15 Drinks That Don’t Taste Like Alcohol (2022 Updated)

Last Updated on October 9, 2022 by Lydia Martin

If you are throwing a house party or simply inviting friends over, you’d want to prep a refreshing drink that everyone can enjoy. Finding a fruity and festive mix like White Russian or Tom Collins always does the trick. However, not everyone likes the taste of alcohol. 

Fortunately, our team came up with a list of drinks that don’t taste like alcohol but still come with a punch. Read on!

15 Drinks That Don’t Taste Like Alcohol (But Still Intoxicating) 

15. Strawberry Margaritas

Strawberry Margaritas on desk

Strawberry Margarita is a crowd favorite, with the first recipe released on Esquire in 1953. The taste of tequila is hidden in this classic cocktail’s sweet, sour, and floral flavors.

It only needs just a few ingredients like triple sec, half a lime, strawberry puree, and an ounce of tequila. This drink is more of an adult lemonade.

When added with strawberry slices, it becomes perfect during warm summer nights. 

14. Mai Tai

Mai Tai on table with cocktail shaker

Mai Tai has complex flavors in one glass. It mainly has a citrusy taste but is balanced with orgeat syrup and dark rum.

Adding triple sec, simple syrup, or sugarcane extract can easily hide the musky tonic taste of alcohol in Mai Tai. 

13. Kamikaze

Kamikaze on desk with lime and strainer

Kamikaze, believed to have originated in Tokyo, Japan, has tangy undertones that hide the alcohol taste – thanks to lime juice. 

It usually has 25% ABV or lesser, depending on how much lime juice and other ingredients are added to the mix. Its powerful acidic zing makes it interesting. 

12. Lemonade Vodka Gin

Lemonade Vodka Gin on table with lime and cocktail spoon

The refreshing flavors of lemonade-vodka gin make it appealing to drinkers. The sweet and the sour taste is fascinating, masquerading the taste of vodka and gin. 

The color is also very vibrant, making it perfect for pool parties or beach vacations.

These alcoholic drinks may have high ABV, but the summery notes make them very enjoyable.

11. Sex On The Beach 

Sex On The Beach on desk

Sex On The Beach has a lot of stories of origin, but the one that sticks the most is Ted Pizio’s, a bartender in Florida during the ’80s circa. He concocted a drink that aimed to highlight peach schnapps.

The Sex On The Beach ingredients includes vodka, cranberry, orange juice, and peach schnapps. This classic party drink is a good choice as the first alcoholic drink for inexperienced drinkers. 

10. Malibu Rum With Pineapple Juice 

Malibu Rum With Pineapple Juice on table

Malibu Rum with pineapple juice is a variation of Pina Colada. This fruit rum was initially made for bartenders to make their mixes easier. 

Adding ginger beer, a drop of the vanilla extract [1], and topping with fresh cream makes it extra special. You won’t be experiencing the bitter smack of alcohol with its sweet fruity flavors.

9. Pina Colada 

Pina Colada on desk with coconut and pineapple

Pina Colada is an all-time favorite, and even the pirates loved it. According to stories, the first mixes of this cocktail were served by a Puerto Rican pirate named Roberto Cofresí.

He served his men with alcoholic drinks known to be pina colada ingredients – pineapple, coconut, and white rum. 

Fast forward to this modern-day, it is still a full-fledged cocktail with a creamier version. Others put ginger ale to add flavor to these alcoholic drinks before topping them with pineapple slices. 

8. Pink Gin Fizz

Pink Gin Fizz on table

Pink Gins are made with other methods, such as using rose petals, rhubarb, berries, or grape skins. It is far from Ramos Gin Fizz as no eggs are used in this concoction. Also, Ramos Gin Fizz has more alcohol than the 8.67% ABV of Pink Gin Fizz. 

The blend of pineapple, lemon, and other tropical fruits will greet your nose when this drink is handed to you.

The balanced sweetness and tartness will make you enjoy this, even under the blazing sun. 

7. Vodka Cranberry

Vodka Cranberry on desk

Vodka Cranberry is like cranberry juice with hidden white spirits. Stories about this concoction say this was first called Red Devil in the 1940s.

According to stories, these alcoholic drinks originated in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where cranberries are grown. 

It appears like red wine but has a fresh cranberry smell. All you need are cranberry juice, vodka, and a lemon slice as a garnish. You can make the most refreshing summer cocktail anywhere you are. 

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6. Caipirinha 

Caipirinha on table

Caipirinha is a refreshing alcoholic beverage that started in Piracicaba, a place in São Paulo, in the 1975 century. These drinks are served during ‘high standard’ get-togethers. 

Caipirinha ingredients are lemon, Cachaça, brown sugar, and cut limes as garnish. This festive drink is high in vitamin C [2] and has a sweet lime taste with earthy aftertastes. 

5. Mimosa

Mimosa on desk

Mimosas are famous as brunch cocktails because of their refreshing taste. Some tales say that this originated in Ritz Hotel in Paris in 1925. Another tale says it was made by the famous director Alfred Hitchcock. 

This drink tastes heavenly with the crisp and bubbly champagne and the fresh savor of citrus.

First-time drinkers will appreciate this beverage as it is more like a fruit punch than a cocktail. It is something they will not have a hard time drinking. So how do you drink alcohol without tasting it?

4. Fuzzy Navel 

Fuzzy Navel on table with orange

Fuzzy Navel contains orange juice and peach schnapps. Stories say that the founder of Bartender Magazine created the first Fuzzy Navel, one of the first drinks considered a cocktail. This yellow-colored beverage is both appealing to the eyes and the palate. 

This subtle cocktail only contains around 6% ABV, making this citrusy and peachy cocktail easy to drink on hot summer days. Here are some non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar

3. Screwdriver

Screwdriver on desk

Screwdriver is one of the simplest alcoholic drinks created. Screwdriver ingredients are very simple – orange juice and vodka.

It is believed to have originated in China and Turkey during the second world war. 

It is sweet, refreshing, citrusy, and practically has all the flavors you will enjoy, less the alcohol.

2. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan on table with lemon

Cosmopolitan is one of the most sophisticated drinks ever created. Neal Murray, a bartender, claimed to have discovered this classic cocktail in 1975. He said this was a version of Kamikaze but he added cranberry juice to the usual ingredients. 

When he tasted it, he said, “How cosmopolitan!” – hence, the name. The taste of lime juice provides the tang, yet this refreshing concoction is perfectly balanced. Its decadence is as smooth and flavorful as the White Russian.

1. Spritzer

Spritzer on desk

Spritzer doesn’t taste like alcohol, even if there is white wine. In German, Spritz means to splash, which makes this refreshing drink befitting its name. The soda water and lemon juice make this one of those drinks that don’t taste like alcohol. 

With 8% alcohol content, this is one of the most refreshing alcoholic beverages. It has the crisp and bubbliness of wine and the tang of soda. 


What is a good drink for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol?

The Spritzer is a good drink for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol since this alcoholic drink has a citrusy taste that masks the taste of alcoholic drinks very well. 

Should beginners start with drinks that don’t taste like alcohol?

Yes, beginners should start with drinks that don’t taste like alcohol to acquaint themselves with the strong flavors of alcohol. 

Drink & Enjoy Without The Taste of Alcohol

Consuming drinks that don’t taste like alcohol is a good way to enjoy a night out without the bitter taste of wine or the harshness of a distilled spirit. Mild-flavored liquors like ginger ale do not require mixes.

However, vodka and rum served straight can be too difficult to swallow, especially for beginners.

Using ingredients like coffee liqueur, coconut cream, orange flower water, or pink grapefruit juice masks the scent and flavor of alcohol.  



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