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15 Best Bourbon Gifts For Dad (2024 Updated)

Best Bourbon Gifts For Dad

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you still haven’t found the perfect gift, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.  

Here are our favorite bourbon gifts for dad – some you can even enjoy together! 

Top 15 Bourbon-Inspired Gift Ideas For Dad 

1. A Bourbon Review Magazine Subscription

Review Magazine Subscription on table

One of the best gifts you can give to dad is the gift of bourbon knowledge — sign him up for a one-year subscription to The Bourbon Review Magazine. He’ll get all the deets about new bottle releases, limited edition bottles, and whiskey events — basically, everything he needs to know about American whiskey. 

2. Bourbon Club Membership

Flaviar Club Membership Merchandise

If you want to take it a step further, get your dad a Bourbon Club Membership. We highly recommend getting him a Flaviar Membership. He’ll get access to curated tasting boxes and full-sized bourbon bottles, join free live tasting events, and become part of a community with other bourbon lovers. 

A Flaviar Membership is probably the best gift you can give to any bourbon fan, not just on Father’s Day. 

3. 5-Piece Bar Set

5-Piece Bar Set

Some dads are more experimental. If your dad is one of them, get him a 5-Piece Bar Set. It’s the perfect gift for any home mixologist, and they won’t need to look elsewhere for tools. This set includes a bar spoon, jigger, strainer, and bottle opener, in a stainless steel elegant gold finish. It also includes a stand for simple storage. 

4. Crystal Lowball Glasses

Crystal Lowball Glass

Crystal Lowball Glasses are perfect for dads who love sipping good bourbon after a long workday. These glasses also come in a set of four, so you can enjoy a few bourbons together whenever you come over. 

Get lowball glasses made with thick glass, so they feel nice and sturdy in the hand. Make sure that they do not teeter and wobble when set atop the table, and get one in a nice design so Dad can use it on many different occasions. You can bet that he’ll always think of you whenever he uses the Crystal Lowball Glasses.  

5. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Smoking Chips

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Smoking Chips

We don’t know any dad who doesn’t like cooking barbecue on the grill. Why not combine his love for fine bourbon with medium roast or barbecued steak? You won’t find a more perfect pairing. These Smoking Chips are taken from select staves from the best Kentucky bourbon barrels and chipped to the perfect size for smoking. 

These Smoking Chips will infuse mouthwatering bourbon flavors into any sizzling slab of meat. Don’t believe us? Open up the bag of chips and experience it for yourself. [1

6. Bourbon Tasting Box

Bourbon Tasting Box

There are plenty of tasting boxes for sale out there, but make sure to get one specifically for bourbon for your favorite bourbon fan. The Bourbon Tasting Box comes in a set of three, inclusive of instructions on drinking the bourbon and how best to taste it. It’s the ultimate gift for a true bourbon lover. 

He’ll become exposed to new flavor profiles and become a bourbon expert in no time. You can also get in on the activity and experiment with the Tasting Box together. But where can you buy whiskey online?

7. A Set of Bitters For Cocktails

A Set of Bitters For Cocktails

This Set of Bitters for Cocktails is the perfect gift for Dads who love mixing and matching unique flavors in their bourbon cocktails. We specifically love the set from Woodford Reserve, which includes aromatic, spiced cherry, chocolate, and orange bitters — all the basics to make tasty cocktails. 

Bitters are key to making any Old Fashioned or classic Manhattan come to life. Who knows? He might whip up a bourbon cocktail with your bourbon gift just for you the next time you come for a visit.

8. Hydro Flask for Outdoor Bourbon

Hydro Flask

We don’t know about you, but we enjoy bourbon while doing outdoor activities. But glassware shattering in the great outdoors sounds nightmarish. 

Enter the Hydro Flask for Outdoor Bourbon. This is the perfect bourbon gift for a bourbon lover who wants to bring their favorite drink to fishing, hunting, or camping activities. This flask is specifically designed for whiskey, made with a stainless steel interior to preserve authentic bourbon flavor. 

It also comes in a honeycomb design, so the temperature of the beverage stays consistent. Dad can also use it for coffee, fruit juice, or hot chocolate. 

9. ‘Nose Your Bourbon’ Kit 

Bourbon Nosing Kit

You know how some bourbon drinkers claim they can smell “leather, cherries, and oak” in a dram? Identifying the aromas in bourbons comes with a lot of training. 

The Nose Your Bourbon Kit does just that — and it’s the perfect gift for bourbon lovers who want to “smell” the spirit better. We specifically love this one from “Nose Your Bourbon,” which includes 18 different elements in screw-top containers and instructions on using the kit, all in a portable carrying case. 

10. Flaviar Merch

Flaviar Merch

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Flaviar. We invite your bourbon-loving dad to join the club. 

Get him any Flaviar merch, which includes unique glassware, socks, T-shirts, and sweaters, all made from durable and quality material that will last the test of time. If you’re feeling extremely generous, you can give him a full-blown home bar for his bourbons that you can customize with his name. 

11. Ice Molds

Ice Molds

Ice is quintessential for every glass of bourbon from the liquor store. Get your favorite bourbon drinker a nice Ice Mold so that he can enjoy his favorite dram on the rocks. We especially love this silicone mold that creates colossal ice cubes, so he can enjoy a chilled drink without worrying about the ice melting too quickly and diluting the liquor. 

12. Cigar Club Membership

Cigar Club Membership Merchandise

Bourbon and cigars — what could be a more perfect pairing? Get your dad a Cigar Club Membership this Father’s Day, wherein he’ll get either three or five different cigars per month — whether that’s Arturo Fuente, Davidoff, or Padron — depending on the membership you choose. 

13. Bartender Set

Bartender Set

Your dad’s home bar wouldn’t be complete without a Bartender Set. We especially love this 14-piece Bartender Set from A Bar Above, as each tool is solidly made with professional-grade steel, so it doesn’t break or tarnish easily. 

This set has everything you need to make cocktail drinks at home, and your dad can make drinks for just about everyone — even you. 

14. Bourbon Distillery Tour

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery Tour

They say experience is one of the best gifts — so why not take your dad out on a Bourbon Distillery Tour? This will surely be one for the books. 

There are so many great distilleries in Kentucky (aside from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail) that provide some of the best experiences. If you don’t want to go with a group, there are custom tour services that allow you to experience the tour at your own pace. Set aside a full day of bourbon bonding with your dad to show him how much you appreciate all that he does. 

15. Bourbon Barrel

Bourbon Barrel

Lastly, we don’t think anything would scream “I love bourbon” even more than owning a barrel. Buy a used barrel from major distilleries and give one to your dad as a Father’s Day present. It can be used as a rustic table for the basement when he has a few friends over to enjoy drinks. 

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Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 


We’re going to be starting with price. Since you’re going to be the one spending on a Father’s Day gift, you want to make sure you’re comfortable with the price. We don’t want you to buy something that’s on this list even though you couldn’t afford it. 


Bourbon Flight Board

You want to give your dad a Father’s Day gift that he can and will actually use. If your dad isn’t the type to make drinks from scratch, it wouldn’t make much sense if you would give him a Bartender Set. 


You want to give your dad something he can easily use and understand. If he loves to sample different drams but doesn’t have the time to go to tasting events, get him the Bourbon Membership so he can sample different drams in the comfort of his own home. 

Will Your Dad Love It?

A glass of bourbon

Here’s a no-brainer: of course, your dad will love it if it came from you. If you give him a gift from the heart, that’s all that matters. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Blanton’s Bourbon a good gift for Dad?

Yes, Blanton’s Bourbon is a good gift for Dad this Father’s Day. Of course, bonus points if your dad considers this top-shelf one of his favorite bottles. This rare bottle is a great gift for Father’s Day, and he will proudly show it off with his other fine liquors if you give it to him. 

What bourbon accessories can you get as gifts for dad?

You can get bourbon accessories like a sturdy, timeless decanter, a barrel flight with glasses set, or colossal ice sphere molds as Father’s Day gifts for dad. He’ll be able to use all these accessories for his favorite hobby. But do you put bourbon in a decanter?

What bourbon should I get my dad?

Selecting the perfect bourbon for your dad depends on his taste preferences and the depth of his bourbon appreciation. Consider reputable brands like Pappy Van Winkle, Blanton’s, or Booker’s for a luxurious gift, or explore limited-edition releases from distilleries he admires to elevate his bourbon experience.

What goes with a bourbon gift?

Complementing a bourbon gift with thoughtful accessories enhances the overall present. Consider items like a set of high-quality whiskey glasses, artisanal whiskey stones, a personalized whiskey decanter, or even a guidebook on bourbon to further enrich your dad’s enjoyment of the spirit.

What to get a dad who already has everything?

For a dad who seemingly has everything, experiential gifts can be the key. Consider a private bourbon tasting experience, a distillery tour, or a subscription to a premium bourbon club that delivers curated selections to his doorstep. These experiences provide a unique and memorable touch to his collection.

What do you get a bourbon connoisseur?

Choosing a gift for a bourbon connoisseur demands a nuanced approach. Opt for rare or limited-edition releases from respected distilleries, distinctive crystal glassware, a high-quality bourbon barrel-aged coffee, or even a membership to an exclusive whiskey club for access to unique bottles and events.

Is Jack Daniel’s a bourbon?

No, Jack Daniel’s is not classified as a bourbon. While it shares similarities, such as being produced in the United States and aged in new charred oak barrels, Jack Daniel’s undergoes an additional filtration process called the Lincoln County Process, which involves charcoal filtering before aging. This distinction categorizes it as Tennessee whiskey rather than bourbon.

Is bourbon the poor man’s scotch?

The notion that bourbon is the “poor man’s scotch” oversimplifies the diverse and rich landscape of whiskey. Both bourbon and scotch have unique characteristics shaped by their respective production methods and regional influences.

While bourbon is primarily produced in the United States and often features a sweeter profile, scotch, hailing from Scotland, encompasses a broader range of flavors influenced by various factors, including region, peat, and aging.

Both hold their esteemed places in the world of whiskey, appealing to different palates and preferences. Dismissing bourbon as inferior overlooks its intricate craftsmanship and the preferences of many whiskey enthusiasts who appreciate its distinct qualities.

Is bourbon the same as whisky?

While all bourbon is whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon; bourbon is a specific type of American whiskey with distinctive production regulations, including being made from at least 51% corn, aged in new charred oak barrels, and meeting other criteria that set it apart from other whiskey categories globally.

What are the 5 things for bourbon?

To appreciate bourbon fully, consider the “Five S’s”: See – examine the color and clarity, Swirl – to release aromas, Smell – inhale and identify scents, Sip – let the bourbon coat your palate, and Savor – enjoy the lingering flavors. These steps enhance the tasting experience and allow you to savor the nuances of the bourbon.

Is A bourbon A whiskey?

Yes, bourbon is a type of whiskey. The terms are often used interchangeably, but whiskey is a broad category that encompasses various styles, including bourbon. What distinguishes bourbon is its specific production requirements, such as the use of at least 51% corn in the mash bill and aging in new charred oak barrels.

What should I get my dad on a budget?

Even on a budget, thoughtful gifts can make a significant impact. Consider a personalized item, like a custom mug or engraved keychain, a DIY gift that showcases your skills, or a heartfelt handwritten letter expressing your love and appreciation. It’s the sentiment behind the gift that often matters most.

What to get a rich person who has everything?

Selecting a gift for someone affluent who seemingly has everything can be challenging. Consider experiences, such as a private chef’s dinner, a curated wine or spirits tasting, or a unique travel adventure. Personalized and bespoke items, like custom-made jewelry or artwork, can also be thoughtful choices that cater to their distinct tastes.

What can I help my dad with?

Offering help to your dad depends on his needs and preferences. Consider assisting with practical tasks around the house, offering tech support if he’s struggling with gadgets, or providing companionship by spending quality time together. Tailor your assistance to his interests and daily life to make a meaningful impact and show your care and support.Top of Form

Conclusion: Bourbon Gifts for Dad 

And there’s our round-up of the best bourbon gifts for Dad! 

If your dad enjoys bourbon whiskey, rest assured that he’ll love everything on this list — from sturdy crystal glasses, cigar subscriptions, and club memberships. Check everything on this list to find a gift that best suits his personality. 

Show your dad that you appreciate all he does by giving him any of these gifts this Father’s Day. 


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