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Corona Premier vs Corona Light: Which is the Better Beer?

Corona Premier vs Corona Light 

One of the largest beer brands in Mexico is Corona. They have various offerings, but two of their most popular variants are Corona Premier and Corona Light. 

While they’re very similar in many aspects, we can’t help but wonder which is better between Corona Premier vs Corona Light. 

Our team decided to end this confusion through a taste test. Read to find out what we discovered.

Corona Premier vs Corona Light Beer Comparison

Man Holding Bottle of Corona Premier and Corona Light

Both Corona Premier and Corona Light are light American lagers that have low alcohol content (around 4%) and bitterness. 

We find them very drinkable and smooth, with a crisp and clean finish. 

However, the Corona Premier is lighter in calories and has a more refined flavor, while Corona Light has a good flavor balance. 

Both lack the traditional beer character, as they’re quite fizzy.  

How They Differ 

History & Launch Date

In the US, Corona Light was first introduced in 1989. It was the flagship product of Grupo Modela’s light beer division until it launched Corona Premier in 2018.

“Corona Premier offers the light beer experience men 35 plus have been waiting for. These guys have upgraded just about every brand in their life since college – now it’s time to upgrade their beer, too.”

– John Alvarado, Marketing VP of Corona

As Grupo Modelo wanted to expand its light beer options range, they’ve launched Corona Premier targeting sophisticated drinkers wanting to deviate from the classic Corona Light. 

Beer Type & Classification

Man Holding Bottle of Corona Premier

Both Corona Premier and Corona Light are categorized as lagers. They’re made using the same yeast recipe, and they’re both fermented at cold temperatures. 

The BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) said that these beers, which are both light American lagers, meet the standard for color intensity, alcohol content, and bitterness. 

Specifically, both beers have an IBU range between 8 and 12 and their SRM between 2 and 3.

Regarding the alcohol content, both fall between the 2.8% and 4.2% range. 

Brewing Process & Main Ingredients

As mentioned, Premier and Light utilized bottom-fermented yeast in brewing. They’re crafted using the same basic ingredients: water, yeast, hops, and malt. 

Although both are vegan-friendly, they’re not ideal for individuals with gluten sensitivity due to the presence of malted barley. 

However, one notable difference is how the crafting handles the reduction of calories in the Premier. Grupo Modelo lessens the carbs used in crafting the beers. 

But considering the low-carb content of Corona Premier, it’s clear how the company make it a lighter beer than Corona Light. 

Alcohol Content

Bottle of Corona Light Beer and a Glass

Corona Light and Premier have the same range of alcohol content, which is around 4% ABV. So, it’s clear that both are light beers. 

Corona Premier is lighter than Corona Light due to its low-calorie and carb content. 

According to the brand, Corona Light Premier have the same ABV. Even though the former has a slight edge over the latter, that difference is insignificant. 

Regardless of how much you drink, both can have the same effect.

Tasting Notes


The crisp and clean finish of Corona Light is a result of the balance between the malt and hops. Corona Premier has the same taste but is more even-bodied and refreshing.

Bitterness Level

Since they’re light lagers, they don’t have a strong bitter flavor. But Corona Premier may have a lower bitterness level since it’s lighter than Corona Light. 


The appearance of Corona beers has been a key point in their sales for decades.

In the past, the original Corona Premier was bottled in clear glass bottles, which seems an unprecedented move. 

However, the Grupo Modelo didn’t bulge the bottle and kept it in its original condition. The clear bottles show off the golden color of Corona beer. 

Specifically, the bottles of Corona Premier have straw-like yellow tones, while the Corona Premier is a bit lighter in color when viewed closely.

But the main difference between their appearance is the label. Although their bottles have the same caps, you can tell which is which from their labels.


Close Up Shot of Corona Premier

Both Corona Premier and Corona Light have aromas of honey, malt, and fruit, but it can be hard to identify these notes due to the lack of strong and lasting scents.

Even if you could, in a blind test, determine the aroma of a beer, it would be hard to tell their difference.


Due to the same style of these beers, their mouthfeel is almost the same. Both are carbonated, so there is a fizz. 

Besides, both of these beers feel watered down, and their individual flavors disappear after the chug. 

Since they lack the bitterness found in traditional beers, they make a great mix of various food, like Buffalo wings, French Fries, noodles, and fried fish. 

Calories & Carbohydrates

Corona Light has 99 calories per 12 ounces (or one can), while the Corona Premier is crafted with 90 calories per the same serving [1]. 

Considering these counts, it’s clear that the Corona Premier is low in calories and carbs than the Corona Light. 

When it comes to carbs per can, the difference between these two beers is that the former has 4.8g of carbs, while the latter has 2.6g. 

This means that Corona Premier is still better than Light if you’re looking for a low-carb beer.

But how many Coronas will get you drunk?

Price Point

Man Holding Bottle of Corona Light

Corona Premier and Light have the same price point. 12-pack bottles cost around $13.5 based on the suggested retail price. 

However, the prices may vary depending on where you’re buying from and the number per pack you’re purchasing. 

The price of these Corona [2] beers is reasonable, given the satisfaction and refreshment they can provide. 

Customer Perception (Popularity Test)

Based on reviews we get online, here’s what other drinkers rate Corona Light and Premier (on a scale of 1 to 10): 

PlatformCorona LightCorona Premier
Total Score6.4 rating 7.3 rating 


Which is healthier, Corona Premier or Corona Light?

The healthier beer is Corona Premier due to its low carb and calorie count. It’s also low in alcohol content, so it’s perfect for health-conscious drinkers, especially those on a diet. 

Which is more widely available at bars, Corona Premier or Corona Light?

Corona Light and Conor Premier are widely available at bars. But, if you ask which is the most popular, that would be Corona Premier, due to its lighter and low-calorie characteristics. 

How does the taste of Corona Premier compare to Corona Light?

Corona Premier is often described as having a slightly fuller flavor compared to Corona Light. While both are light beers, Corona Premier may have a crisper and more distinct taste profile.

What is the alcohol content of Corona Premier and Corona Light?

Corona Premier typically has a slightly higher alcohol by volume (ABV) compared to Corona Light. Corona Premier usually has around 4.0% ABV, while Corona Light typically has around 4.1% ABV.

Are there any differences in calorie and carbohydrate content between Corona Premier and Corona Light?

Corona Premier and Corona Light are both marketed as low-calorie and low-carb options. However, Corona Premier may have slightly fewer calories and carbohydrates per serving compared to Corona Light.

Do Corona Premier and Corona Light come in different packaging?

Yes, Corona Premier and Corona Light may come in different packaging options. While both are commonly available in bottles and cans, the packaging design and size may vary depending on the market and consumer preferences.

Final Verdict

When all things are considered – it’s clear that Corona Premier has the edge over Corona Light. 

While they’re both light beers with low ABV and bitterness levels, there’s something in Corona Premier that overtakes Corona Light: more refined flavor and low-calorie content. 

But this is subjective. The best will still depend on a drinker’s preference. 


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