How Many Beers Equal a Shot of Vodka? (2023 Updated)

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Vodka shots are popular worldwide mainly because of their alcohol strength. Others choose beer because of the limited alcohol in it. If you compare the two, how many beers equals a shot of vodka? Our research team took some time gathering details to find out the answer. 

If you want to know what we have discovered, then read on.

A Shot Of Vodka: How Many Beers Is It?  


One shot of vodka is equal to a bottle of beer. A standard serving of beer is 12 ounces, containing 5-6% alcohol by volume. It could be brown ale, draft, malt, dark beer, or domestic beer. This makes one shot of Absolut vodka stronger because it has 40-60% alcohol by volume. 

The question is not how many beers equal a shot of hard liquors but how much alcohol you will be getting from that one shot. One hard drink shot is technically the same as one beer. A 1.5-ounce shot of whiskey is just as strong too. 

What Is A Shot?

A shot is considered a small drink commonly used for distilled liquors, poured in a shot glass. The standard 1.5 oz shot is also equal to a glass of wine. A 1.5 oz shot is not the same amount you will be getting at all times. 

It would depend on where you are and how generous the bartender is when they pour liquid into your small glass. There is a single shot and a double, which contains 3 ounces technically. However, anything beyond two ounces is considered double.

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Shot vs Beer Bottle

Shot vs Beer Bottle


Drinking one beer is the same as having a shot of whiskey and vodka and a glass of wine. Each alcoholic beverage has its equivalent alcohol volume. These vodka glasses containing one ounce of liquor contain 40 to 60% alcohol per shot. So, how many shots of vodka will get you drunk?

It is also how much alcohol you drink with a 1.6 oz glass of wine. What is important is that you note how many shots of vodka you consume every hour. Your body can only process one drink every hour. 

Alcohol Content

Corona Extra

A standard bottle of beer contains 5% to 8% alcohol only. The alcohol content differs in each alcoholic beverage. Sunset Rum and Devil Springs vodka normally have 40%-60% ABV. One glass of wine has 12% ABV.

One shot of whiskey contains the same amount of alcohol. The general rule of drinking is to consume enough for the body to process. Slowly Drinking beer allows you to abide by the rules easily since beer equals less alcohol. 

Required Consumption Time

Blood Alcohol Concentration [1] or BAC influences how alcohol affects you. Ideally, the body can only process a standard drink per hour. This means that you can only drink a bottle of beer, one vodka shot, or a glass of wine. 

Hard alcoholic beverages, on the other hand, have the same rule. It should only be one and a quarter ounces placed in a shot glass. 

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Variations In Shot Volume

Variations In Shot Volume


Shot Volume (in oz and ml)

United States

1.48 oz


1.69 oz


2.02 oz


67 oz


1.35 oz

United Kingdom

84 oz


1.01 oz

What If You’re Drinking A High-Alcohol Beer?

If you are properly drinking a high-alcohol beer, you will be enjoying it for an hour or so. Regardless of the alcohol content, the effect is the same. The body can process 90% of alcohol every hour. Shots tend to fly with friends, and the maximum limit is easily reached. 

The general rule of thumb is to consume just enough for your body to process. If you have to consume more than one drink, a half-pint perhaps, take it gradually to avoid getting completely drunk.

Excessive alcohol use can get you drunk faster. Indeed, it’s essential to know how many beers equal a shot, so you can control what your body can only consume. But what percentage of Americans consume alcohol?

Can You Take A Shot With Beer? 

Mini Beer Shots

Yes, you can take a shot with beer if you want to have more alcohol in your drink. However, you can also have one alcoholic drink alongside your bottle of beer. 

You can also create alcoholic beverages, a mixture of beer, and a shot of whiskey or other wine. Creating a mix such as an Irish Car bomb or a beer cocktail can also be done.

You can also find plenty of other concoctions with a mixture of red or white wine and beer. But what age group consumes the most alcohol?


What gets you more tipsy/drunk, a shot of vodka or a beer?

Either beer or one shot of vodka can get you tipsy or drunk if you drink it fast. It would have the same effect since a single shot contains the same alcohol as a serving of beer. 

How many beers equal a fifth of vodka?

A fifth of vodka is equal to 25.36 oz of beer. One ml is equal to 0.033814 oz. A fifth of hard liquor like, Irish whiskey, equals 750 ml. If you serve beer in a standard shot of 1.5 oz, it will reach approximately 17 shots. Find out how much a keg of beer is worth here

How many beers equal a pint of vodka?

A pint of Absolute vodka equals 39 bottles of craft beers. However, since spirits have more alcohol content, they wouldn’t cause the same buzz if you drink them at the same speed. 

Key Takeaways 

A bottle of beer is just equal to a shot of vodka. Each serving of alcohol has a certain effect on our bodies. Furthermore, a regular beer in a bottle is at 12 ounces, containing 5-6% alcohol by volume. Hard liquor contains 40-60% ABV.

The bottom line here is that knowing your body’s capacity in processing alcohol should make you responsible for your intake. If you have to drink as many beers as you can, a half pint or more, then do it slowly. The same way if you are to consume one glass of pure alcohol.   




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