What To Mix with Peanut Butter Whiskey? Solved (2022)

What To Mix with Peanut Butter Whiskey

Feeling bored with the usual cocktail mix? Why don’t you try peanut butter whiskey instead of your regular whiskey or vodka? The smooth, creamy texture of peanut butter whiskey makes it a great mixer for cocktails. The nutty flavor also goes well with many other flavors, making it a versatile ingredient for mixing drinks. Ready … Read more

Does Costco Sell Buffalo Trace Bourbon? Answered (2022)

Does Costco Sell Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Over the years, Costco has emerged as one of the world’s largest retailers of alcoholic beverages, and it has impressive inventories of distilled spirits. It carries about 50 spirits expressions, and some are hard-to-find bottles.  Buffalo Trace is a popular bourbon brand that is difficult to get these days, so does Costco sell Buffalo Trace … Read more

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Buffalo Trace Bourbon? Solved (2022)

Does Trader Joe's sell Buffalo Trace

Trader Joe’s is an American chain of grocery stores with over 530 stores across the US, and like other chain stores, they have their private label brand. The store contains interesting products, everyday basics, foods, and alcoholic beverages on the Trader Joe’s label.  But does Trader Joe’s sell Buffalo Trace? Read on to find out. … Read more

What Is Bourbon Made From? Answered (2022 Updated)

What Is Bourbon Made From

Bourbon is America’s native spirit, a whiskey made primarily from corn. However, despite its popularity, bourbon remains a mystery to many. But what is bourbon made from?  Read on to find out what makes bourbon a bourbon, along with its mash bill content.  About Bourbon’s Main Ingredients  Bourbon is made from grains, yeast, and water; … Read more

What To Mix With Pink Lemonade Vodka: Answered (2022)

What To Mix With Pink Lemonade Vodka

In 2021, vodka giant Smirnoff released their Pink Lemonade Line for their “Get Your Pink On” campaign. It’s a simple pre-mixed cocktail drink made with the tangy flavors of lemon, strawberry, and raspberry and their signature vodka. It’s all good and dandy, if you want a simple, no-frills flavored cocktail you can sip straight from … Read more

How Long Does It Take for Alcohol to Kick In? Solved (2022)

How Long Does It Take for Alcohol to Kick In

While it is true that alcohol is fast-acting, alcohol affects everyone differently. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that alcohol may enter your bloodstream after your first sip. But really, how long does it take for alcohol to kick in? Read on because the answer will surprise you.  How Fast Alcohol Kicks Into … Read more

20 Easy Tequila Drinks & Cocktails (2022 Updated)

Easy Tequila Drinks

Tequila’s versatility can take you to a wide range of drink possibilities. Today, tons of popular cocktails worldwide use this iconic distilled liquor made from the blue agave plant from Mexico. If you’re new to making tequila cocktails, don’t worry, we’ll help you out. You can start with these easy tequila drinks we listed below.  … Read more

What Alcohol Is In Truly Hard Seltzer? Answered (2022)

What Alcohol Is In Truly

It’s no secret that Truly hard seltzer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages on the market today. But what is it about this sparkling seltzer water that makes it so irresistible? Read on to know what alcohol is in Truly and discover this new awesome trend of a drink. About The Alcohol In … Read more

What Alcohol Is In Bud Light Seltzer? Answered (2022 Updated)

What Alcohol Is in Bud Light Seltzer

Hard Seltzer started to gain more popularity during the pandemic because of its flavor profile, low-calorie content, portability, and social marketing.  Bud Light is a beer giant that offers a wide selection of Seltzer, but what alcohol is in Bud Light Seltzer? Let’s find out.  What Kind Of Alcohol Is Bud Light Seltzer? Bud Light … Read more

Best Alcohol For Shots: 10 Picks (2022 Updated)

Best Alcohol For Shots

Shots can be a fun way to consume alcohol, especially if you drink with friends. But what is the best alcohol for shots? Whether you’re looking for something new or want to stay traditional, here’s the best liquor you should try for your next shot party.  Top 10 Alcohols For Shots 1. Cordials Cordials are … Read more

What to Mix With Tito’s Vodka? Resolved (2022 Updated)

What to Mix With Tito’s Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is known for its flavor, authenticity, and smoothness, that’s continuously growing worldwide. Great vodkas like Tito’s is best to drink up straight. But you can also enjoy it with mixers. We’ll show you what to mix with Tito’s vodka today. Top 8 Tito’s Vodka Mixers You Shouldn’t Miss 8. Red Bull If … Read more

What Alcohol Is in Mike’s Hard Lemonade? Answered (2022)

What Alcohol Is in Mike's Hard Lemonade

If you are not a fan of strong cocktails, wine, or beer, you can enjoy Mike’s Hard Lemonade. The strong citrus flavors and sweetness stand out in the selection of watery spiked lemonade.  But what alcohol is in Mike’s Hard Lemonade? Let’s find out.   About The Alcohol In Mike’s Hard Lemonade Mike’s Hard Lemonade is … Read more

Who Makes Weller Bourbon? Answered (2022 Updated)

Who Makes Weller Bourbon

Weller, sometimes known as “poor man’s Pappy,” has become one of the most sought-after bourbons. Spirit professionals said it’s the alternative and closest to the expensive, hard-to-get Pappy bourbon. But don’t get us wrong, Weller is its own kind, not a second-rate copycat bourbon or imitation. Let’s find out who makes Weller bourbon in this … Read more

What Are the Types of Bourbon? Listed & Explained (2022)

What Are the Types of Bourbon

If you’re a bourbon enthusiast, you probably know that bourbon belongs in the whiskey family. Bourbon is the most famous variation of American whiskey, and over the years, it has grown into multiple styles.  But what are the types of bourbon, and what differentiates one bourbon from another? Let’s discuss everything from straight to blended, … Read more

Who Makes Blanton’s Bourbon? Resolved (2022 Updated)

Who Makes Blanton's Bourbon

Blanton’s bourbon is undoubtedly one of the best, and the scarcity of the product just proves it. But do you know that apart from its outstanding quality, Blanton’s also has a long history?  Let’s check out who makes Blanton’s bourbon and why bourbon collectors struggle to get their hands on this bottle. All About Blanton’s … Read more

7 Buffalo Trace Alternative Brands Listed (2022 Updated)

buffalo trace alternative

Everyone has a favorite bourbon, but a backup bottle is sometimes required, whether by choice or due to a finite selection at the liquor store. Buffalo Trace bourbon has long been regarded as one of the most dependable, affordable, and versatile whiskeys available.  It’s a good sipping bourbon that holds up well in a cocktail … Read more

Which Bourbon Is Similar To Woodford Reserve? Solved (2022)

bourbons similar to woodford reserve

Woodford Reserve is one of the Kentucky Derby’s flagship bourbon. It is one of the best bourbons from Brown Forman, who also owns Old Forester and Jack Daniel’s.  If this spirit already sets your standards when it comes to bourbons, you might wonder if there is any other bourbon similar to Woodford Reserve.  So, for … Read more

Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned Classic Recipe (2022 Updated)

buffalo trace old fashion cocktail recipe guide

Old Fashioned is a simple cocktail recipe that you can easily whip up in less than five minutes. And many will agree that Buffalo Trace is the best bourbon for the cocktail.  Check out this Buffalo Trace Old-Fashioned recipe we have for you today.  The Best Buffalo Trace Old-Fashioned Recipe    Prep Time: 4 minutes Total … Read more

Does Hpnotiq Need to Be Refrigerated? Answered (2022)

does hpnotiq need to be refrigerated

Hpnotiq, pronounced as “Hypnotic,” can be the magic elixir in the alcohol world. Its sky-blue liqueur mix of ultra-premium French vodka, cognac, and fruit juices gives fun vibes and entertainment.   But you might probably wonder about its shelf life and how to store it properly. Does Hpnotiq need to be refrigerated? Read on to find … Read more

Who Makes Yellowstone Bourbon? Answered (2022 Updated)

who makes yellowstone bourbon

When it comes to bourbons with long, complicated histories, Yellowstone Bourbon probably tops the list. It’s exchanged quite a few hands in ownership since its inception in the late 1880s, so it isn’t easy to track who currently owns it.  We’ve done our in-depth research to give you the details on who makes Yellowstone Bourbon … Read more

Jim Beam Distillery Tour, Events & Tastings (2022 Updated)

jim beam distillery tour

The Jim Beam brand, founded in 1795, is one of the oldest bourbon brands in the US. It’s home to over 125 different labels and variations of bourbon and North American whiskey.  The place offers an informative and interactive tour if you’re interested in seeing the behind-the-scenes of what makes the brand special. Let’s look … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Hard Seltzer? Answered (2022 Updated)

who makes kirkland hard seltzer

If you like drinking hard seltzer, even on a normal working day, Kirkland Hard Seltzer at Costco will save the day. This brand has been hitting the shelves since its launch.  There are many major brands behind Kirkland, and perhaps you wonder who makes Kirkland Hard Seltzer at Costco.  We found the answer, so keep … Read more

10 Best Liquor Stores For Bourbon Listed (2022 Updated)

Best Liquor Stores For Bourbon

In the liquor world, many stores provide you access to various spirits. And as these shops continue to increase over time, it gets more difficult to find which store to buy your favorite bourbon whiskey.  Fortunately, we found the best liquor stores for bourbon. Check them out here. Top 10 Liquor Stores For Bourbon  10. … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Champagne? Answered (2022 Updated)

who makes kirkland champagne

Champagne indicates celebration, often seen on special occasions such as victory parties, weddings, and holidays. Kirkland Champagne is the go-to celebratory drink by people who don’t want to break their bank, but who makes Kirkland Champagne?  We did intensive research about Costco’s cheap yet good-quality Champagne, so read on.   The Company Behind Kirkland Champagne Kirkland … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Beer At Costco? Resolved (2022 Updated)

who makes kirkland beer

Costco’s shopping experience wouldn’t be complete without buying Kirkland products. The signature Kirkland name became known for its wide selection of beverages and reasonable prices, especially in liquors like wine and beer.  However, Costco doesn’t have a brewery. So, who makes Kirkland beer? Here’s what you need to know. Who Manufacturers Costco’s Kirkland Beer? Kirkland … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Wine At Costco? Answered (2022)

who makes kirkland wine

Bargain shoppers know that there are wine store brands that are just as good as any classy labels. Take Kirkland’s signature wine, for instance. Costco’s resident wine is inexpensive, yet it provides a unique quality taste. To unveil the mystery of who makes Kirkland wine, keep reading. Who’s Behind The Kirkland Wine Signature Label? According … Read more

How Much Wine to Get Drunk: Answered (2022 Updated)

how much wine to get drunk

When having a good time, it can be challenging to avoid overindulging in wine. Knowing how much wine will get you drunk can help you avoid a nasty hangover the following day. In this blog post, we’ll talk about wine and your alcohol limit.   How Much Wine Will Get You Tipsy or Drunk?  An average … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Prosecco? Resolved (2022 Updated)

who makes kirkland prosecco

Prosecco has been gaining popularity over the years for its delicious taste and versatility. For good reasons, the Kirkland Signature Prosecco is well loved by many wine enthusiasts because of its good price and high quality. But who makes Kirkland Prosecco?  Let us all discover who is behind Costco’s Italian sparkling wine. Read on.  Who Produces … Read more

Reposado vs Blanco Tequila: What’s the Difference? (2022)

reposado vs blanco

If you’ve ever come across tequila bottles, you’ve probably noticed that the labels identify themselves as “blanco,” “reposado,” and “añejo” tequila. This can be confusing if you’re out to buy tequila but unsure which one to pick.  What exactly is the difference between these tequilas? We’ll look at reposado vs blanco today and tell you … Read more

Angel’s Envy Tour: Everything You Need To Know (2022)

angel's envy tour

Angel’s Envy started as a father-and-son idea in 2006 and eventually evolved into a full-blown operational urban distillery in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky.  If you’re a fan of the brand’s cask-finished bourbons, you’re in luck — their distillery offers two one-of-a-kind tours focused on varying aspects of the whiskey industry. We’ll discuss everything there … Read more

Mexican Owned Tequila List: 30 Picks (2022 Updated)

mexican-owned tequila list

Celebrities owning tequila brands are all the rage now – from George Clooney and Kendal Jenner to Michael Jordan.  There’s nothing wrong with American celebrities being involved in the tequila world, but wouldn’t it be better if we give attention to traditional Mexican producers and their authentic tequila?  Get your hands on high-grade tequilas with … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Gin? Answered (2022 Updated)

who makes kirkland gin

While Costco is one of the world’s largest retailers of alcoholic beverages, they do not own distilleries and breweries.  There is endless speculation on who makes Kirkland gin, so we did intensive research about the manufacturer of this fine spirit. Are you curious? Read on.   Who’s Behind Kirkland London Dry Gin?  While Costco’s lips are … Read more

Where Is Jack Daniel’s Made? Resolved (2022 Updated)

where is jack daniels made

According to research, Jack Daniel’s became the best-selling whiskey in the world in 2021. Jack Daniel’s has a massive cult following throughout the United States, making it an iconic American symbol. This classic whiskey can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or in cocktails.  However, when Brown-Forman Corporation acquired the famous whiskey brand, many fans wondered, … Read more

Was Mountain Dew Made For Whiskey? Answered (2022)

was mountain dew made for whiskey

Mountain Dew is a refreshing yet highly-caffeinated drink popular with the young crowd. But was Mountain Dew made for whiskey? In this post, you’ll learn more about the untold story of Mountain Dew and its link to whiskey. Read on. The Truth About Mountain Dew & Whiskey Partnership During the 1930s, original creators Barney and Ally … Read more

How Long Is Maker’s Mark Bourbon Aged? Answered (2022)

how long is maker's mark aged

Maker’s Mark is one of the most well-loved bourbons for its smooth flavor, deliciously spicy, and sweet taste. It has a rich history and now makes six different varieties of bourbon.  But how long is Maker’s Mark aged? Scroll down to know more about Maker’s Mark age statement and the aging process.  About Maker’s Mark … Read more

Tesla Tequila Hand-Blown Decanter: What Is It? (2022)

tesla decanter

The internet went wild when Tesla released their Tesla Tequila. It’s mind-blowing how it sold out in just hours.  The company released the Tesla decanter to those who missed out on tequila and those restricted with liquor shipping. But what’s a Tesla decanter? Let’s learn more about Tesla’s “next best thing.”  All About The Tesla … Read more

What Is Titos Vodka Made From? Resolved (2022 Updated)

what is tito's vodka made from

Tito’s vodka has grown extensively by delivering quality and consistency in a clear glass bottle. The multi-billion-dollar brand has become one of the best-selling vodkas in the country, but what is Tito’s vodka made from?  Today, let’s talk about Tito’s Vodka ingredients, how it’s made, and more.  All About Tito’s Vodka’s Ingredients  Tito’s believes that … Read more

10 Simple Mixed Drinks To Order At A Bar Today (2022)

simple mixed drinks to order at a bar

The complicated cocktail and drinks menu can be slightly overwhelming when you’re out at a bar, especially if you’re a first-timer and don’t know much about cocktail drinks in general. These tried and tested simple recipes will eliminate the guesswork of choosing the best drinks to order at a bar.  Here are our top ten … Read more

Does Amazon Deliver Alcohol To Your Doorstep? (2022 Updated)

does amazon deliver alcohol

Amazon customers know that besides Amazon Prime Video, Amazon also offers Prime Shopping and Delivery and Amazon Fresh Delivery from Whole Foods Stores.  But does Amazon deliver alcohol? Lucky you, we already did thorough research to know the answer. Read on. Does Amazon Ship Alcoholic Beverages?  Yes, Amazon ships alcoholic beverages like whiskey, beer, wine, … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Whiskey For Costco? Answered (2022)

who makes kirkland whiskey

Costco is known for its massive selection of alcoholic beverages under its private-label liquor line Kirkland Signature.  Generally, the Kirkland whiskey selection is a good purchase because of its reasonable price and quality; however, the internet abounds with rumors about who makes Kirkland whiskey.  If you want to discover whether the rumors are true, read … Read more

Can You Buy Alcohol With EBT Or Food Stamps? Solved (2022)

can you buy alcohol with ebt card

The pandemic-relief-era situation of today’s society is ending. It will be a miracle if needy families have low-income relief to snap purchases like the EBT card system. With these food stamps, purchasing food items is not a problem anymore. But can you buy alcohol with an EBT card? To know the extent this snap benefit … Read more

Alcohol That Will Make You Hornier: 10 Best Drinks (2022)

Alcohol That Will Make You Hornier

Sex and alcohol are two of the most untangled combination in American and British culture. Alcohol is scientifically proven to make you feel sexually confident and horny. It can make you more affectionate, sexually assertive, less uptight, and experimental.  Today, we curated a list of wines that will make you hornier and help you level … Read more

What is Reposado Tequila? Answered (2022 Updated)

what is reposado tequila

Tequila is a distilled spirit made from Azul weber agave, and it is well loved for its complexity, versatility, and culture. There are different types of tequila: Blanco, Extra Añejo, Añejo, and Reposado, but what is Reposado tequila, and how is it different from other tequilas?  Let’s dig deeper to know more.  Understanding Reposado Tequila … Read more

How Much is Firstleaf Wine Club? Subscription & More (2022)

how much is firstleaf wine club

Firstleaf is a personalized wine subscription service offering world-class wines that suit your taste. With endless exploration and exceptional values, Firstleaf Wine Club is committed to giving quality wines at affordable prices straight at your doorstep.  Below you will find how much is a Firstleaf wine club subscription and why you should consider signing up.  … Read more

Is Jose Cuervo 100% Agave? Answered (2022 Updated)

is jose cuervo 100% agave

Jose Cuervo is one of the best-selling tequilas in the world. It has fueled many escapades and memories in nightclubs, bars, and home parties.  Many well-known tequilas are advertised as “made with pure agave,” but is Jose Cuervo 100% agave? Scroll down to find out.  Does Jose Cuervo Use 100% Agave?  Yes, plenty of Jose … Read more

Who Makes Casamigos Tequila? Answered (2022 Updated)

who makes casamigos tequila

Casamigos is one of the most well-loved tequilas today because of its ultra-premium taste. The Casamigos (House of Friends) started as an idea between Hollywood actor George Clooney and his friends who longed for a tequila they could drink all day without getting a hangover.  The tequila brand was founded in 2013, but since tequila … Read more

Does Margarita Mix Have Alcohol? Resolved (2022 Updated)

does margarita mix have alcohol

Everyone would agree that personalized cocktail drinks are better. You can always choose what alcohol and juices to mix for your favorite cocktails. The good thing is it’s easy with a Margarita. A made-from-scratch Margarita mix is destined to become your new favorite cocktail. But does Margarita mix have alcohol? For those who are curious … Read more

Does Walgreens Sell Liquor Like Beer, Wine & Spirits? (2022)

does walgreens sell liquor

Convenience influences purchase. With busier schedules and eCommerce’s comfort, consumers choose the easiest way they like.  Better if they have the option to shop online and in-store like Walgreens. But just like any other store, does Walgreens sell liquor? Let’s find out. Can You Buy Liquor At Walgreens? Yes, you can buy liquor at Walgreens. … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Chardonnay Wine? Answered (2022 Updated)

who makes kirkland chardonnay

Chardonnay is the world’s most famous white wine, and with Costco being a multi-billion dollar global retailer of wines and spirits, it is not surprising that they came up with their own under Kirkland Signature.  However, some of you may not know that Costco does not own a distillery. So, who makes Kirkland chardonnay?  Scroll … Read more

Is Jagermeister A Whiskey Or Not? Resolved (2022 Updated)

is jagermeister a whiskey

Jagermeister is a popular after-dinner digestion aid, and it is a well-recognized boozy classic poured in bars as cold shots. It has an intriguing history, digestive kindness, and nuanced flavors everyone loves or hates.  But is Jagermeister a whiskey?  Let’s take a look at the polarizing flavors and muddied history of Jagermeister to get the … Read more

What Does Triple Distilled Mean? Explained (2022 Updated)

what does triple distilled mean

Distillation plays a big role in concentrating flavors, not just increasing alcohol content and improving its smoothness. Double distillation is common for most hard liquors. But what about triple distilling? Do they triple distill to create strong whiskies with bolder flavors? Before getting into that, let us answer the question, what does triple-distilled mean? Keep … Read more

What Alcohol Makes You Last Longer in Bed? (2022 Updated)

what alcohol makes you last longer in bed

Many people believe that alcohol can boost your confidence and increase your stamina in the bedroom. But, really, what alcohol makes you last longer in bed?  Let’s take a look at how drinking is associated with better sex life, including some considerations to level up your game. 2 Alcohols That Might Make You Last Longer … Read more

Is Clear Whiskey A Thing? Here’s The Answer (2022 Updated)

Is clear whiskey a thing

Whiskeys are naturally white. After fermentation, distillation, and filtration, the spirit comes out clear. Aging whiskey inside barrels causes its color to change. However, a new breed of spirit is out on the market – clear and white whiskey – said to be aged as well.  It took the liquor world by storm, they said. … Read more

What Is Bottled In Bond Bourbon & Why Is It Popular? (2022)

what is bottled in bond bourbon

Innovation in spirits hits shelves almost every day, but one of the most notable standards is the Bottled-in-Bond designation on whiskeys. If you are new to whiskey, you may find the term mysterious.   Today, we will go over the world’s highest quality standard for whiskey and help you answer the question – what is Bottled-in-Bond … Read more

Is Tennessee Whiskey Bourbon? Answered (2022 Updated)

is tennessee whiskey bourbon

Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey are almost identical, and most people, especially those new to the whiskey world, can confuse Tennessee whiskey with bourbon.  Well, no one can blame them because these spirits have a fair share of similarities.  So, let’s clarify one thing – is Tennessee whiskey bourbon?  Tennessee Whiskey: Bourbon or Not?  Technically, yes. … Read more

Is Whiskey Healthier Than Beer? Resolved (2022 Updated)

is whiskey healthier than beer

Certain alcoholic drinks like beer contain less alcohol, even when consumed in large amounts. Meanwhile, there are also some alcoholic beverages that, even in small amounts, contain large amounts of alcohol, like whiskey.  But wait, is whiskey healthier than beer? Or is it the other way around? Let’s find out. Which is Healthier, Beer or … Read more

What is Double Barrel Whiskey? Answered (2022 Updated)

what is double barrel whiskey

The common whiskey types are easy to remember. There are rye, Japanese, American whiskeys, and more. These whiskeys have special single barrel variants plucked from a single premium barrel and are not blended.  So, what is double barrel whiskey? Let’s learn more about these spirits, how they are made and if they are better than … Read more

How Long is Buffalo Trace Bourbon Aged? Solved (2022)

how long is buffalo trace aged

Buffalo Trace has been enjoying a global reputation for its quality, which is evident because it is one of the most acclaimed bourbons in history. Whiskeys from Buffalo Trace are made from superior ingredients and innovative production processes- such a timeless craft.   But how long is Buffalo Trace aged?  Let’s take a closer look at … Read more

Bulleit Bourbon vs Knob Creek: Full Comparison (2022)

bulleit bourbon vs knob creek

Bulleit and Knob Creek are highly respected bourbon brands with a serious cult following. Any run-of-the-mill bourbon drinker will taste both bourbons and think they offer something unique and special. But in a battle of Bulleit Bourbon vs Knob Creek, which one will ultimately emerge as the victor?   Knob Creek & Bulleit Bourbon In-Depth Comparison  … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Bourbon For Costco? Solved (2022)

who makes kirkland bourbon for costco

If you’ve ever been to Costco, you probably know that they have some of the widest selections for alcoholic beverages. The business even branched out into creating their own alcohol brand, which they named Kirkland.  But we know Costco is all about retail selling — none of that whiskey distilling. So who makes Kirkland Bourbon … Read more

What is Proof in Whiskey? A Complete Guide (2022)

whiskey proof meaning

Whiskeys were not just alcoholic beverages but were prescribed as medicine before Volstead Act 1920. They distributed over 1.5 million of 90-100 proof whiskeys to registered druggists and doctors. The question is, how did they determine the proof? And what exactly is whiskey proofing? Let’s learn about the whiskey-proof meaning, its purpose, and how it … Read more

100 Proof Whiskey Meaning: Alcohol Content Explained (2022)

What Does 100-Proof Whiskey Mean

If you’ve ever been conversing with someone about whiskey (or alcohol in general), you may have mentioned the word “proof” several times.  Proof is the “proof of alcohol” that is in the spirit. The higher the proof, the more alcohol there is in the bottle. So what does 100 proof whiskey mean? We’ll talk about … Read more

Bulleit Bourbon vs Four Roses: What’s the Difference? (2022)

bulleit bourbon vs four roses

Bulleit bourbon and Four Roses are two of the most famous budget bourbons on the market today.   If you are torn between the two, here’s a comprehensive review on Bulleit Bourbon vs Four Roses to know which is better without spending an extra dime.  Comparing Four Roses & Bulleit Bourbon  Bulleit bourbon and Four Roses … Read more

What Is Kirkland Tequila Silver Comparable To? Solved (2022)

what is kirkland tequila silver comparable to

Kirkland Tequila Silver is the giant retail company Costco’s own tequila brand. It is made from pure agave sourced from the Central Jalisco region, double-distilled and double-filtered.  But what is Kirkland Tequila Silver comparable to? In today’s article, we’ll answer that question (and more).  What’s Kirkland Tequila Silver Similar With? Since Costco’s Kirkland Tequila Silver … Read more

10 Smoothest Bourbons For Beginners: Ranked (2022 Updated)

best smoothest bourbon for beginners

With its high proof and potent flavor profile, bourbon can be a bit off-putting and downright upsetting for beginners. Those who are just starting to get into the spirit can benefit from choosing friendly options that won’t be an instant turnoff.  If you are looking for the smoothest bourbon for beginners, you have come to … Read more

Does Costco Sell Japanese Whisky? Answered (2022)

Does Costco Sell Japanese Whisky

Costco, one of the world’s largest wholesale stores, offers tempting deals with its huge range of liquors at affordable prices. Currently, this retail shop carries ten whisky expressions under its Kirkland Signature brand, but you can still purchase different whiskies in Costco’s different shop locations. However, does Costco sell Japanese whisky, too? Find out if … Read more

Is Buffalo Trace A Wheated Bourbon? Solved (2022 Updated)

is buffalo trace a wheated bourbon

Have you noticed the hype about Buffalo Trace these days? Folks posted photos with the Buffalo Trace bourbon, and some felt out of the loop.  But is Buffalo Trace a wheated bourbon or not? We’ve got the answer here in Liquor Laboratory.  Buffalo Trace: Is It A Wheated Bourbon?  Buffalo Trace Distillery is known to produce … Read more

What Is MGP Bourbon? Answered (2022 Updated)

what is mgp bourbon

Ask any bourbon enthusiast, and they’ll probably roll their eyes, scoff, or worse, get angry at any mention of MGP bourbon. You might even hear them passionately exclaim that it’s not “real” bourbon.  But what exactly is MGP bourbon, and why does it have such a bad rap in the industry? We’ll answer that question … Read more

What Does Two Fingers of Whiskey Mean? Answered (2022 Updated)

What Does Two Fingers of Whiskey Mean

There are several ways to drink whiskey, and we’re sure you’ve heard people order “fingers” of alcohol at some point. But what do two fingers of whiskey mean?  Don’t pour yourself a full glass just yet. We’ve got the real deal here.  What Does “Two Fingers Of Whiskey” Mean?  The term “Two Fingers of Whiskey” … Read more

Buffalo Trace vs Woodford Reserve: Full Comparison (2022)

buffalo trace vs woodford reserve

Deciding between Buffalo Trace vs Woodford Reserve can be challenging because both have unique flavor profiles. They also have a reputation for producing high-quality Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.  But really, which one is best for you? Our team did intensive research to find the key differences and compare the two spirits in this in-depth review, … Read more

How is the Costco Bourbon Selection? Answered (2022)

how is the costco bourbon selection

For many people, bourbon is their go-to drink of choice. Its rich taste and smooth finish make it ideal for sipping neat or on the rocks. Fortunately, our all-time favorite Costco also offers private label bourbons that can potentially turn heads. But how is the Costco bourbon selection? Let’s find out.  About The Costco Bourbon … Read more

Bourbon Requirements: Rules & Qualifications Answered (2022)

Bourbon Requirements

All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. Wait, did that confuse you? Well, fret not. Consider this article your ultimate guide on the legal definition of the bourbon industry, including bourbon requirements and how to tell what is inside your bottle.  6 Bourbon Rules You Need To Know 1. Geographic Origin  According to … Read more

What Are Top-Shelf Whiskey Brands? Explained (2022 Updated)

what are top shelf whiskey brands

While there are several great-tasting mass-produced whiskeys, there’s nothing wrong with splurging on smooth top-shelf brands from time to time. But what are top-shelf whiskey brands? In this blog post, let’s find out what top-shelf really means, including some brands you should seek out.   What Is A Top-Shelf Whiskey Brand?  Generally, a top-shelf whiskey brand … Read more

Is A Glass Of Whiskey A Day Good For You? Answered (2022)

is a glass of whiskey a day good for you

The name whiskey originated from the Gaelic “uisge beatha,” which loosely translates to “water of life.” During the 16th century, this dark alcohol was sold in apothecaries to cure congestion and treat pneumonia, but you’ll rarely find it in doctor’s prescriptions nowadays.  With it being the “water of life,” is a glass of whiskey good … Read more

Does Bourbon Appreciate in Value? Answered (2022 Updated)

does bourbon appreciate in value

Bourbon has been around since the 18th century, and its popularity has continuously grown, especially in recent years. But does bourbon appreciate in value?  Not all bourbons are created equal, so if you are planning to invest in bourbons, here’s our intensive research.  Does Bourbon Depreciate or Appreciate In Value? There is no guarantee that … Read more

Which Country Consumes The Most Whiskey Overall? (2022)

which country consumes the most whiskey overall

While Scotland and the United States are the obvious contenders for most whiskeys produced, such is not the case when it comes to whiskey consumption. So which country consumes the most whiskey overall? You’ll be surprised to know.  Countries That Consume The Most Whiskey Overall Based on Drinking Population 4. Japan In 2014, Japan placed … Read more

Is Mezcal Stronger Than Tequila? Solved (2022 Updated)

is mezcal stronger than tequila

Over five million liters of mezcal have been exported to more than 50 countries worldwide for the past five years. Many see mezcal’s potency and smokiness as enticing, thus the increase in its production directly competing with tequila, another strong Mexican spirit. But is mezcal stronger than tequila? Read on to find out. Which Is … Read more

What Are The Best Cognac Brands? Answered (2022 Updated)

Best brands for Cognac

The world’s cognac supply comes from its namesake region in Southwest France. This location produces the best Ugni Blanc grapes that give the cognac its signature caramel, dark fruit, and deep spice flavor profile.  Cognac’s intricate production methods and quality ingredients make it one of the best spirits in the liquor market, but some brands … Read more

Where To Buy Brother’s Bond Bourbon Online in 2022? (Solved)

Where To Buy Brother's Bond online

Brother’s Bond became popular not only because it is celebrity-endorsed but because of its quality and flavor. However, hunting for this breed of bourbon can be a bit challenging.  If you want to find out where to buy Brother’s Bond bourbon online, check out these sources we listed below.  10 Online Stores To Buy Brother’s … Read more

What Is The Most Sober Country? Explained (2022 Updated)

What is the most sober country

Harmful alcohol consumption causes 3 million deaths worldwide every year, making it one of the biggest health problems in the world. However, some countries forbid their citizens to manufacture, sell, import and consume alcoholic beverages.  So, what is the most sober country? Read on to see our team’s interesting findings. Top 5 Most Sober Countries … Read more

What Percentage Of US Citizens Drink Alcohol? (2022)

What percentage of US citizens drink alcohol

The United States ranked at the 39th spot worldwide in 2019 with annual pure alcohol consumption of 9.97 liters per person. Rising above the worldwide average alcohol consumption of 5.8 liters, what percentage of US citizens drink alcohol? Read on as we break down the percentage of alcohol consumers in the United States.  Alcohol Drinking … Read more

How Much Does The Average American Drink? Answered (2022)

How much does the average American drink

Approximately 95,000 alcohol consumers in the United States die from alcohol-related issues and accidents, making it among the country’s leading preventable causes of death.  With 85.6% of the adult population claiming that they drank alcohol once in their life, how much does the average American drink?  Average Alcohol Consumption Among Americans Americans’ average alcohol consumption … Read more

What Is The Main Flavor of Gin? Explained (2022 Updated)

what is the main flavor of gin

Gins are great when added to mixed drinks and cocktails. It easily blends with the components of the drink without overpowering the taste. Gin’s versatility is what makes it the top choice of bartenders. But what is the main flavor of gin? Let’s find out.  Understanding Gin’s Main Flavor  Unlike other liquors, gin relies on … Read more

15 Best Selling Whiskeys In The US Right Now (2022 Updated)

best selling US whiskey

The US whiskey market has been experiencing an upward trajectory over the past few years, thanks to millennials’ growing appreciation for it. However, you can’t deny that some brands are more loved than others.  If you wonder what the best-selling whiskey in the US is, then check out our list. You might find that one … Read more

Why Is Buffalo Trace Bourbon Hard To Find? Resolved (2022)

why is buffalo trace hard to find

Whiskey’s lengthy aging process and the high demand for the spirit make it pretty hard to find in common liquor stores. Buffalo Trace is just one brand of Kentucky straight bourbon that’s difficult to get nowadays.  But really, why is Buffalo Trace hard to find? Here’s why.  Why Buffalo Trace Products Are Hard To Find  … Read more

How Long Is Blanton’s Bourbon Aged? Explained (2022 Updated)

how long is blanton's aged

When John Wick held a Blanton’s bourbon bottle, bourbon enthusiasts started to get hold of the spirit like crazy. However, a typical bottle of Blanton’s bourbon does not carry an age statement, which piqued their interests more, especially those looking to score an aged, rare bottle.   But really, how long is Blanton’s aged? Our team … Read more

What Does Bourbon Taste Like? Explained! (2022 Updated)

what does bourbon taste like

Many people get intimidated by bourbon, and if you’re a total newbie, you might be wondering: what does bourbon taste like?  Settle down because we’ll explain in-depth how the spirit tastes and everything else you should expect.  What Bourbon Really Tastes Like  Generally, bourbon has caramel and vanilla notes. This is due to the main … Read more

How To Drink Alcohol Without Tasting It: 7 Ways (2022)

How To Drink Alcohol Without Tasting It

There can be different motives for drinking alcoholic beverages: destressing, enjoyment, and socializing, to name a few. But what if you can’t stand the bitterness anymore, or you’re a beginner drinker who struggles every time you take a sip?  Today, we will teach you how to drink alcohol without tasting it so you can fully … Read more

10 Best Non-Alcoholic Botanical Drinks (2022 Updated)

Best non alcoholic botanical drinks

Non-alcoholic botanical drinks are basically designed to imitate your favorite spirits like tequila, whiskey, and gin. But instead of adding alcohol, these drinks play with bold botanical flavors. If you’re looking for a drink that excites your palate but won’t give you a nasty hangover, check out our list below. Top 10 Non-Alcoholic Botanical Drinks … Read more

What Was The First Liquor Ever Made? Explained (2022)

What Was The First Liquor Ever Made

Alcoholic beverages were a staple in much of humanity’s history, from the Ancient Greeks imbibing wine during celebrations to the more recent history when soldiers partook in them during the war.  Sit back and grab your favorite contemporary liquor as we take a trip down memory lane.  What’s the First Liquor Ever?  The truth is, … Read more

What is A Botanical Drink? Explained! (2022 Updated)

What is A Botanical Drink

While seeing milk fortified with multiple types of vitamins is normal, healthy alcoholic drinks raise doubt. The recent health scare increased the number of products claimed to be beneficial to health, increased stamina, immune system booster, etc.   What is a botanical drink? We gathered all our resources to find out everything about it.    Defining … Read more

How Long Does Cognac Last Opened or Unopened? (Answered)

How Long Does Cognac Last Opened or Unopened

If you love cognacs, you’ve probably wondered if it’s possible to collect and keep several bottles in your home bar. But how long does cognac last and what are the factors that affect its shelf life?  Cognac: How Long Does It Last?  According to our spirit experts, cognac’s shelf life is indefinite. Since it contains … Read more

What Does A Whiskey Decanter Do? (2022 Updated)

What Does A Whiskey Decanter Do

Like wine decanters, a whiskey decanter permits oxygen to interact with the whiskey inside. But while wine decanters let the wine “breathe” to open up the flavors, whiskey decanters do little to change whiskey’s chemical composition. So what does a whiskey decanter do? Read on as we discuss the main advantages of using a whiskey … Read more

Who Invented Alcohol? A Brief History (2022 Updated)

Who Invented Alcohol

It’s said that alcohol has been around for thousands of years and possibly even predates humanity. But who invented alcohol? Today, we’ll dive deep into the origins of one of the world’s most popular drinks.  The Invention of Alcohol  Scholars have discovered that early man has been making alcoholic drinks from fermented grain, fruit juice, … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Make Whiskey? (2022 Updated)

How Long Does It Take To Make Whiskey

Alcohol, like whiskey, can easily be purchased at liquor stores. However, making homemade whiskey allows you to create different flavors that may suit your taste. But really, how long does it take to make whiskey at home?  Stop looking elsewhere and save your time searching for a solid answer. Keep scrolling to learn more about … Read more

Is Rye or Bourbon Better For Old Fashioned? (2022)

Which is better rye or bourbon

The classic Old Fashioned cocktail remains relevant today despite its recipe being first published in 1862. It is easy to make, having just four ingredients – whiskey, bitters, sugar, and water. Bourbon and rye whiskey has always been the go-to liquor option for the famous cocktail.  But really, is rye or bourbon better for Old … Read more

3 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Kids (2022 Updated)

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Kids

Mocktails are as colorful and attractive as cocktails, and since it’s alcohol-free, you can serve them at a kids’ party. Non-alcoholic refreshments are relatively healthy, refreshing, fruity, and enjoyable to drink.  Not sure what to prepare? Scroll down as we give you our favorite non-alcoholic drinks for kids that you can create and serve at … Read more

What’s the Highest Auction Price Fetched for the Most Expensive Whiskey?

Most Expensive Whiskey Sold With High Auction Price

Whiskey has been around for centuries, and people have always been fascinated by it. In fact, whiskey is so popular that there are auctions held for the most expensive bottles. But what’s the highest auction price fetched for the most expensive whiskey? And what makes it so special? Keep reading to find out. What’s The … Read more

Can You Put Whiskey in Eggnog? Let’s Find Out (2022)

can you put whiskey in eggnog

Eggnog is a classic and well-loved beverage always present during Christmas and other festivities. There can be countless eggnog recipes on the internet, but can you put whiskey in eggnog?  Will the whiskey-eggnog recipe work, or will it be a waste? Let’s have a closer look.  Does Whiskey Work With Eggnog?  Whiskey surprisingly works with … Read more

How To Do a Bourbon Tasting: Full Guide (2022 Updated)

how to do a bourbon tasting

As easy as it sounds, bourbon tasting is just drinking bourbon, right? However, bourbon tasting is a special way to appreciate the spirit’s specific flavors and unique characteristics, different from “just” drinking bourbon. If you are new to the bourbon world, you’ve come to the right place because we will teach you how to do … Read more

What are the Different Types of Whiskey? (2022 Updated)

What are the Different Types of Whiskey

Whiskey is a popular drink with a broad category. Every category has its own unique character and flavor profile. As there are a lot of varieties and brands to choose from, knowing more about your booze is important in choosing something that suits your palate.  However, what are the different types of whiskey? Keep scrolling … Read more

Who Makes Kirkland Canadian Whisky? (2022 Updated)

Who Makes Kirkland Canadian Whisky

Kirkland brand liquor is generally considered a decent buy given its price range. And what makes Kirkland more interesting is the speculations regarding its manufacturer being one of the big distillers.   Do you have any idea who makes Kirkland Canadian whisky? Keep reading if you want to know the truth.  Kirkland Canadian Whisky – Who … Read more

When is National Bourbon Day? Things To Know (2022)

When is National Bourbon Day

Every year, bourbon enthusiasts pay homage to America’s native spirit-bourbon. National Bourbon Day celebration can be a good excuse to dust off a fine bourbon on your liquor shelves and enjoy the odd tipple.  But when is National Bourbon Day, and how should you celebrate it? Get your glasses ready because we’re about to tell … Read more

What Is The Smoothest Whiskey? Our Top 15 Picks in 2022

What Is The Smoothest Whiskey

Are you a fan of whiskey’s intense and bold flavors or one of those whiskey drinkers that enjoy drinking it neat? If you’ve answered yes for both, then a smooth whiskey is perfect for you! But what is the smoothest whiskey? We’re here to help you out.   Top 15 Smoothest Whiskey You Can Drink Straight  … Read more

What To Mix With Fireball Whiskey (2022 Updated)

What To Mix With Fireball Whiskey

We’re sure some of us have *embarrassing* Fireball Whiskey stories. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be just a college frat party drink!  Fireball tastes great as a shot, but if you learn what to mix with Fireball whiskey, you can bring it to a whole new level of sophistication.  Top 15 Mixers for … Read more