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Elf Drinking Game: Merry Challenge Guide (2024)

Elf Drinking Game

Watching your favorite show with your beloved booze is an unbeatable combo, especially with your loved ones. For me, it’s the definition of relaxation and enjoyment.

So what better way to add a sprinkle of merriment to your movie night than going in for a holiday classic like Elf?

Now, get comfortable and grab your favorite drink as I tell you how you can make an Elf Drinking game more fun and exciting.

What’s The Christmas Elf Drinking Game?

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The Christmas Elf Drinking is a drinking game based on specific scenes in the movie, ‘Elf.’ It starred Will Ferrell playing the role of Buddy, who grew up among the elves.

In this game, Buddy’s quirky Christmas adventures as he looked for his father transform into a hilarious drinking experience among fans.

“One can drink too much, but one never drinks enough.” – Edward Burke, Politician

The rules depend on what the players have agreed on before the start of the movie. You can sip, take a shot, or finish a drink once a specific moment happens in the film.

Game Objective

The only objective of the Elf Drinking game is to have a blast while watching your favorite Christmas movie. It’s an excellent way of sharing laughs during the holiday season. 

The movie was released in 2003, starring Will Ferrell and directed by Jon Favreau. It is the story of a human raised among elves who later set out to look for his birth father, Walter.

One of my favorite prompts in the movie is when Buddy eats sugar. He loves eating sweet things and even categorizes his food into candy corn, candy, syrup, and candy cranes.

Elf Drinking Game Players

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The Elf Drinking game is designed for anyone of legal drinking age who would love to watch the Elf movie this Christmas. You can do it with a small group of friends, but there is no limit on how many players join. 

Make your movie night more fun and exciting by having your whole family dress up as Buddy the Elf or any other elves. Just ensure that everyone has their favorite drink as they follow the adventures of Buddy the Elf.

Elf Drinking Game Rules

Take A Sip When

Have a sip or two when Buddy screams Santa. “Santa” is an iconic word repeated throughout the whole film. But be ready for some jolly moments because Santa is Buddy’s favorite word.

Each time Buddy eats something with sugar, take another sip. Buddy eats a lot of sugar and even mentioned that elves only stick to candy corn, candy, syrup, and candy canes. He would even add maple syrup to spaghetti. 

So whenever Buddy eats these foods, you can take a sip. It might be better to actually add maple syrup to your drink every time Buddy does that. 

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Take A Shot When

One of the moments that calls for a shot is whenever Buddy the Elf or Jovie burst into a song.

Every time Buddy the Elf gives someone a hug or compliments someone, it is another trigger for taking a shot. 

You can prepare for more drinks whenever Etch-a-Sketches are shown in the movie.

Another prompt is whenever Buddy asks something and his dad looks annoyed or whenever he says “Christmas cheer.”

Finish Your Drink When

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Take down your drink when Jon Favreau makes a cameo. The director played the role of the pediatrician who confirmed Buddy’s real dad. He is also a voiceover of a Narwhal during the scene where Buddy is set to leave the North Pole.

Or you can finish your shot whenever an animated character speaks.

“The Elf Drinking Game is a fantastic way to infuse your holiday season with laughter, cheer, and a dash of Buddy the Elf’s enthusiasm.” – Liquor Laboratory  

You can also finish your drink when the scene of Buddy the Elf getting into a fight with the Fake Santa or when he gives a gift to his father plays out.


What do you drink during the Elf Drinking game?

You can choose whatever drinks you want during the Elf Drinking game. But since it is a Christmas movie, you can opt for a classic eggnog, hot buttered rum, wine, or whichever alcoholic drinks suit your holiday spirit.
However, ensure that you drink responsibly and you don’t go beyond the legal limit of 0.08% BAC [1], especially if you’re going to drive.

When is the best time to play the Elf Drinking game?

The best time to play the Elf Drinking game is during the holidays. You can plan for a movie night and prepare some of your favorite alcoholic drinks for your family and relatives. 
You may want to dress up as Buddy the Elf or any other elves and add syrup to your drinks for more fun. 

How many players are typically involved in the Elf drinking game?

The Elf drinking game can be played with any number of players, but it’s most enjoyable with a group of friends or family members who are familiar with the movie.

Are there specific rules or prompts for the Elf drinking game?

Yes, specific rules or prompts are established before watching the movie, such as taking a drink whenever Buddy the Elf says “Santa” or whenever a character mentions Christmas spirit.

What are some common drinking prompts used in the Elf drinking game?

Common drinking prompts in the Elf drinking game include taking a drink whenever Buddy the Elf eats candy, whenever someone says “Buddy,” whenever Buddy spreads holiday cheer, or whenever a Christmas song plays in the background.

Can the Elf drinking game be played responsibly?

Yes, like any drinking game, it’s essential to play the Elf drinking game responsibly and in moderation. Players should pace themselves and be mindful of their alcohol consumption to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Are there any variations or additional rules that can be added to the Elf drinking game?

Yes, players can introduce variations or additional rules to customize the game to their preferences. For example, they can add a rule that requires players to finish their drink whenever Buddy the Elf hugs someone or whenever a character mentions the North Pole.

Final Thoughts

Elf is a holiday classic directed by Jon Favreau, telling the story of Buddy (Will Ferrell). He is a human raised by Papa Elf among other elves after accidentally crawling into Santa Claus’ sack. 

Later on, Buddy went to New York City to look for his biological father, Walter [2]

It is one of the best movies to spread Christmas cheer and holiday joy among family reunions and parties. Buddy screams Santa a lot, making this movie an excellent prompt to start downing your drinks. 

This game is the perfect recipe for a holiday party, a guaranteed way to keep your spirits high with Buddy and Santa. Just remember to drink responsibly.


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