10 Best Keto Mixed Drinks to Order at a Bar (2023 Updated)

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It isn’t very comforting when you are on a diet but also wants to enjoy the drinks at a bar. You will need to consider the most ketogenic drinks to help you with that. 

But the good thing is you can also satisfy your need for alcohol while on a keto diet. Continue reading if you want to know the best keto mixed drinks to order at a bar on your next visit.

Top 10  Keto-Mixed Drinks You Can Order At A Bar 

10. Old Fashioned 

Old Fashioned

An Old-Fashioned cocktail is one of the best keto cocktails you’ll see in a bar. It can always be enjoyed as a keto drink if you stick to the unsweetened whiskey bourbons base, which has no carb count. Use erythritol or another keto sweetener when making this cocktail. 

Other sugars and artificial sweeteners will increase the net carbs in low-carb alcoholic drinks and could ruin your diet.

So, to make it a 100% keto-friendly yet delicious cocktail, it is best if there’s no sugar added to the cocktail recipes.

9. Vodka Soda

Vodka Soda

This ultimate go-to vodka drink is one of the keto-friendly drinks you can find at a bar. It is made with refreshing sugar-free ingredients. 

A classic Vodka Soda (by soda, we mean it’s not sweetened carbonated drinks but carbonated water) with lime or lemon juice is sustainable in a keto lifestyle. 

8. Gin Soda

Gin Soda

Gin Soda is a perfect keto-friendly mixed drink for any time, really, but summertime most definitely. Choosing the right soda or tonic water is essential in making a keto version. 

With your favorite gin (no carb) and fresh lime or lemon juice, you need tonic water (or diet tonic water) or unsweetened iced tea to make it more keto-friendly. 

7. Keto Paloma

Keto Paloma

Keto Paloma is one of the low-carb cocktails that combine silver tequila, grapefruit, and lime juice. This low-carb Paloma is a refreshing cocktail on a hot day while you’re sitting by the pool or simply chilling at home.

From a classic Paloma, the cocktail is usually made from grapefruit juice soda, which has a lot of carbs. To make it a keto cocktail, use grapefruit soda water instead and squeeze a grapefruit wedge to cut the carbs.

6. Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule

Ginger beer with lime and vodka makes a classic Moscow Mule. But with a couple of substitutions, this recipe can make it a keto-friendly drink. 

Swap an ordinary vodka for a gluten-free vodka and fresh ginger (peeled and grated) or diet ginger beer instead of ginger beer. Also, use freshly squeezed lime juice and lemon than those concentrated ones. [1]

5. White Claw

White Claw

White Claw hard seltzer is very low in carbs and gluten-free, making it effortlessly tolerable to drink on a ketogenic diet. Despite its fruity sweet taste, White Claw only contains 2g of carbs per 355ml.

You’ll get a small chance to kick you out of ketosis with that amount of carbs in white Claw compared to an alcoholic drink like a light beer. 

4. Skinny Mojito

Skinny Mojito

An easy yet refreshing Skinny Mojito is one of the keto cocktails you’ll find in a bar. It is excellent for any occasion.

Turn it into a no-sugar, guilt-free keto Mojito with just five main ingredients – light white rum, freshly squeezed lemon juice, non-sweet simple syrup, and club soda.

3. Low Carb Margarita

Low Carb Margarita

A low-carb Margarita mix, called Skinny Margaritas, is considered a guilt-free revitalizing keto alcohol drink. These classic sweet, sour, and salty blends can be one of the best keto drinks you can make.

Low carb cocktails like keto Margaritas are simple, with no extra add-ons, just tequila, fresh lime juice, and a touch of orange extract. We prefer a sugar-free mixer in a keto Margarita, so the sweetener is optional. 

2. Dry Martini

Dry Martini

Martinis have a classic taste of botanical flavor and can be considered one of the low-carb cocktails. Just make sure to pick a fine gin for your Dry Martini recipe.

Another main ingredient that makes it keto-friendly is the dry vermouth because it has lower carbs and less added sugar. 

To make it one of the keto-friendly alcohol drinks, ensure that there are no added sweet liqueurs or fruit juice.

1. Dry White Wine

Dry White Wine

A Dry White Wine has low carb alcohol content and is easy to stick with because it’s mostly available in every location. Dry wine like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, or Chardonnay has less sugar and fewer carbs than a regular wine’s total volume. 

And compared to red wine, it has a lower carb, thus, making it more keto-friendly.

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Will Alcoholic Beverages Kick You Out Of Ketosis? 

Yes, alcoholic beverages will kick you out of ketosis, especially if you consume beverages that have high carbohydrates. 

However, hard liquor can also be part of a ketosis diet since not all are equal regarding sugar content—particularly those with pure alcohol like whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, and tequila. [2]

Pure spirits contain zero carbs and zero sugars, which means they’re keto-friendly in moderation.

Mixed-Drink Ingredients To Avoid When On Keto 

Many alcoholic beverages like beer and mixed drinks such as Rum and Coke, Vodka Tonic, and other fruity Margaritas contain high sugar and net carbs that could halt your metabolism and ruin your keto diet. 

It isn’t keto-friendly if you don’t take out the sweet juices, sodas, and other sugary sweeteners from your mixed drink. But what are some simple mixed drinks to order at a bar?


What sugar-free cocktail can you order at a bar?

Skinny Mojito or Skinny Margarita can be at the top of the list for sugar-free cocktails and keto alcoholic drinks you can order at a bar.

These cocktails skip the sugar syrups and added sweeteners, making them non-sweet and guilt-free drinks.

Is there a low-carb vodka drink to order at a bar?

Yes, there’s a low-carb vodka drink you can order at a bar like the Vodka Soda. It is the easiest vodka drink to order because of its two ingredients, vodka, and soda water.

But if you don’t want the soda, you can switch it with diet tonic water or a non-sweet mix like Diet Soda in the bar.

Final Thoughts 

Enjoying the keto lifestyle while having low-carb cocktails and keto drinks is still possible. If you want to skip sugars, pick Skinny Margarita, Skinny Mojito, Vodka, or Gin Soda.

If you’re a beer lover, you can try the keto Moscow Mule with the diet ginger beer recipe. And for something fruity yet still keto-friendly, go for a Keto Paloma.

Although these low-carb drinks can go with your keto diet, please still be mindful of your alcohol consumption.



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