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Savoring the Unparalleled Flavor: 360 Vodka Review & Guide

different flavors of 360 vodka

Last Updated on October 25, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Experience the pinnacle of taste and craftsmanship as we embark on a captivating journey through the realms of 360 Vodka Review. 

Discover the unique flavors and unparalleled smoothness that make this spirit truly exceptional. 

Join me as we unveil the secrets and embrace the essence of 360 Vodka. Cheers to an extraordinary adventure!


What is 360 Vodka?

360 Vodka is a premium vodka brand known for its high-quality spirits and commitment to sustainability. It is produced by the McCormick Distilling Company, which has a rich history dating back to 1856.

What is the background of the brand?

The McCormick Distilling Company, based in Missouri, has been crafting spirits for over 160 years. 

It is one of the oldest distilleries in the United States, known for its dedication to traditional distillation methods and innovation in the industry. 

With a strong emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, McCormick has established a reputation for producing spirits that meet the highest standards.

360 Vodka, introduced by the McCormick Distilling Company, embodies the company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible practices. 

It is a brand that goes beyond just producing great-tasting vodka, focusing on minimizing environmental impact and giving back to the community. 

This dedication to sustainability has made 360 Vodka a popular choice among environmentally conscious consumers.

vodka cocktails garnished with some fruit slices ready to be served

Distillation Process

How is 360 Vodka made?

360 Vodka is made using a meticulous distillation process. 

It is made with corn locally sourced in the fields of Missouri which serves as the base ingredient. The grain is carefully milled and combined with pure water to create a mash.

The mash is then fermented using a specially selected plain natural yeast strain. This fermentation process converts the sugars in the mash into alcohol, resulting in a high-quality vodka base.

Is it distilled multiple times?

360 Vodka is six-times distilled and six-times filtered to achieve its exceptional purity and smoothness. 

It undergoes a fractional distillation process in a column still, which allows for precise control over the separation of impurities. This multiple-distillation process ensures a clean and refined vodka.

Flavors and Varieties

360 Vodka offers a diverse range of flavors that cater to various taste preferences. Here are the different flavors available in 360 Brand Vodka [1]:


360 Vodka Original

Clean, smooth, and slightly sweet with subtle hints of vanilla and grain.


Double Chocolate

Rich and indulgent, with notes of creamy milk chocolate and dark cocoa.

Georgia Peach

Sweet and juicy, with the ripe essence of fresh peaches and a hint of citrus.


Wild and slightly tart, showcasing the natural flavor of huckleberries with a touch of sweetness.

Blue Raspberry

Vibrant and tangy, reminiscent of fresh blue raspberries with a burst of fruity sweetness.


Refreshing and crisp, capturing the essence of juicy watermelon with a subtle sweetness.


Tropical and aromatic, featuring the bright and tangy taste of ripe pineapples.


Zesty and invigorating, with a lively citrus flavor and a touch of natural acidity.


Lusciously sweet and exotic, highlighting the succulent taste of ripe mangos.

Bing Cherry

Rich and fruity, with the deep flavor of ripe Bing cherries and a hint of natural sweetness.

Sorrento Lemon

Crisp and bright, capturing the zesty essence of Sorrento lemons with a slightly tart finish.

Madagascar Vanilla

Smooth and aromatic, showcasing the warm and creamy notes of Madagascar vanilla beans.

Red Delicious Apple

Crisp and sweet, with the refreshing taste of orchard-fresh apples.

Mandarin Orange

Bright and citrusy, featuring the tangy and sweet flavor of mandarin oranges.


Sweet and juicy, reminiscent of freshly picked grapes with a delightful burst of fruitiness.

Red Raspberry

Intensely fruity and slightly tart, capturing the essence of ripe red raspberries.

KC Barbeque

A unique blend of spicy, sweet, tangy, and true flavors, reminiscent of classic Kansas City barbecue.

Limited Edition

360 Texas Limited Edition

Bold and robust, inspired by the flavors of Texas with a touch of southwestern flair.

360 Patriot Limited Edition

A burst of fresh orchard apples with delicate notes of vanilla and warm spices emerge, echoing the essence of traditional American baking.

vodka cocktail garnished with some fruit slices

Taste and Quality

What are the primary flavors and aromas?

The aroma presents pleasantly sugary hints of toasted marshmallow and vanilla bean with a well-rounded flavor profile that attracts to a wide range of palates. 

It is known for its clean and crisp taste with subtle nuances. The primary flavors include hints of citrus, vanilla, and a slight sweetness.

After the sugary delights, there lingers a subtle alcoholic warmth. The taste is somewhat understated, with the candy notes making a return and a hint of alcoholic warmth making an appearance.

Is it smooth or harsh?

In terms of smoothness, 360 Vodka stands out. 

It is meticulously crafted to provide a velvety texture that glides effortlessly across the tongue. 

The absence of any harsh aftertaste makes it a preferred choice for many vodka enthusiasts.

Does it have any unique characteristics?

One unique characteristic of 360 Vodka is its dedication to using local and sustainable ingredients. 

This commitment to sustainability adds an earthy quality to the vodka, creating a distinctive flavor experience.

Packaging and Design

What does the bottle look like?

360 Vodka, hailed as the pioneer of “eco-luxury vodka,” is packaged at 80 proof using 85% recycled glass and adorned with chlorine-free paper labels. 

An innovative touch includes a twine string affixed to the bottle’s neck, along with a postage-paid envelope. 

This unique feature serves the purpose of allowing consumers to send back the metal closure atop the bottle (similar to a Grolsch beer bottle) for recycling by the company. 

Impressively, 360 Vodka commits to contributing $1 for each closure returned to support environmental initiatives.

Is there any special branding or labeling?

The branding and labeling on the bottle are minimalistic yet impactful. 

The 360 Vodka logo is prominently displayed, representing the brand’s commitment to a full-circle approach. 

The use of bold typography and subtle embellishments enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

How does the packaging reflect the brand image?

The packaging of 360 Vodka aligns perfectly with the brand’s eco-conscious philosophy. 

The bottle is made from the recycled glass, and the label is printed using water-based inks and adhesives. 

This eco-friendly packaging reinforces the brand’s dedication to sustainability.

Mixability and Cocktail Recommendations

How does 360 Vodka perform in cocktails?

360 Vodka performs exceptionally well in cocktails. Its smooth and versatile character allows it to blend seamlessly with other ingredients, enhancing the overall flavor profile of the cocktail.

What are some popular cocktails that use 360 Vodka?

Some popular cocktails that utilize 360 Vodka include classic options like the Moscow Mule and Vodka Martini [2]. 

The clean and balanced nature of 360 Vodka allows these cocktails to shine, delivering a delightful drinking experience.

Any recommendations for specific flavor combinations?

When it comes to flavor combinations, 360 Vodka offers a wide range of possibilities. 

Pairing it with citrus flavors like lemon or grapefruit can elevate the taste for a refreshing twist. 

Additionally, experimenting with herbal or fruity ingredients can create unique and memorable concoctions.

Pricing and Availability

What is the price range for 360 Vodka?

When it comes to the price range for 360 Vodka, it’s important to note that prices can vary depending on several component, including the specific variant, bottle size, and location. 

However, to provide you with a general idea, here is an overview of the average price range for different varieties of 360 Vodka [2]:


  • 750ml bottle: $15 – $25
  • 1L bottle: $20 – $30
  • 1.75L bottle: $25 – $40


  • 750ml bottle: $18 – $30
  • 1L bottle: $22 – $35
  • 1.75L bottle: $30 – $45

Limited Edition

  • 750ml bottle: $18 – $30


Is 360 Vodka smooth?

Yes, 360 Vodka is known for its smoothness. 

The brand takes pride in its meticulous distillation process, which involves multiple distillations to achieve a clean and refined product. 

This process helps remove impurities, resulting in a smooth and velvety texture of vodka. 

Many consumers appreciate the smoothness of 360 Vodka, making it enjoyable to drink neat or in cocktails.

How much alcohol is in 360 Vodka?

360 Vodka has an alcohol content, or alcohol by volume (ABV), of 40%. This is the standard ABV for most vodkas available in the market. 

It means that 40% of the total volume of the vodka is pure ethanol, making it 80 proof. 

This alcohol content is balanced to provide the desired taste and strength for the vodka, ensuring a satisfying drinking experience.


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