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10 Best Orange Bitters For Your Cocktail (2023 Edition)

Best Orange Bitters 

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Get ready to experience citrusy perfection with the absolute best orange bitters. Meticulously crafted with precision, these bitters awaken your senses with a delightful combination of vibrant orange essence and enchanting botanicals. 

Join us as we uncover the secrets of these magical drops and elevate your drinks to a whole new level of deliciousness. Read on. 

Top 10 Orange Bitters To Try  

10. Peychaud’s Aromatic Orange Bitters

Person Holding Bottle of Peychaud's Aromatic Orange Bitters

Average Price: approx. $11/10oz

Why We Like It: Infused with the essence of sweet oranges and carefully selected botanicals, Peychaud’s Aromatic Orange Bitters boasts a delightful balance of citrusy notes and subtle spices. 

Whether enhancing a classic Sazerac or elevating a modern cocktail, Peychaud’s bitters epitomize the art of mixology, capturing hearts with their timeless flavor.

9. Scrappy’s Orange Bitters

Bottle of Scrappy's Orange Bitters and a Glass

Average Price: approx. $23/150ml 

Why We Like It: We like the interesting notes of Scrappy’s Orange Bitters – bursting the vibrant orange flavor, adding a bit of delightful complexity to cocktails. 

From classic Old Fashioneds to inventive creations, Scrappy’s Orange Bitters elevate every sip with its exquisite craftsmanship and remarkable zest.

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8. The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters

Bottle of The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters

Average Price: approx. $20/200ml 

Why We Like It: The captivating essence of The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters boasts a harmonious blend of sun-ripened oranges, clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon. 

It adds depth and character to cocktails, with each drop balancing the citrus notes and subtle hints of bitterness. 

7. Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters

Fee Brothers Bottle of West Indian Orange Bitters on a Wooden Table

Average Price: approx. $10/5oz

Why We Like It: Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters is crafted using tropical oranges and exotic spices. It ignites the taste buds with a burst of vibrant flavor.

“Discover the zesty elixir that transforms ordinary cocktails into extraordinary masterpieces – the best orange bitters.” – Liquor Laboratory

Besides, we like how it elevates cocktails to new heights, as each drop adds a delightful complexity and a touch of island charm. 

6. Berg & Hauck’s Orange Bitters

Bottle of Berg & Hauck's Orange Bitters and a Slice of Orange

Average Price: approx. $20/4oz

Why We Like It: The unique essence of Berg & Hauck’s Orange Bitters brings an aromatic elixir with a captivating profile of oranges, complemented by delicate hints of herbs and spices. 

We like its well-balanced profile delighting the palate with an excellent combo of citrusy brightness and subtle bitterness. It is perfect for enhancing both classic and contemporary cocktails. 

5. Regan’s Orange Bitters No. 6

Regan's Orange Bitters No. 6 with Cocktail Drink

Average Price: approx. $8/5oz 

Why We Like It: Regan’s Orange Bitters No. 6 has a unique charm and exceptional flavor. Its perfectly balanced blend of bitter orange zest, warm spices, and herbal undertones entices the palate. 

It imparts a harmonious complexity elevating cocktails to new heights. Besides, it’s versatile, which can add a distinct and remarkable finish to cocktails [1] – leaving us craving more.

4. Bob’s Orange & Mandarin Bitters

Three Bottles of Bob's Orange & Mandarin Bitters

Average Price: approx. $22/100ml 

Why We Like It: Bob’s Orange and Mandarin Bitters is an excellent ingredient with an irresistible appeal. It exudes a vibrant essence of oranges and mandarins, giving a delightful combination of citrusy zest and tangy sweetness. 

These bitters bring a refreshing twist to cocktails, infusing them with a tropical flair. We like the bright citrus notes on the palate, leaving a lasting impression of zestful enjoyment. 

3. Hella Orange Bitters

Person Holding Bottle of Hella Orange Bitters

Average Price: approx. $16/5oz 

Why We Like It: Hella Orange Bitters has an exceptional quality and enchanting flavor profile. When we tasted this, we noticed that the flavors of ripe oranges, enhanced by a medley of aromatic botanicals, were evident. 

The citrusy brightness and slight bitterness blend add depth and complexity to cocktails – whether in classic recipes or inventive concoctions. 

2. Bittercube Orange Bitters

Bittercube Orange Bitters with Bottle of Whiskey and a Glass

Average Price: approx. $20/5oz

Why We Like It: We prefer Bittercube Orange Bitters for its great flavor profile – a delightful balance of citrus and orange, caraway, and toasted coriander. 

Its complex and aromatic character adds depth and complexity to cocktails, elevating each sip to a new level. 

Bittercube Orange Bitters are a testament to the artistry of bitters-making, inspiring appreciation and enjoyment with every drop.

1. Angostura Orange Bitters

Man Holding Bottle of Angostura Orange Bitters

Average Price: approx. $13/4oz

Why We Like It: Angostura Orange Bitters enthrall with its timeless appeal and exquisite taste. This is our go-to bitters if we want a perfect balance of juicy orange essence and gentle spices. 

“Nothing but Angostura bitters will do.” – Mark Twain, American Writer

We like adding more zest to cocktails, so we usually use Angostura Orange Bitters. It imparts a burst of citrusy complexity that uplifts the overall flavor of any drink.

Whether in classic cocktails or modern mixology creations, Angostura Orange Bitters remain a beloved staple, offering an unmatched flavor experience.


What is the purpose of orange bitters?

The purpose of orange bitters is to add flavor to cocktails and culinary preparations. They add depth, complexity, and a hint of citrus to various beverages, enhancing the overall flavor profile. 

Is citrus bitters the same as orange bitters?

No, citrus bitters aren’t the same as orange bitters. While orange bitters specifically focus on the flavor of oranges, citrus bitters encompass a broader range of citrus fruits like lemon, lime, grapefruit, etc. 

What is the best orange bitters for gin?

The best orange bitters for gin is Peychaud’s Aromatic Orange Bitters. It’s a popular choice as it enhances the flavor of gin. 

Its blend of sweet oranges and botanicals complements the botanical notes in gin, creating a harmonious combination. Peychaud’s balanced citrus and spice profile makes it an excellent choice for gin-based cocktails.

In Summary 

Orange bitters [2] offers a variety of exceptional options to elevate your cocktails. While personal preferences may vary, we recommend Angostura Orange Bitters as the best orange bitters. 

It’s versatile and well-balanced, perfect for classic or modern cocktail twists. But you can explore other options, including Peychaud’s Aromatic Orange Bitters, Scrappy’s Orange Bitters, and The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters. 

Each of these bitters brings a unique flavor profile, adding depth, complexity, and a delightful touch of citrus to your libations. 




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