How To Tornado A Beer: Complete Guide for 2023

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Chugging beer bottles may not be a skill you can brag about, but if you know the art of tornado beer chug, also known as vortex beer chug, it is.

The tornado chug uses the same principles as the water bottle vortex you learn from school, in which the beer liquid is a swirling vortex or tornado in a bottle.

You will learn how to tornado a beer in a bottle so you can chug a beer quickly and impress your friends.

6 Steps To Tornado A Beer Like A Champion

Man Drinking Beer

1. Ready The Beer 

First, prepare and open your favorite beer brand and let it sit for a few minutes for carbon dioxide [1] to dissipate.

Furthermore, your chosen beer has to be a tall bottle or has an excellent long neck so that the centripetal force can suck and draw the liquid down in a tornado style. 

2. Set The Bottle In Your Mouth & Take A Sip 

Next, bring the bottle’s mouth around your lips and take a small gulp to give some room for air while ensuring the bottle is tightly joined to your relaxed, open mouth.

3. Swirl The Bottle Clockwise Or Counterclockwise 

Now, take a deep breath and swirl the beer bottle clockwise or counterclockwise direction to create a mini tornado effect in the beer liquid.

Be sure to apply pressure on the neck of the bottle so that it won’t slip out of your hand.

4. Tip Your Head Back 

Tilt your head back while raising the beer bottle simultaneously to allow the liquid’s tornado effect to flow, swirling downward into your mouth.

Ensure you keep the bottle tilted at a steady angle, so the vortex remains stable.

5. Open Your Throat

Now that you’re in a chugging position, open your throat completely wide and let the beer content from the bottle flow down into your mouth.

All the while, seal the bottle tightly in your mouth, leaving no openings to avoid spraying or spilling beer all over you.

6. Take Big Gulps, Breathe, & Enjoy

Finally, start chugging by drinking large gulps as the beer swirls or tornado spins straight down on the back of your throat until the entire bottle is empty. 

What To Avoid When Doing Tornado Beer

Open Bottle of Beer
  • Avoid fighting the beer pour after you tilt your head back and open your throat. You just let it flow down like a river into your mouth. 
  • Do not drink it in a normal chug when consuming beer with a tornado; instead, take big gulps. 
  • Do not shake your beer back and forth when making a tornado, but only draw the bottle in a circular motion. 

How Do You Chug Beer With A Tornado?

Tornado chugging is about tilting your head back at the right angle while having a relaxed, open mouth for drinking the whole beer bottle fast. 

“On victory, you deserve beer, in defeat, you need it.”

— Napoleon Bonaparte, French Military Commander, and Political Leader

You must keep your throat open as wide as possible and drink huge gulps as you’re chugging the beer down since the tornado accelerates the liquid and sends it down your throat faster.

The very idea or the goal of the tornado beer chug is to pour the beer down directly on your throat and empty the whole bottle as fast as you can without even tasting it.

Tips To Avoid Choking When Chugging

Tornado Beer Drinking
  • Prepare your body by taking deep breaths first. Exhale and don’t breathe while you chug the whole bottle down to minimize the chances of choking.
  • Open your throat as wide as possible, so you swallow beer smoothly without choking on it.


Can you tornado a beer in a mug or glass?

No, you cannot tornado a beer in a mug or glass. You will need a tall bottle or a long neck to allow centripetal forces to create a suction and draw the liquid down in a tornado style.

For context, pouring your beer straight into a beer mug, standard pint glass, or any drinking cup activates the carbonation and creates bubbles or foams [2]

When allow these to dissipate first will help eliminate digestive issues after you drink the beer.

You can also give a sharp tap on the bottom of the cup to force the remaining gas out.  

Is a beer tornado the same as a vortex?

The tornado chug, vortex chug, and twister chug are all the same drinking style, in which you draw a circular motion to create a tornado in a bottle and drink it with your head tilted back.

Final Say

Not everyone knows how to tornado a beer properly, but with time, patience, and a lot of practice, you will eventually be able to do the tornado beer chug flawlessly. 

You must first practice the tornado chug with water bottles or soda bottles until you master it and gain the confidence to make an attempt with a real beer. 

Nonetheless, you can follow this guide to learn how to tornado a beer so you can chug a beer fast and be the next chugging champion at your next party.



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