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Hennessy Black Review & Guide (2024 Updated)

Hennessy Black buying guide

Last Updated on March 15, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Standing firm on their tagline, “Never Stop, Never Settle,” Hennessy continues to produce high-quality cognac for everyone to enjoy. Hennessy Black Cognac is different from the other Hennessy variants because of its texture, characteristics, and taste.

Learn more about this out-of-the-ordinary cognac with our in-depth Hennessy Black review and taste test.

Hennessy Black: What Is It?

Hennessy Black Review

Hennessy Black debuted in 2009 by LVMH. It is made from 45 different Eaux-de-vie types and aged in French Limousin oak barrels for two or more years. This bottle is different from a standard Hennessy that is smooth since these are intentionally created to be in a mix. 

This cognac is made in France and can be drunk straight. However, it is preferred by many as a base for mixing. Unlike the usual sweet-fruity taste of Hennessy, this cognac is created for mixed drinks and cocktails. It is still made of high-quality ingredients and manufactured in France, though taste and texture are different.

What Does Hennessy Black Taste Like?

Hennessy Black Cognac tastes similar to an Armagnac of young age with that back-of-the-throat bite. It may not taste the same as a regular Hennessy, but one would love the fruity taste when it touches the tongue. 

The smell of honey and citrus is quite evident with a bold hint of jasmine. However, the harsh notes do not make this cognac good for sipping. You don’t have to wonder if it works with mixers or coke because it does. 

How Much Does It Cost?  

Hennessy Black with glass

Many consider Hennessy Black an overpriced cocktail mixer as it is roughly $49 per 750 ml bottle. Although this variant is much smoother than Hennessy VS, it is still far from the more expensive and mature bottles that are distinctively smooth. It is even more costly if you check other reviews online. So, how much Hennessy will get you drunk?

Common Hennessy Black Prices

Common Hennessy Black Prices

Type Bottle Size Alcohol Proof Average Price
Hennessy Black  375 80 $23.99 – $28.99
750 80 $42.99 – $48.99
1 L 80 $61.99 – $63.99

Hennessy Black Bottle & Label 

The same with its mysterious content, Hennessy black also has a contemporary dark design representing the gateway cognac. The manufacturer claims they designed the bottle to signify people who drink something out-of-the-ordinary. It looks like a black bell, but the shape of this cognac is very similar to the other bottles of Hennessy. 

Alcohol Content  

Hennessy Black with cocktail

This bottle is 80 proof and 43% ABV. Like other Hennessy cognac brandies, this drink is enough to make a person dizzy after two glasses. Though this liquor is preferred to be used as a mix, it is still advisable for everyone to go easy on their intake when they drink it to avoid intoxication [1]. 

This cognac is supposedly made to be an alternative to white liquors like vodka to be used in mixing drinks. 

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Distinct Characteristics of Hennessy Black

Distinct Characteristics of Hennessy Black


Hennessy Black has a dark gold color which is somehow similar to a regular Hennessy, just a tad darker. Since this is categorized as a VS cognac, it has a lighter hue than other aged cognacs in the market. 

It stays inside the barrel longer than a VS cognac, but it has not acquired the color of the French oak barrel it aged in.  

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Hennessy Black Bottles with Box

Hennessy Black Cognac is aged longer than any Hennessy VS bottle. It stayed inside the French oak barrel for five years, but the mixed aux-de vies already aged for at least two years before combining this liquor. 

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This drink has a clear finish despite being Hennessy’s alternative to stronger spirits such as tequila and vodka. It has a smooth finish, brought by the number of years inside the barrel where it is stored. 

Cognacs aged longer have tamed flavor compared to those that are aged younger. Read the reviews from other sites and see if they think otherwise. 


Cognacs such as Hennessy Black are best sniffed in tulip glasses to smell the hint of lemon and honey with a touch of jasmine. You will inhale the whiff of grapes with a blend of citrusy smell as you dip your nose to the tip of the glass. However, the short period inside the French oak barrels also gave it a hint of oaky smell. But, can you spot fake Hennessy?

Mouth (En Bouche)

Black Hennessy cognacs are smoother than other Hennessy VS variants. This is still best for mixing and not for sipping. It has a rather harsh bite to the throat as you swallow it. Many cognac enthusiasts love drinking this fruity blend, but most prefer it as a mix with soda or champagne. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is Hennessy Black different?

Hennessy Black is different from other Hennessy variants because it is created to be Hennessy’s answer to modern and stylish beverages. This variant is intended for those individuals who are not afraid to try outside of the box.

Does Hennessy Black have carbs?

Hennessy Black does not have carbs, ideal for individuals watching their diet. When mixed with cocktails, this will acquire added carbohydrates, but one can choose to have this drink chilled or with ice to improve the quality of its harsh aftertaste flavor.

Is Hennessy Black too strong?

No, Hennessy Black is not too strong if you compare it to vodka and tequila, which sometimes reaches 60% ABV. However, this variant is stronger compared to other Hennessy drinks, making it best for mixing cocktails during a party with friends. 

Is Hennessy Black any good?

The perception of whether Hennessy Black is “good” is subjective and depends on personal taste preferences. Hennessy Black is a variant of Hennessy cognac, known for its lighter and smoother profile compared to some other Hennessy expressions. It is often described as having floral and fruity notes. Whether it’s considered “good” depends on individual preferences for cognac styles.

Is Hennessy Black sweet?

Hennessy Black is generally considered less sweet compared to some other Hennessy expressions. It is designed to be a smoother and more approachable cognac with lighter flavors. While it may have some sweetness inherent to cognac, it is not as sweet as certain liqueurs or flavored spirits.

Is Hennessy and Hennessy Black the same thing?

Hennessy and Hennessy Black are both products of the Hennessy cognac house, but they are different expressions. Hennessy Black is a specific variant that was introduced to the market with a focus on a lighter and smoother profile. Regular Hennessy (often referred to as Hennessy VS) is the classic and more widely known expression with a broader flavor spectrum, including richer and more robust notes.

What can I mix Hennessy Black with?

Hennessy Black can be mixed with various ingredients to create flavorful cocktails. Common mixers include ginger ale, cola, lemon-lime soda, or fruit juices like orange or pineapple. It’s also enjoyable over ice or in classic cocktails like the Hennessy Black Sour, which may include lemon juice and simple syrup. Experimenting with different mixers allows you to find combinations that suit your taste preferences.

Which is better, Hennessy or Hennessy Black?

The preference between Hennessy and Hennessy Black is subjective and depends on individual taste preferences. Regular Hennessy (VS) is known for its rich and complex flavor profile, while Hennessy Black is designed to be lighter and smoother. Some may prefer the depth of flavor in classic Hennessy, while others may enjoy the approachability of Hennessy Black. It ultimately comes down to personal taste and the desired characteristics in a cognac.

How does Hennessy Black taste?

Hennessy Black is characterized by a lighter and smoother taste compared to some other Hennessy expressions. It often features floral and fruity notes with hints of honey and citrus. The flavor profile is designed to be approachable, making it a versatile option for mixing in cocktails. Tasting experiences are subjective, so individual perceptions may vary.

How long is Hennessy Black aged?

Hennessy Black undergoes a shorter aging process compared to some other Hennessy cognacs. While specific aging information for Hennessy Black might not be publicly disclosed by the Hennessy cognac house, it is generally considered to have a younger age profile than some of the more premium Hennessy expressions.

Is Hennessy a classy drink?

Hennessy is often considered a classy and sophisticated drink. As a well-known and respected brand of cognac, it has a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Hennessy is enjoyed in various settings, from elegant occasions to casual gatherings, and it is often associated with refinement and tradition.

How do you drink Hennessy Black cognac?

Hennessy Black can be enjoyed in several ways. It can be sipped neat or on the rocks to appreciate its flavors, but it is also suitable for mixing in cocktails. Popular mixes include Hennessy Black with ginger ale, cola, lemon-lime soda, or fruit juices like orange or pineapple. Experiment with different ratios and garnishes to find a combination that suits your taste preferences.

Is Black Hennessy stronger?

The term “stronger” can be interpreted in different ways. If you mean higher alcohol content, Hennessy Black typically has the same alcohol by volume (ABV) as regular Hennessy, which is 40%. However, if you’re referring to flavor intensity, Hennessy Black is often described as lighter and smoother compared to some other Hennessy expressions, which may be perceived as richer and more robust. The strength of the drink ultimately depends on individual taste preferences.

Hennessy Black Review

Hennessy Black is indeed a different offering from LVMH. They have made themselves something that can topple over tequila and vodka when paired with lemon juice, coffee liqueur, soda, or even coke. Cocktails like the Hennessy Punch, will have a different but delicious flavor with this cognac. 

Though some drinkers want to have their cognac neat, it would be better to get a bit of ice to mellow it down or make cocktails instead. You can now elevate your party with friends with this new variant from Hennessy. Have a taste of this Black Cognac from Hennessy and experience the modern taste of cognac. 


  1. What is intoxication?
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