7 Best Alcohols For No Hangover: Full Guide (2023)

Best Alcohol For No Hangover

You’re kidding if you’ll say you haven’t experienced a hangover before unless you’re not a drinker. We all like how alcoholic drinks spice up every moment–from ordinary days to special occasions.  However, drinking alcohol may produce hangover symptoms the next day, and it feels sickening having a nasty hangover from consuming the worst alcoholic drinks.  … Read more

Why is Alcohol Called Spirits? Resolved (2023)

Why is Alcohol Called Spirits 

Liquor is often called “Spirits,” but ever wonder why? The origin of the word “Spirit,” referring to alcoholic drinks, is just one interesting history of alcohol.  So to answer why is alcohol called spirits, keep reading as this article will take you back to history to learn the definition and development of this intriguing topic.     … Read more

How Much Soju To Get Drunk: Complete Guide (2023)

How Much Soju to Get Drunk 

Soju is a South Korean beverage quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular alcoholic drinks. You may have seen soju in Korean dramas and movies before, but if you have yet to drink soju, you’re probably curious about how it tastes and how strong this alcoholic beverage is. So, let’s transport to South Korea … Read more

What Does Hennessy Taste Like? (2023 Updated)

What Does Hennessy Taste Like

Hennessy is among the most famous alcoholic drinks worldwide. So it’s not surprising to know that most people who don’t drink Hennessy wonder what makes it so special. Hennessy aficionados would say its rich flavor does. But really, what does Hennessy taste like? We have tested every bottle with all the variations to help our … Read more