What’s The Best Sipping Tequila Under $50? Top 15 for 2023

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From Blanco to reposado to Añejo, these tequilas are great on their own and have proved their quality in the liquor industry. If you’re planning on sipping your tequila, look for top-quality-made tequila. 

You’re on the right page if you’re looking for the best sipping tequila under $50. Discover the top sipping tequilas with the great value options we listed below.

Top 15 Tequilas Perfect For Sipping (Under $50) 

15. Severo Tequila Plata

Severo Plata is a Blanco or Silver tequila with a bright and crystalline color feature. It costs around $49.99 for a 750ml bottle with 40% ABV. A Severo Plata has notable citrus and floral backgrounds and fresh aromatics of raw agave that make it a good tequila for neat drinking.

14. LALO Tequila Blanco

close up shot of LALO Tequila Blanco bottle on a black background

LALO Blanco has helpful notes made with no barrels and is free of additives and sweeteners. It is a doubled-distilled tequila that costs around $29.46 for its 375ml bottle and about $48.99 for its 750ml bottle. 

This good sipping tequila represents the purest spirit made from the finest agave, which came from the highland of Jalisco. 

13. Tequila Ocho Plata

Tequila Ocho Plate is made of overripe agaves from Jalisco highlands showcasing ’terroir’ in tequila. Its 750ml 80-proof bottle cost roughly $49.99. This tequila gives appealing notes of vegetal and grassy aromas that bring maximum agave spirit suitable for sipping. 

12. La Gran Señora Tequila Blanco

La Gran Señora tequilas came from the family’s matriarch, Doña Elena. Its Silver tequila is made of 100% blue weber agave in the Los Altos region of Jalisco. 

La Gran Señora Blanco has grassy, herbal notes with the sweet flavors of piña. Its 750ml bottle has 40% ABV and costs about $47.99. 

11. El Sativo Tequila Blanco Single Estate

El Sativo Single Estate Blanco tequila is a two-double gold award-winning tequila in 2020 that’s produced in the lowlands of Jalisco. [1] It has a clean taste and sweet agave aroma with hints of grapefruit. 

El Sativo Tequila Blanco Single Estate costs around $41.79 with 80-proof (40% ABV) in a 750ml bottle. It’s a great sipping tequila that brings bright notes of citrus and pepper every sip.

10. DE-NADA Tequila Blanco

DE-NADA Tequila Blanco with a glass of cocktail

DE-NADA’s Blanco is ideal for sipping with its alluring fruity aromas of pineapple, peach, and grapefruit.

The 40% ABV tequila gives a smooth, delicate, and dry mouthfeel with a medium to long finish. DE-NADA Tequila Blanco costs roughly $42.99 for a 750ml bottle.

9. Casa Noble Blanco

Casa Noble Blanco is a three-time distilled tequila produced in small batches. It’s made with blue weber agave that gives it a pure tequila taste

Casa Noble Blanco costs about $41.99 per 750ml bottle and has 51% ABV (102-proof). It offers earthy aromas of agave, sweet tropical fruit, and floral notes for excellent tequila sipping.

8. Olmeca Altos Plata

Olmeca Altos Plata is made from 100% blue agave and is known for its natural smoothness when sipped.

It has herbal aromas, brings citrus-sweet notes to the mouth, and gives a pleasant aftertaste. Olmeca Altos Plata’s 375ml bottle costs about $14.59, while its 750ml price is around $29.99. 

7. Espanita Tequila Reposado

Paloma cocktail with Espanita Tequila Reposado

Espanita Reposado is an ultra-premium 100% blue weber agave tequila aged in bourbon barrels for up to six months. It has an 80-proof 750ml bottle with a bright, herbaceous aroma.

A bottle costs about $33.99 and gives a long finish with a touch of vanilla and the smokiness of agave.

6. Corralejo Silver Tequila

Corralejo Silver is a double-distilled, unaged tequila made from 100% blue agave. It has light and crisp notes that are highly recommended for sipping.

Corralejo Silver 80-proof bottles are priced at $29.99 for 750ml and $53.99 for a 1.75ml bottle.

5. Corazón Blanco

Corazón Blanco has oxygen infused after the two-distillation process with its tequila. It has a clear 750ml bottle for around $27.49 and a 1.0L bottle for about $29.82. 

Corazón Blanco has 40% ABV with flavors of agave, iodine mineral tone, and herbs with a smooth-spicy finish that’s good for sipping it neat.

4. Siempre Tequila Plata

Siempre Tequila Plata bottle on the ground with agave background

Siempre Tequila Plata is an award-winning Blanco tequila handmade from small batches of blue agave.

It’s remarkably smooth and naturally sweet, perfect for sipping. The bottle of Siempre Tequila Plata has 40% ABV and costs roughly $40.99 for a 750ml bottle.

3. Casco Viejo Tequila Blanco

A Blanco tequila from Casco Viejo is a bright tequila twice-distilled in copper pots. It is an 80-proof bottle that costs around $24.99 for a 750ml bottle.

Casco Viejo produces Blanco-friendly tequila with high notes of peppercorn and sweet herbs suitable for sipping.

2. Hornitos Plata Tequila

Hornitos Plata Tequila has a pleasant taste from start to finish, making it great for sipping.

This Blanco tequila has 40% ABV that gives a pure agave flavor with floral and fruity citrus notes. It has two bottle options, 750ml priced at about $25.99 and $32.99 for a 1.0L bottle.

1. El Tesoro Blanco

close up shot of El Tesoro Blanco bottle label

El Tesoro Blanco tequila is made in a traditional tequila-making process. Its crystal-clear tequila gives the freshest agave flavors, perfect for sipping. El Tesoro Blanco has a 375ml 80-proof bottle that costs around $29.99 and about $48.39 for a 750ml bottle.

*All prices are based on Drizly online. Prices may vary in local liquor shops.


What is the smoothest type of tequila for sipping?

Añejo or Extra Anejo is the smoothest type of tequila. This tequila is aged from one to three years or more, thus, making the tequila very smooth.

What color tequila is best for sipping?

A gold or darker color tequila is best for sipping. The aging time in tequila makes a fuller and more complex tequila. Aging makes it naturally dark in color and could showcase the best agave flavor profile for sipping. [2]

What is considered top-shelf tequila?

A top-shelf tequila must be made from 100% blue weber agave only and produced in Jalisco. A high-quality tequila must be distilled at least two times and aged under strict guidelines.

Final Thoughts 

Most tequila connoisseurs find tequila great just on its own. The list above covers quality  Blanco tequilas made from 100% blue weber agave – all for under $50. 

This Plata or Silver tequilas give a remarkable agave taste and perfectly balanced finish that are ideal for sipping neat.

You can grab a few bottles from the tequila we recommended above and see what makes them great sippers.



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