15 Best Alcoholic Drinks for Sore Throat and Cough (2023)

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No one likes getting ill, from having a sore throat to lingering coughs. There are natural cold remedies to choose from, but did you know that a few sips from your favorite alcoholic drink could give relief?

So what’s the best alcoholic drink for sore throat and cough? Read on and check out the list below for our best cocktail recommendations that might ease your colds. 

15 Alcoholic Drinks Best For Sore Throat & Cough

15. The Penicillin

glass of penicillin cocktail drink

Penicillin is a common homemade remedy alcohol drink for sore throats or common colds.

It’s made of blended Scotch whisky, with treating flu ingredients like lemon juice, honey, and ginger.

This combination makes the medicinal flavor of Penicillin which helps treat ailments.

14. Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee

The Dead Rabbit's Irish Coffee cocktail drink

Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee is one of the famous hot concoctions. You need rum or Irish whiskey, brewed coffee, chocolate, and sugar– but this is optional.

The warmth of hot chocolate and the drink’s booziness can relieve sore throats.

13. Gaelic Punch

Another Irish whiskey mixed drink is the Gaelic Punch. It is made of muddled lemon zest, sugar in boiling water, and some Irish whiskey.

Gaelic Punch is not just a hot punch good to share with friends on cold nights but also a good drink that soothes a throat. 

But what makes Irish whiskey different?

12. Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine With maple syrup, oranges, and star anise

Mulled Wine is made of heated red wine, maple syrup, oranges, and the mulling spice, star anise. This drink helps to prevent colds and fight off infections.

It is usually served with a cinnamon stick to add a sweet woody flavor that helps to ease the soreness of your throat.

11. Pepper Ginger Cider

Pepper Ginger Cider is a warm alcoholic drink with health benefits that could treat common colds.

It’s made of apple cider, ginger liqueur for the spicy and peppery taste, lemon juice, and bourbon.

These treating ingredients made for a warm drink could effectively clear sore throats.

10. Hot Gin Punch

2 glasses of Hot Gin Punch

Hot Gin Punch is most commonly served at winter parties and occasions, but it can also be a home remedy for coughs and colds.

It uses gin and wine with lemon juice, pineapple, and orange slices with other spices.

This warm drink is delicious and comforting but twice the strength of an average drink. So, a few sips can get a long way. 

9. Cumin & Cognac

Cognac has a lot of health benefits because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Cumin and Cognac is a mixed drink that not only masks the soreness but also cures it.

It would be best if you took a spoonful of the drink every half an hour; this can soothe your throat within four hours.

8. Jagermeister

Jagermeister bottle and a shot glass

Jagermeister is not a whiskey but a highly refined liqueur made of 56 herbs, roots, fruits, and spices.

It’s potently-flavored herbal alcohol that offers health benefits. [1]

Originally, this German digestif was used for medicinal purposes.

But even today, many people who drink Jagermeister swear to its curing properties, especially in treating bronchitis, sore throats, and coughs. 

7. White Whiskey & Orange Juice

A white whiskey or an unaged whiskey and orange juice mixed drink can be soothing when battling a cold.

The Vitamin C from the orange juice can add to the curing effect of the drink. 

Also, the potent white whiskey with the tartness of orange juice can give sinus-clearing attributes that might treat your coughs and colds.

6. Hot Chocolate With Mint Liqueur

glass of Hot Chocolate With Mint Liqueur on a wooden table

This creamy hot chocolate with a mint twist can be comforting when you have a cold.

Even though some people believe that dairy could worsen ailment, some enjoy its boozy warmth.

Also, the minty flavor from mint liqueur helps to calm your mood and soothes your throat. But what’s the best bourbon for hot chocolate?

5. Shot Of Tequila Blanco, Lemon & Salt

Strong liquor like tequila is a great remedy for colds for many people, especially Mexicans.

They believe that a shot of tequila, together with lemon and salt, could soothe your throat.

The strong burning sensation from tequila might kill the bacteria developing in your throat.

4. Sangria

2 glasses and a pitcher of authentic red sangria

Sangria is a mix of aged red wine and lots of fruits and spices.

Red wines are a good source of antioxidants, while vitamins from the fruit could help boost your immune system.

This full-pack fruit drink is a good preference for remedies. Antioxidants and vitamins from Sangria have a big role in easing flu or common colds.

Here are the best brandy brands for Sangria.

3. Hot Toddy

man holding a glass of hot toddy

Hot Toddy is one of the best warm-sipping cocktails that help in soothing a cold.

A classic Hot Toddy recipe contains honey, lemon juice, hot water, and good-quality whiskey

If you want the extra spice to soothe your throat, you can opt to add ginger. It’s a great homemade cure or even a hot drink to warm you up in cold weather.

We’ve got the top whiskeys for a Hot Toddy here.

2. Bourbon Cough Syrup

glass of bourbon cough syrup with lemon and honey

This homemade cough syrup might help calm a cough and relieve a sore throat.

Bourbon Cough Syrup is made of flu-treating ingredients like lemon juice and honey with an ample amount of bourbon

Instead of lemon juice, some people often use apple cider vinegar because of its healing probiotics. But does whiskey really help cure a sore throat?

1. Vodka

pouring vodka on a shot glass

Just as Mexicans believe in tequila, Russians believe that vodka can be a good remedy for colds.

In Russia, it’s common if someone suggests a shot of vodka for any minor cold or ailment. 

Many people, especially Russians, believe in the curative powers and disinfectant properties that could kill the virus.

It’s mostly taken with raw garlic, pepper, tea, or honey. 


Is alcohol okay with a sore throat?

Yes, drinking a few sips of alcohol is okay with a sore throat, especially when mixed in hot water or hot cocktails. 

What’s the best alcohol to drink when sick?

Whiskey is the best and most commonly used alcohol to drink when sick. A few drinks of alcohol could provide effective pain relief. [2]

It might help in numbing to ease the pain from your sore throat that could prevent you from coughing.

Does alcohol make a cough worse?

Yes, overconsumption of alcohol can make a cough worse. Alcohol is a vasodilator that causes the blood vessel to relax.

However, a large amount of it could inflame blood vessels and sensitive membranes within your throat.

Final Thoughts

It is nice to know that sipping alcoholic drinks when you’re sick could provide significant relief.

Whether you’re drinking straight vodka or a Hot Toddy, remember to drink it in moderation.

On the other hand, gargling salt water is a very effective remedy if you want a natural way of treating a sore throat.

But you should see and consult your doctor if you have persistent colds with sore throat and cough.



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