The Bottle’s Neck

lighting the bottle neck of a wine

Then, run the flame from your lighter around the wine bottle’s neck just below the cork for a few minutes.

This time, you’ll notice that the cork will rise little by little. 

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4. Rotate The Wine Bottle

Turn the bottle as you apply heat to the neck; the cork should pop right off. This step might take about one minute. 

5. Wait Until The Cork Pops Out

lighter's flame on the wine bottle's neck

The cork should fly up in about a minute, at which point you can pour yourself a glass of wine to celebrate.

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Safety Precautions In Using Lighter To Open Wine Bottles 

When you need to open the bottle of wine using your lighter, you must take note of the following: 

  • Watch for your hands. Make sure to hold the lighter properly as you heat the wine’s cork. You might get your fingers burned or the wine itself. 
  • Point the wine bottle away from your face or who you are with. The cork may suddenly pop out, which can hit you if you’re too near.  
  • Make sure there are no flammable things nearby, like gas. 
  • Wear safety glasses or gloves before lighting the bottle. And as much as possible, do it somewhere with easy access to a fire extinguisher if ever the fire gets out of hand.
  • Do not expose the wine bottle to too much heat. While wine is not considered flammable (as it doesn’t contain much ethanol [1] like other spirits), you shouldn’t heat it for too long.  


Is it safe to open a wine bottle with a lighter?

No. Opening a wine bottle using a lighter is not really safe. A wine opener or corkscrew is still the best. But how do you open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

How long does it take to open a wine bottle with a lighter?

Opening a wine bottle using a lighter might take one to two minutes. You’ll need to wait until the heat completely pushes the cork out of the bottle. 

In Conclusion

For some reason, you might need to open a wine bottle without a wine opener, and a very simple solution is to use your lighter. 

Expanding the air in the bottle’s neck allows the cork to be pushed up and out of the bottle. However, it is still not recommended. A wine opener or corkscrew is still the best way to open a wine bottle. 



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