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12 Best Wine Cooler Brands: Expert Guide (2024 Updated)

Best Wine Cooler Brands

Looking to keep your precious vintages perfectly chilled? As seasoned mixologists with a deep knowledge of the wine industry and a passion for all things spirits, we’ve personally put numerous wine coolers to the test.

And today, we’re thrilled to share our top picks for the best wine cooler brands. So, let’s go on a journey of delightful sips and discover the coolest ways to preserve your wine collection.

Top 12 Wine Coolers Every Wine Enthusiast Must Try

12. EuroCave

EuroCave Wine Cooler

Average Price: approx. $1,576.44

Dimensions: 491 x 315 x 268 (mm)

Temp Range: 46-60°F

Capacity: 2

UV Protection: No

Zones: 2

Type: N/A

Product Description: Most EuroCave chillers are premium and expensive. So, I tried their Wine Art fridge, which only holds two bottles.

“A cellar cooling unit is an investment.” – Kathleen Ward, Winemaker

Surprisingly, it prevents oxidation by cooling wines evenly within 1.5-3 hours. If you’re not a full-time wine collector, this is a good buy; just enough to chill your preferred wine.

But how long does wine last unopened?

Why Buy It:

  • Wine community recommended
  • Compact
  • Even cooling (for red and white wine)
  • Flexible seal
  • Operates quietly


  • Limited storage
  • Not UV-resistant

11. EdgeStar

EdgeStar 53 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

Average Price: approx. $529

Dimensions: 34-5/16 x 5-13/16 x 20-3/8 (in)

Temp Range: 40-65°F

Capacity: 7

UV Protection: Yes

Zones: 1

Type: compressor

Product Description: We find this mini wine cooler from EdgeStar a decent choice, among other wine fridges, for storing a few wine bottles, even champagne bottles.

This is perfect for maximizing your kitchen space, as its built-in design seamlessly blends with your kitchen decor while maintaining the same temperature for your burgundy bottles.

Why Buy It:

  • Space-saving slim design
  • Seamless built-in integration
  • Steady and adjustable temperature
  • UV-resistant glass for wine protection
  • Convenient LED lighting


  • Not for larger collections
  • Not suitable for freestanding use

10. NutriChef

NutriChef WIne Coolers

Average Price: approx. $228.99

Dimensions: 27.2 x 13.6 x 17.7 (in)

Temp Range: 41-64°F

Capacity: 15

UV Protection: No

Zones: 1

Type: compressor

Product Description: This countertop wine cooler from NutriChef is a compact and well-designed fridge, perfect for smaller spaces.

Wine lovers can store wine without worrying about their young ones changing the setting with its auto-lock door. Since it can only hold limited bottles, it’s perfect for a casual wine drinker. Check out the most recommended grocery store wines here.

Why Buy It:

  • Compact wine cooler
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Quiet, vibration-free operation
  • Versatile freestanding placement


  • No larger bottles
  • No UV protection

9. Haier

Haier Wine Cooler

Average Price: approx. $699

Dimensions: 32.30 x 19.60 x 23 (in)

Temp Range: 41-61°F

Capacity: 44

UV Protection: Yes

Zones: 2

Type: compressor

Product Description: Storing wine would be easy with this Haier Wine Center, a freestanding cooler with dual zones, LED lights, and decent storage capacity.

We like the advanced feature (touch panel) and thoughtful design (wooden shelves and a reversible door). It’s a perfect tool for wine collecting [1], which we recommend for any wine enthusiast or starter.

Why Buy It:

  • freestanding wine fridge
  • Reliable temperature control
  • Efficient UV protection
  • Dual temperature zones
  • Quiet and energy-efficient


  • Limited capacity
  • Not a dual-zone cooler

8. Avanti

Average Price: approx. $1,629

Dimensions: 34 x 24 x 25.5 (in)

Temp Range: 40-65°F

Capacity: 46

UV Protection: No

Zones: 2

Type: compressor

Product Description: We like how this Avanti 46-bottle dual-zone wine fridge ensures perfect wine chilling in a compact design.

With features like a tempered glass door, LED lighting, and temperature monitor display, it’s an ideal choice for any wine enthusiast to preserve the wine collection beautifully.

Why Buy It:

  • High temp alarm
  • LED electronic display
  • Automatic defrost
  • Built-in fan + charcoal filter
  • Temperature monitor display


  • Irreversible door
  • A bit pricey


N'FINITY Wine Cooler

Average Price: approx. $1,999

Dimensions: 34 x 23.5 x 23 (in)

Temp Range: 41-72°F

Capacity: 46

UV Protection: No

Zones: 1

Type: compressor

Product Description: With all the offerings from N’FINITY, the best wine fridge from the brand is the S Panel-Ready Single Zone Wine Cellarcheaper than the N’Finity LX Dual Zone Max Wine Cellar. It’s customizable and equipped with high-performance cooling.

We tried storing 46 Bordeaux-sized bottles, and the cooler holds the bottles perfectly while maintaining the right temp.

Why Buy It:

  • Customizable design
  • High-performance compressor
  • Universal shelves
  • Left/right hinge
  • Charcoal filter


  • irreversible door
  • No lock/key

6. Samsung

Samsung Wine Cooler

Average Price: approx. $1,439

Dimensions: 34-1/16 x 23-13/16 (in)

Temp Range: 41-64°F

Capacity: 51

UV Protection: Yes

Zones: 2

Type: compressor

Product Description: Samsung Wine Cooler is one of the versatile and stylish wine coolers and fridges, offering a 51-bottle capacity.

We like the UV-protected glass pane, customizable temp zone, and modern design suitable for any kitchen or wine cellar.

Why Buy It:

  • Dual-zone wine cooler
  • UV-resistant glass
  • Sturdy, versatile design
  • twin-cooling system
  • Modern LED lights


  • Relatively noisy operation
  • pricey

5. Frigidaire

Frigidaire Wine Cooler

Average Price: approx. $999

Dimensions: 34-1/4 x 23-7/16 x 23-7/16 (in)

Temp range: 41-64°F

Capacity: 52

UV protection: No

Zones: 1

Type: Compressor

Product Description: This wine cooler from Frigidaire displays a sleek and sophisticated design. It protects wines from harmful UV rays with precise single-zone temperature control.

We specifically tested their 52-bottle wine cooler, and it’s a good beverage fridge with easy electronic controls for temperature fluctuations and a reversible door function.

Why Buy It: 

  • Stylish design
  • LED lighting
  • Energy efficient
  • Reliable temperature control
  • tinted glass door


  • single-zone wine cooler
  • Limited color options

4. Whynter

Whynter Wine Cooler

Average Price: approx. $742.99

Dimensions: 34 x 23.5 x 22.5 (in)

Temp Range: 40–65°F

Capacity: 54

UV Protection: No

Zones: 1

Type: compressor

Product Description: This wine fridge from Whynter acts not just as a wine cellar but as a designer art piece that enhances any space.

We like the stunning lighting options, spotlighting wine labels inside, and its customizable temperature zone, ensuring wines are in good storage condition.

Why Buy It:

  • Spectacular lighting options
  • Locking stainless steel door
  • Touch control settings
  • Sufficient bottle capacity
  • Stylish design


  • No UV protection
  • No door flexibility

3. Allavino

Allavino Wine Cooler

Average Price: approx. $1,399

Dimensions: 33.9 x 23.4 x 23.6 (in)

Temp Range: 41-64°F

Capacity: 56

UV Protection: No

Zones: 1-2

Type: compressor

Product Description: If you’re looking for premium wine storage with precise temperature control to ensure the perfect preservation of your wines, consider wine refrigerators from Allavino.

We particularly commend their 56-bottle dual- and single-zone wine fridges, perfect for storing red wines and white wines.

Why Buy It:

  • Premium temperature stability
  • Reasonable and energy-efficient capacity
  • Single-to-dual-zone wine cooler
  • Efficient compressor
  • Various bottle shapes


  • Bulky
  • Expensive

2. Vinotemp

Average Price: approx. $3,499

Dimensions: 23-7/8 x 28-3/4 x 73-7/8 (in)

Temp Range: 41-64°F

Capacity: 141

UV Protection: No

Zones: 1

Type: compressor

Product Description: If you ask how many bottles this wine refrigerator can hold – it can store up to 141 bottles. So, we highly recommend this wine cellar for big wine collectors, though this is not a dual temp zone cooler.

But, among the big wine refrigerators I’ve tested, this wine cellar stands out, as we can store wines of large sizes, like Magnum and Champagne [2]. We can confidently say this is one of the best wine coolers.

Why Buy It:

  • Great wine cellar
  • Forward-facing racks
  • Patented backlit display
  • With charcoal-filter
  • CEC-compliant


  • Bulky
  • Expensive

1. EuroDib

EuroDib Wine Cooler

Average Price: approx. $3,736

Dimensions: 71.3 x 26.8 x 23.4 (in)

Temp Range: 41-64˚F

Capacity: 165

UV Protection: No

Zones: 1

Type: compressor

Product Description: One of the best wine coolers available today is Eurodib wine cabinets, particularly the single-zone wine cabinet that can hold up to 165 bottles.

“Savor the cellar-like perfection; EuroDib leads the pack in cooling the essence of wine.” – Liquor Laboratory

It holds most of my precious wines with a temperature range of 41-64˚F, so it’s a convenient choice, especially if you’re looking for big-capacity storage.

Why Buy It:

  • Temperature control and LED display
  • Versatile single or dual zones
  • Stylish black design
  • Elegant Beechwood shelves
  • Adjustable feet


  • Heavy
  • High-priced

How We Chose & Rated The Best Wine Fridges

Customer vs Expert Reviews

We consider both customer and expert reviews to gauge real-world experiences and professional opinions, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

You can also learn how to choose a good wine here.

Design & Functionality

We assessed the beverage coolers’ aesthetics, build quality, and user-friendly features, emphasizing seamless integration into various spaces.

Brand Reputation & Recognition

Brand reputation and recognition played a crucial role in our selection, favoring brands known for reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Capacity & Size

We evaluated the beverage coolers’ capacity and size to accommodate diverse collections while fitting within different room dimensions and storage requirements.

Temperature Control & Range

Temperature control precision and range were vital factors, ensuring the beverage coolers maintained ideal conditions for various wine types [3] and age preferences.


What is the best wine cooler for long-term storage?

The best wine cooler for long-term storage should have reliable air extraction, even cooling, and a flexible seal, ideal for long-term storage.

How long should a wine cooler last?

A wine cooler should last for about 8-12 years, depending on its quality, usage, and maintenance. But a well-maintained unit can last more than 12 years.

What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine refrigerator?

The difference between a wine cooler and a wine refrigerator is the size. Some people refer to smaller countertop units as coolers, while wine refrigerators generally describe larger, freestanding, or built-in units.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Wine Cooler Brand?

When selecting a wine cooler brand, consider factors such as capacity (number of bottles it can hold), temperature control options, energy efficiency, noise level, build quality, and warranty coverage.

Which wine cooler brands are considered the best?

Some top-rated wine cooler brands include Vinotemp, NewAir, EdgeStar, Kalamera, Whynter, Avallon, Allavino, Danby, and NutriChef, known for their reliability, performance, and features.

Do wine cooler brands offer different sizes and capacities?

Yes, wine cooler brands typically offer a range of sizes and capacities to accommodate different storage needs. Options may include countertop models for small collections and larger freestanding or built-in units for extensive collections.

What are some advanced features found in high-quality wine cooler brands?

Advanced features in premium wine cooler brands may include dual-zone temperature control for storing red and white wines at separate temperatures, UV-resistant glass doors, humidity control, vibration reduction, and digital temperature displays.

Final Verdict

After our meticulous review, we have selected EuroDib as the standout choice among the top wine cooler labels.

We like its sleek design, reliable temperature control, ample capacity, and high-performance compressor cooling, setting it apart as an excellent option for wine enthusiasts seeking a top-tier wine storehouse.

Though pricey, its performance justifies the price, ensuring a well-chilled and stored wine [4] for days to come.


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