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What’s the Best Way to Sneak Alcohol Into a Concert? Revealed

best way to sneak alcohol into a concert

Last Updated on March 14, 2024 by Lydia Martin

When participating in music festivals, it’s important to adhere to the established rules and regulations, like prohibiting bringing alcoholic beverages onto the festival premises.

Most concert-goers feel frustrated since they can’t bring their favorite booze inside the venue. So, we asked party friends and certified concert-goers different ways to bring alcohol inside without the festival organizers or any security guard noticing.

If you want to know the best way to sneak alcohol into a concert seamlessly, keep reading for more tips.

Top 25 Unique Ways To Sneak Alcohol Into A Concert

25. Sunscreen Flask

Box of Sunscreen Flask on a Table

When prioritizing skincare and cost-effective drinks, sunscreen flasks offer a solution.

Take your beloved booze to outdoor concerts, sporting events, and beyond while maintaining a discreet appearance that aligns seamlessly with skincare routines.

24. Wine Rack

There’s this brand called WineRack, which can hold 25oz of liquid discreetly. With a cleverly placed straw, it gives versatile support.

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23. Secret Tampon Flasks

This seems weird, but a secret tampon flask is reliable when sneaking alcohol into a concert. No extra cost to pull this up, and you can conceal your favorite drink. Who would inspect a tampon-shaped receptacle, right?

“Whispered whispers, secret sips; melodies blend with hidden spirits.” – Liquor Laboratory

This discreet flask holds five shots, saving money and time instead of going to bars. Though you can’t bring more alcohol using this, still, it’s a creative way to sneak alcohol into a festival.

22. Crotch Bottle

For male festival-goers, consider adapting the old-fashioned hiding method and placing a concealed drink in your crotch area using a crotch bottle.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone would pursue further inspection upon feeling a bulging thing in that region.

21. Cigar Flasks

The cigar flask stands out as an underappreciated hero in the realm of sneaky alcohol tactics, like tube shots). This is one of our favorite tricks, as you can smoothly hide the liquor and cigar.

20. Binoculars

Hand Holding Binoculars

Getting a close-up view of your favorite singer is a must, capturing every detail. Security may question your binoculars, but explaining your obsession with zits and sweat should suffice.

Clever binocular flasks hold two liquors, ensuring you don’t have to choose between whiskey and vodka. Stay incognito while enjoying your hidden booze to avoid drawing attention.

19. The Beer Belly

Experience life with a unique twist—a beer belly that discreetly holds up to 80 ounces of any booze, remains hidden under clothing, and is effortlessly cleaned.

Cheers to a functional fashion statement!

18. Water Bottles

Using a water bottle remains a beloved and timeless method of sneaking alcohol [1]. But we suggest upgrading your tactics by obtaining a case of bottled water.

Just empty and refill your selected bottles with clear liquor, then reseal them (ensure they’re leak-proof!). Mark the alcohol-filled bottles discreetly to avoid mix-ups.

17. Stash Boxer Briefs

These men’s boxer briefs feature a discreet stash pocket. Using this exudes a style that says, “Admire me in my underwear,” while safeguarding your personal items with a pocket that says, “It’s my business alone.”

Well, just keep your cold drinks separate from your man parts in style. LOL!

16. Boozey Bladder

We’re excited to share with you this Boozey Bladder. We just discovered this thing, and we find this an unbeatable method for discreetly bringing alcohol to any event.

Ideal for smuggling drinks into a music festival or a sports event for a hands-free drinking experience, these concealed flasks fill an impressive 1 liter of your preferred drink.

But do you know why alcohol is called spirits?

15. Vodka Oranges

Orange on a Basin

Using a syringe, you can make oranges alcoholic. However, verify if bringing fruit is allowed and not considered unusual, as it could still be confiscated, leading to your disappointment.

If you really opt for this method, ensure the bag or container where the oranges are is leak-proof. You surely don’t want the smell of alcohol to reveal your hidden agenda.

14. Secret Umbrella Flask

A Secret Umbrella Flasks is a clever way to covertly smuggle booze to any event. Skip the crowded bars and save some bucks with these secret flasks.

Simply remove the top and use the umbrella as a bottle. It can fill nearly half a liter of your favorite liquor. We highly recommend this trick when attending music festivals, football games, or baseball games.

13. Gummy Bears

Combining candy and liquor makes for an unbeatable combination. Sneak alcoholic beverages into concerts or impress guests with this delightful party trick, but it requires a few days of preparation.

Soak gummy bears in vodka inside a glass container, refrigerate for three days while occasionally stirring, and avoid clumping.

12. Camelbak

Consider utilizing a Hydrobak 1.5 Litre Camelbak to smuggle alcohol under your jumper discreetly. Tightly secure your back with tape, ensuring no gap is felt by security guards.

This is easier to hide under clothing. Opt for filling it partially to resemble a natural beer belly rather than an overstuffed bag.

11. Novelty-Shaped Hip Flasks

The binocular flask and lipstick-shaped hip flask caught our attention. Taking binoculars to a festival may draw attention, but it’s a wise option to sneak booze into a music festival.

Additionally, sneaking your own booze in is possible using a hairbrush flask or a digital camera flask. So many creative ways to enjoy your favorite drinks!

10. Sunscreen & Lotion Bottles

Bottle of Lotion

Accompanying a fair-skinned friend provides a valid reason to carry a lotion or sunscreen bottle.

Create your own flask from a cleaned lotion bottle. Wash the tube or bottle thoroughly to avoid the risk of liquor tasting like sunscreen.

9. Pringles Tube

Smuggling alcohol into a music festival? Pringles Tube is handy. Hide it within a food bag at the bottom, beneath a layer of Pringles.

This cost-effective method lets you indulge in delicious snacks and adds a touch of excitement to the festival experience.

8. The Wine Tote

Opt for boxed wine [2], and remove the wine bag. Conceal the wine bags creatively, like in your pants for a shapely posterior or in your top for a soft belly.

When smuggling booze this way – dress discreetly or try Boobie Bags for an effortless smuggling solution.

7. Meeting A Roadie Or Band Member On Tinder

Believe it or not, Tinder can be a platform for alcohol exchange. While it may seem unlikely, our experience suggests there’s always a chance encounter with a band member or “I’m with the band” individual seeking a good time.

Offer them boozy gummies or a Burger King coupon in exchange for assisting you in sneaking alcohol into a festival.

But what’s the strongest alcohol you can buy?

6. Mini Bottles In The Wellies

Transform your wellies into a hidden mini bar and walk with caution. In most festivals, wellies are rarely checked, so it’s one of the best ways to sneak alcohol or smuggle alcohol into the venue.

This is a sneaky way to hide mini alcohol bottles as you pass security checks. Just stay cool as you walk in so you won’t look suspicious, then inconspicuously dig your booze.

5. Umbrella Flask

Pouring Alcohol on a Umbrella Flask

This practical gadget resembles a genuine umbrella, providing the same tactile experience. However, its purpose is not to protect you from rain but to discreetly hold up to 9oz of your preferred beverage.

It includes three leak-proof lid seals, ensuring the safety and security of your booze. Now you’re ready for your next festival; drink responsibly!

4. Flower Crown Filled With Vodka

You’d never expect those clown spray flowers to serve a useful purpose, but they do. Craft a flower crown, incorporating a clever spray flask filled with your preferred drink, like elderflower liqueur.

Secure the crown in your hair with a large clip. This hair trick, filled with floral vibes, would let you enjoy the event and your drink seamlessly.

3. Cans In The Hood

Try a casual approach by discreetly placing a couple of cans in your hood and strolling nonchalantly. Being openly relaxed is sometimes the most effective way to sneak booze at festivals.

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” – Humphrey Bogart, American Film Actor

Alternatively, you can even hide it under your hat. Experiment with this method and share your experience with us!

2. Specially Adapted Bra

Again, simply fill food bags (consider to double-bag them) and discreetly tuck them into your bra akin to chicken fillets.

Yes, the liquor may be unappealingly warm upon retrieval, but you’ll save money on drinks with this booze bra. Alternatively, acquire a ‘Winerack’ for a more convenient option.

1. Double Use Colostomy Bag

Colostomy Bag

You can double-use a colostomy bag to smuggle booze discreetly. But, we suggest not to opt for clear liquor as it won’t look like urine. The best drink for this trick is whiskey.

However, you must approach this idea responsibly and consult a medical professional for proper usage, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted time watching the bands.

FAQs Related to Best way to Sneak Alcohol into a Concert

Is it legal to sneak alcohol into a concert?

Sneaking alcohol into a concert may violate venue policies and local laws, so it’s important to consider the legal implications before attempting to do so.

What are some common methods for sneaking alcohol into a concert?

Some common methods for sneaking alcohol into a concert include using discreet containers such as plastic bags, sunscreen bottles, or hollowed-out items, hiding alcohol in clothing or accessories, or concealing it in food or drink containers.

Is it safe to sneak alcohol into a concert?

Sneaking alcohol into a concert can carry risks, including potential consequences if caught by venue security or law enforcement. Additionally, consuming alcohol in excess can lead to impaired judgment and behavior, posing safety concerns.

What are the consequences if caught sneaking alcohol into a concert?

Consequences for sneaking alcohol into a concert can vary depending on venue policies and local laws. They may include confiscation of the alcohol, ejection from the event, fines, or legal repercussions.

Are there alternative options for enjoying alcohol at a concert?

Many concert venues offer alcohol for purchase onsite, so one option is to buy drinks from the venue’s vendors. Additionally, some venues may allow attendees to bring in sealed, non-alcoholic beverages, so consider bringing your own non-alcoholic drinks if permitted.

Are there non-alcoholic alternatives available at concerts?

Yes, most concert venues offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages such as water, soda, and juice. Some venues may also offer mocktails or alcohol-free beer options.

Key Takeaways

One of the best ways to sneak alcohol into a concert is by using (unused) colostomy bags. Just fill it with urine-like colored liquor (like whiskey) and use it properly to justify your claim.

But while there are effective ways to bring alcoholic drinks into festivals, we must still prioritize responsible and legal behavior.

Just focus on enjoying the atmosphere, music, and camaraderie while respecting the rules and policies in place.






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