Vizzy vs White Claw: What’s the Difference? (2023 Updated)

Last Updated on August 2, 2023 by Lydia Martin

In the world of hard seltzers, the competition is as sparkling as the bubbles in your favorite drink.

With my extensive expertise in tasting and comparing beverages, we raise our glasses to the battle of the seltzers: Vizzy vs White Claw.

These two titans have garnered a loyal following, so let’s find out why most people can’t help but compare them.

White Claw & Vizzy Hard Seltzer Compared

Vizzy Hard Seltzer in Can

Vizzy and White Claw, both sporting a 5% ABV, offer delightful hard seltzers with slightly varied flavorings.

Vizzy by Molson Coors has strong fruity flavor combinations, while White Claw’s flavors are milder. Vizzy boasts a variety of fruity options and tastes stronger, while White Claw sticks to classic.

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” – Frank Sinatra, American Singer

Unlike other hard seltzers, they share cane sugar sweeteners, and both are gluten-free, but hard seltzer stands out with Vitamin C infusion.

In addition, Vizzy hard seltzer offers seasonal flavor, which is cheaper by roughly a dollar. While Vizzy hard seltzer receives favorable reviews, White Claw’s offerings remain a popular choice for many consumers.

Vizzy & White Claw’s Comparison Table



White Claw

Alcohol Content 5% 5%
Flavors Variety of fruity flavors Classic Flavors
Sweeteners Cane sugar Cane sugar
Vitamin C Yes No
Caloric Content 100 cal 100 cal
Sugar Content 1g 2g
Gluten-Free Yes Yes
Customer Reviews Favorable Popular choice among consumers
Availability Widely Available Easily found in stores and bars
Seasonal Offerings Yes All flavors are available year round
Average Price Roughly $19.99 (12 pcs) Drizly Roughly $20.99 (12 pcs) Drizly

Head To Head Battle

White Claw Hard Seltzer

ABV & Flavor Selection

Both Vizzy and White Claw’s ABV are 5%, but Vizzy offers a better selection of flavors.

Vizzy hard seltzer offers enticing drinks that cater to a broader range of preferences, while White Claw’s drinks are limited to classic (but they also offer premium vodka [1]).

But what type of alcohol is in White Claw?

Sweeteners & Ingredient Quality

Both use cane sugar, but the White Claw brand keeps it simple and sticks to natural flavors. It does not contain artificial sweeteners and maintains a purer ingredient profile, making it the preferred choice in this category.

Nutritional Profile

While both brands have similar caloric content, Vizzy has less sugar in every flavor. It provides a more favorable option for those seeking a healthier, guilt-free choice.

Caloric Content

Both offer approximately 100 calories per 12oz fruit flavor. Neither outperforms the other, making it an even playing field regarding calorie count.

Sugar Content Analysis

Can of White Claw Hard Seltzer in Natural Lime Flavor

With just 1g of sugar per 12oz, Vizzy maintains a lower sugar content than White Claw’s 2g.

It is a more attractive option for those seeking a drink with a lower sugar intake without sacrificing flavor.

Infusion Of Vitamin C

Vizzy secures the win in the infusion of Vitamin C category. Vizzy has added Vitamin C. It may not be the best way to get the vitamins, but I guess it’s better than having nothing.

It adds a healthful boost and contributes to a more refreshing and revitalizing drinking experience.

Dietary Considerations

Gluten & Dairy Content

Both are gluten-free. However, Vizzy’s advantage lies in its dairy-free formulation, accommodating individuals with lactose intolerance or dairy-related dietary restrictions.

Vegan-Friendly Options

Vizzy’s commitment to being vegan-friendly sets it apart. By ensuring they are free from animal-derived ingredients, Vizzy offers a more inclusive choice for individuals following plant-based diets.

Popularity, Availability & Accessibility

White Claw’s offerings dominate in popularity, availability, and accessibility. It has garnered a massive following as one of the pioneering hard seltzer brands.

It is widely available in stores, bars, and restaurants across various regions. But how many White Claws can get you drunk?

Tasting & Flavor Experience

Cans of Vizzy Hard Seltzer in Different Flavors

We’ve conducted blind tastings, and Vizzy’s various flavors consistently impressed me and my fellow tasters.

To compare, I’ve tried flavors like black cherry lime (my favorite flavor), pineapple mango flavor, blueberry pomegranate flavor, strawberry kiwi flavor, and raspberry tangerine flavor from Vizzy.

Vizzy offers two flavors-in-one-can (half of each) that are more vibrant and tasty than White Claw’s classics.

I tried White Claws seltzer flavors like watermelon, mango, black cherry, lemon, ruby grapefruit, strawberry, pineapple, and natural lime flavor, but the taste is slightly mild.

Of course, not all seltzer flavors from both brands taste better than the other, but if I am to choose, I like Vizzy’s black cherry lime and pineapple mango better than White Claw’s black cherry flavor, strawberry flavor, and blueberry flavor.

Food Pairings & Mixology

Vizzy Hard Seltzers secure the win in the food pairings and mixology category. As an experienced mixologist, I’ve personally experimented with both, and my favorite flavor from Vizzy Hard Seltzers consistently proves more versatile in crafting innovative cocktails.

Seasonal & Limited Edition Offerings

Vizzy consistently introduces exciting seasonal offerings, and their limited edition Orange Cream Pop is a testament to their creativity [2].

“Vizzy’s diverse flavorings, value, and refreshing vitality” -Liquor Laboratory

White Claw, while famous, falls short in this aspect, lacking the same level of variety and excitement when it comes to seasonal and limited edition offerings.

Price & Value Comparison

I conducted a survey comparing the prices and learned that Vizzy Hard Seltzers are cheaper by roughly $1 per variety pack (12pcs) on Drizly. Vizzy’s costs around $19.99 per 12 pcs, while White Claw’s costs roughly $20.99 per 12 pcs.

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What kind of alcohol is in Vizzy hard seltzer?

Vizzy hard seltzer contains alcohol derived from fermented cane sugar, making it a gluten-free and refreshing choice for truly hard seltzer enthusiasts seeking to taste a crisp and enjoyable beverage than beer.

Does Vizzy give you a hangover?

No, Vizzy will not give you a hangover if you are drinking moderately. Vizzy’s low sugar content and moderate alcohol levels contribute to a lower likelihood of hangovers.

Just don’t forget, like beer, it may taste good, but it contains booze.

Which came first, Vizzy or White Claw?

White Claw came first. It was introduced in 2016, gaining immense popularity as one of the first spiked seltzer brands. The Vizzy drink debuted in 2020, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional.

Key Takeaways

After careful deliberations, Vizzy hard seltzer emerges as the better choice. Vizzy showcases a diverse range of fruity flavors, lower sugar content, vegan-friendly options, and an infusion of Vitamin C.

White Claw tastes milder than Vizzy drinks. Additionally, as a mixologist, I find Vizzy flavors (especially the Black Cherry Lime) and mixology potential to be a more versatile, tasty, and enjoyable drink.

While White Claw’s offerings may not have won in some categories, it remains a popular and widely accessible choice. Classics like Black Cherry and Mango have a devoted following.

Sip freely and get your favorite flavor ready for the next party!




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