How Many Calories In A Bottle of Wine: Explained (2023)

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Although we all want to live a healthy lifestyle, it can be hard to achieve this when the temptation to drink wine is so strong. Why?

Because wines have calories, and it’s much more than we expect. If you’re counting or avoiding consuming too much calories, you better not miss this post. 

Let’s find out how many calories are in a bottle of wine and see if we’re consuming too much.  

How Many Calories Are In A Wine Bottle?

Pouring Wine on a Glasses

A wine bottle (750ml) may contain an average of 615 kcal (calories) and 123 kcal per serving (glass).

But this count may vary depending on the type of wine: red, white, and rose wines. 

Number Of Calories Found In A Wine Bottle 

Red Wine

Wine TypeAlcohol ContentCalories per ServingCalories per Bottle
Syrah/Shiraz13–14.5% 122–123 kcal/150ml610–615 kcal/750ml
Cabernet Sauvignon13.5% (lower or higher)122–125 kcal/150ml610–625 kcal/750ml
Sangiovese12.5–13.5% 110 kcal/150ml550 kcal/750ml
Pinot Noir13.5–14.5% 113–119 kcal/150ml565–595 kcal/750ml
Malbec13-14% 118–122 kcal/150ml590–610 kcal/750ml
Merlot12.5–13.5% 122–125 kcal/150ml610–625 kcal/750ml
Zinfandel14.5% (or higher)122–131 kcal/150ml610–655 kcal/750ml

White Wine

Wine TypeAlcohol ContentCalories per ServingCalories per Bottle
Pinot Grigio12.5–13.5% 105–122 kcal/150ml525–610 kcal/750ml
Chardonnay13.6% 105–118 kcal/150ml525–590 kcal/750ml
Riesling8–13.5% 118–123 kcal/150ml580–615 kcal/750ml
Sauvignon Blanc10–11.5% 108–119 kcal/150ml540–595 kcal/750ml
Sweet White WineMore than 14% 120–130 kcal/150ml620–650 kcal/750ml
Gewürztraminer14% (or higher)177–213 kcal/150ml885–1,065 kcal/750ml
Semillon13.5–14.5% 122 kcal/15ml610 kcal/750ml
Moscato5–9% 111–147 kcal/150ml555–735 kcal/750ml

Rose Wine

Wine TypeAlcohol ContentCalories per ServingCalories per Bottle
French Rosé12.5–13.5% 138 kcal/175ml625 kcal/750ml
Portuguese Rosé10–12% 125 kcal/100ml480 kcal/750ml
Spanish Rosé11–13.5% 83–147 kcal/150ml415 to 735 kcal/750ml
California White ZinfandelUnder 12.5% 90-120 kcal/150ml664 kcal/750ml

2 Main Factors That Affect The Calories In A Wine Bottle

Pouring Bottle of wine on a Glass

Alcohol Content

One easy way to check the calories in wine is by taking a look at its alcohol content. 

Since alcohol and calories come from the same source—grape fructose, they’re directly proportional. 

Wines with different types of grapes will have varying calorie counts. And the higher the alcohol content, the more sugar it contains, which turns into calories. 

Sugar Content

As mentioned, the higher the alcohol content, the more sugar it contains. It’s because alcohol turns into sugar, which dictates the calories the spirit contains.

When you see numbers like that, you’re getting into the 200- to 300-calorie range. That’s about the same amount of calories as a medium McDonald’s fries or a cup of vanilla ice cream.”

Lindsay Moyer, Senior Nutritionist at the Center for Science in the Public Interest

Tips On How To Manage Your Caloric Intake

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Look For Low-Calorie Wines

Since wines aren’t required to put nutrition facts on their bottles, one indicator is the alcohol content. More alcohol, more sugar, or more calories [1]. 

So, look for low-ABV wines if you plan to consume more. A 10–11% ABV wine is just enough. 

Compute The Calorie Content Using A Formula

A precise formula can be used to determine the amount of alcohol in a glass of wine. 

You’ll need to measure the volume of your drink (the oz or ml) and the alcohol’s ABV% to compute the calorie content. 

The formula: (Fluid ounces) x (ABV%) x 1.6 = Calories per serving (kcal)

For instance, you have one serving of wine (5oz) with 14% ABV. To compute that would be:

5oz x 14 x 1.6 = 112 kcal

So, the calorie count of your drink is 112 kcal. 

Limit Your Wine Intake

Wine Bottles on a Rack

If you can’t measure the alcohol content or the calorie count of your drink, then you better limit your intake.

Doing so will give you an estimate of how many calories you’ll be consuming.

Burn Off The Calories

If you can’t do any of the tips above, just burn the calories afterward. 

Doing something physical can help burn this off, and spending around 30 minutes of exercise per day, like yoga or walking, is recommended.


How many calories are in a 750ml bottle of dry red wine?

A 750ml bottle of dry red wine contains 600-625 calories on average and 123 kcal per 5 oz [2].

How much wine are 500 calories?

500 calories of wine are like consuming 20.5 fluid oz of Merlot. It’s around 3.4 glasses of wine. 

Does dry red wine have fewer calories?

Dry red wines tend to have fewer calories as they typically contain less than 10g of sugar per liter. 

Which red wine is the lowest in calories?

The red wine with the lowest calories is Pinot Noir. Typically, Pinot Noir contains 113–119 calories per 150ml serving. 

Final Say 

Drinking too much wine is like eating a burger or a slice of pizza. 

While the calorie content varies bottle by bottle and per variety, at least you can estimate how many calories you’re taking. 

Wine is meant to be enjoyed; you shouldn’t miss this delicious drink. But make sure to watch how much you’re drinking and be mindful of the calories to stay healthy. 



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