Hennessy Alcohol Percentage: Full Guide (2023 Updated)

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“Blame it on Hennessy!” is a very common line in rap music. It talks about crazy stuff they did because they had too much to drink. Does it contain so much alcohol that it makes one insane?

So, our team got to work and did a lot of research to know Hennesy’s alcohol percentage.

How Much Alcohol Does Hennessy Have? 


In general, Hennessy contains 40% ABV. It is a type of brandy that holds high alcohol content. Some contain higher but not so much of a difference. When bottled, Hennessy contains 80 proof. 

However, this level of alcohol changes once they store the fermented liquid inside barrels. The level of alcohol also changes due to the aging process, although not so much. 

The area where these barrels are stored makes a difference. The length of time it is aged also makes a difference. Variants of Hennessy start to create their authenticity the moment they are placed inside their chosen oak barrels.

Do All Hennessy Variants Have The Same ABV? 

No, not all variants of Hennessy have the same ABV. As mentioned earlier, after fermentation, flavor and alcohol content will begin to change. These variants start with 80 proof when stored inside their respective casks. 

However, the difference between the variants is not that evident. One aspect that changes the alcohol level is humidity. If stored in areas where the temperature rises, it will naturally evaporate [1]. 

Another affecting factor is aging. The time spent on wooden casks allows the alcohol to rest. Meaning it will mature and it will mellow down. It does not necessarily lessen the alcohol but the burn. It makes the drink smoother as they age. 

Do Mixers Affect Intoxication?

Club Soda

Mixing strong drinks with carbonated mixers can accelerate the speed of intoxication [2]. The taste will be affected, too. It can be sweeter, bitter, or sour depending on what you add. 

For stronger drinks, the intention for mixers is to lessen the pungent smell and flavor of alcohol. 

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Hennessy Variant With The Highest Alcohol Content 

Among the many variants of Hennessy, Master Blender’s Selection No. 2 has the highest alcohol content. Perfected by Hennessy Master Blender Yann Fillioux, he crafted this particular cognac as a single batch with an ABV of 43%. 

This concoction is a blend of Eaux-de-vies aged at least ten years before combined and aged for another 18 months. The strong personality of this selection cannot be denied, with notes of spice and vanilla. This bottle is priced at around $292 per 750ml.


Is Hennessy the strongest alcohol?

No, Hennessy is not the strongest alcohol, but it is one of the many spirits with high alcohol content. It generally has 40% ABV. 

Can Hennessy get you drunk?

Yes, Hennessy can get you drunk because it is 80 proof, which translates to an ABV percentage of 40%. A shot of Hennessy is tolerable, but three shots in an hour will definitely cause you to be in a drunken state. 

Final Thoughts

Hennessy cognac is one of the most famous drinks because of its unequaled flavor. Its popularity can also be because of its alcohol strength which is quite high. A standard Hennessy alcohol content is at 40% ABV, which is one of the highest alcoholic beverages in the liquor market. 

Since it is mandatory to age Hennessy, the common alcohol burn down the throat is almost gone. The longer they are kept in the barrel, the better rested the alcohol is. That is why people tend to forget the alcohol strength of the famous Hennessy brandy. 



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