Michter’s American Whiskey Bottle Review (2023 Edition)

Michter's American Whiskey Review 

The Michter’s brand goes beyond the traditional blending of whiskey by introducing their Unblended American Whiskey, which doesn’t have the usual corn, rye, and barley grains. Since this whiskey is crafted differently from others, how do you think would it taste like? Let’s all find out in this Michter’s American Whiskey review.  Michter’s American Small … Read more

7 Best Whiskeys For A Toothache (2023 Updated)

a brand logo for the Best Whiskey for a Toothache

For centuries, drinking whiskey, Scotch, and vodka has been used as a folk remedy for toothaches.  Alcohol is believed to fight bacteria causing toothache while numbing the pain. And the sweet taste has said to have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing inflammation and tooth infection. But is whiskey really an effective remedy for dental pain? Can we … Read more

15 Best Whiskey Bottles Under $50: Tasted & Ranked (2023)

Best Whiskey Under 50

For the last few years, dozens of new whiskeys have been on the market, making it more challenging to choose the right bottle and spend money without disappointment.  It gets harder to decide, especially if your budget is limited. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are the best whiskeys under $50 worth trying. Top … Read more

10 Best Peach Whiskey Brands You Should Try (2023 Edition)

Best Peach Whiskey

Distilled spirits infused with flavors are getting popular these days, but some brands overdo it while some don’t do it enough.  If you are looking for a fruity whiskey that does not cover up the brown spirit’s distinct taste, you have come to the right place.  We’ve tried various peach whiskeys in circulation and selected … Read more

15 Best Apple Whiskey Brands To Try (2023 Edition)

Best Apple Whiskey

Apples can be anywhere from downright sour to sweet and tart, but do you know it mixes excellently with whiskey?  Apple-flavored whiskeys taste great on their own, but since it is versatile, you can use them to make fabulous cocktails. Read on for our expert picks of the best apple whiskey bottles to sip by … Read more

Jack Daniel’s Bonded vs Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash Whiskey | Expert Comparison

Jack Daniel's Bonded vs Jack Daniel's Triple Mash Whiskey 

Jack Daniel’s has been dropping exclusive editions that you rarely find. And it’s really frustrating thinking you can’t get special releases from your favorite whiskey brand.  But good news, the distillery announced Jack’s Triple Mash and Jack Daniel’s Bonded Tennessee Whiskey as the first two permanent expressions in their new Bonded Series. While both are … Read more

Is Whiskey Good For High Blood Pressure? (2023 Edition)

Is Whiskey Good For High Blood Pressure

Whiskey is a dark, distilled spirit that started as medicine in 16th century Scotland. Doctors prescribed this liquor during the Prohibition Era for people with tuberculosis, pneumonia, and high blood pressure.  And this article will discuss evidence supporting one of these traditional claims: Is whiskey good for high blood pressure? Does Whiskey Help Lower Blood … Read more

Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash Whiskey Review (2023 Edition)

Jack Daniel's Triple Mash Whiskey Review

Aside from Jack Daniel’s famed Black Label bottle, its Triple Mash bottles have been rolling high in the market, especially in the Bottled-in-Bond world. This intriguing bottle release is another milestone for Jack Daniel’s in bringing bonded American malt into rye and Tennessee whiskey. But is it a solid punch? After a few blind tastings, … Read more

How To Clean Whiskey Stones: Full Guide (2023)

How to Clean Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones can be your handy solution if you want a full flavor profile plus chill whiskey minus the dilution.  But how to clean whiskey stones and maintain them? Should you wash it, or does it even get dirty?  Read on to find out.  3 Easy Steps To Clean Whiskey Stones  1. Wash The Whiskey … Read more

What’s The Best Whiskey To Drink Straight? 17 Expert Picks for 2023

What Is The Best Whiskey To Drink Straight

Drinking whiskey straight reveals a lot about your drinking experience because it allows you to appreciate the true flavor profile of the whiskey. Some whiskeys are meant to be enjoyed in cocktails and poured over ice, while there are show-stopping bottles when consumed straight. Let’s get to know what is the best whiskey to drink … Read more

Bushmills vs Jameson Whiskey: What’s the Difference? (2023)

Bushmills vs Jameson

You’re probably reading this because you want to know which Irish whiskey bottle you should buy or which Irish whiskey cocktail you would better enjoy at your go-to bar.  Our team spent the entire week learning all about these two brands — from aroma and taste to pricing — to give you an in-depth comparison. Here’s … Read more

15 Best Rye Whiskeys Under $50 Ranked for 2023

Best Rye Whiskey Under $50

Rye is a lighter American whiskey made with a high-rye mash bill. It gives a more intense and distinct flavor. If you’ve never had rye, you’re missing half of your life. With so many different types of rye whiskey out there, you no longer have any excuses to pass up on this beverage. Don’t worry; … Read more

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Bottle Prices, Sizes, Varieties & Buying Guide

Jack Daniel’s Buying Guide

One of the most recognizable American whiskies all over the world is Jack Daniel’s. The black label is their best-selling product, but Jack Daniel’s also offers a wide variety of signature blends and flavors.  Our team spent 48 hours researching Jack Daniel’s price and everything we should know about this famous Tennessee whiskey.  An Overview … Read more

Black and White Scotch Whisky Bottle Price & Guide (2023)

Black and White buying guide

Diageo is widely famous for producing best-selling liquor brands, including Johnnie Walker, J&B, and Crown Royal. However, Black and White Scotch whisky may not be as familiar, but it is a classic brand that supplied the royal family before.  This article is a quick review of the Black and White whisky price and how it … Read more

Rum vs Whiskey: Which is Better? (2023 Updated)

Rum vs Whiskey

After a long and tiring day, a glass of alcohol would be good to relax the nerves. Would you choose the dry yet bursting nectarous rum flavor or the smoky, malty, and complex savor of whiskey?  Find out more about the differences between rum vs whiskey to determine which one is the better choice.  Whiskey … Read more

What Does Whiskey Smell Like? (2023 Updated)

What Does Whiskey Smell Like

Experienced aficionados appreciate and enjoy the whiskey’s scent even before engulfing its true flavor and taste straight from the glass. However, newcomers tend to forget to put a lot of emphasis on appreciating its fragrance. Ever wondered what whiskey really smells like?    Continue reading to have a sniff of what you might have been missing.  … Read more

Should Whiskey Be Chilled or Drunk Straight? (2023 Updated)

Should Whiskey Be Chilled or Drunk Straight

Whiskey connoisseurs seldom endorse drinking whiskey on the rocks because they believe it tastes better at room temperature. However, it isn’t a sin to want to take a sip of an ice-cold whiskey from time to time. Guess what; there’s even a definite time and place for such.  Whiskey: Better Chilled Or Not? There’s no … Read more

Is Whiskey Acidic? (2023 Updated) Full Resource

Is Whiskey Acidic

Whiskeys, like other alcoholic beverages and distilled spirits, can have an aggressive burning sensation when taken. And when we think about it, you might think it must be very sour, similar to lemonade or any other sour refreshment. But is whiskey acidic?  The team spent many hours gathering all the information we can provide for … Read more

Brandy vs Whiskey: What’s The Difference? (2023)

Brandy vs Whiskey

Fine drinkers can easily distinguish the difference between Brandy vs Whiskey. However, when it comes to distinguishing spirits, non-drinkers can get confused about these two fine spirits.  With this, our team spent 48 hours researching to help you understand the similarities and differences between Brandy and Whiskey.  Whiskey or Brandy: Which is Better? Whiskey and … Read more

How Many Gallons Are in a Barrel of Whiskey? (2023 UPDATED)

How Many Gallons Are in a Barrel of Whiskey

Whiskeys have a long tradition with production dating back to as early as the 1400s and an even longer list of requirements for production.  Something else you’ve probably noticed is that most distilleries use 53 gallons whiskey barrels. So is this part of the requirements, too? We’ll let you know in a second.  What Is … Read more

Virginia Black Whiskey Bottle Prices, Sizes & Buying Guide

Virginia Black buying guide

Virginia Black is a popular American Whiskey with high sales not just in the United States but all over the world. This corn-based spirit attracts not only bourbon enthusiasts but even casual drinkers.  We’ll show you not just Virginia Black price but its detailed background, as well.  Virginia Black Whiskey: An Overview  Virginia Black is … Read more

TX Whiskey Bottle Prices, Sizes, History & Buying Guide

tx whiskey buying guide

TX Whiskey is a craft bourbon whiskey made in Texas. This brand currently produces two products: TX Blended Whiskey and TX Straight Bourbon.  Despite being young in the industry, their spirits have bagged coveted awards such as “Best American Craft Whiskey” and Double Gold in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2013. See the … Read more

Macallan Whiskey Bottle Prices, Sizes, Types & Buying Guide

Macallan Buying Guide

People drink whiskey because of its many benefits, such as controlling diabetes, losing weight, and reducing stress. But with a bottle of Macallan Whiskey, the benefits aren’t just the reason it gained popularity – it’s the exceptional taste it offers.  Our team made this ultimate guide to help you decide which Macallan label suits your … Read more

Jameson Whiskey Bottle Prices, Sizes, Types & Buying Guide

Jameson Whiskey buying guide

Jameson Irish Whiskey has the world’s third-largest single distillery and was once the number one Irish whiskey. Years have passed and Jameson is still the biggest provider of Irish Whiskey not only in Ireland but all over the world.  Read more as we discuss Jameson’s prices and more from this renowned Irish Whiskey. Jameson Whiskey: … Read more

Fireball Whiskey Prices, Sizes & Guide (2023)

Fireball Whiskey buying guide

Fireball whiskey is one of the most famous liquors that can be bought inside and outside of the United States. The liquor has a unique mixture of natural cinnamon and Canadian whiskey, making it smooth and flavorsome.  Along with the Fireball prices, we’ve added what you should know about this unique whiskey.   Fireball Whiskey: A … Read more

Crown Royal Whiskey Prices, Sizes & Buying Guide (2023)

Crown Royal Buying Guide

Crown Royal is one of the best-selling whiskey brands in the United States. The Canadian whiskey offers a vast array of whiskies with specific blends, the aging process, flavors, and rarity.  Let’s know more about Crown Royal prices and its background. Crown Royal Whiskey’s History The Crown Royal XO whiskey was a gift to the … Read more

Buchanan Whiskey Bottle Prices, Sizes, Types & Buying Guide

Buchanan's Whiskey buying guide

Buchanan’s Whiskey has been around since the late 1800s. This blended whiskey is produced in Scotland and aged 12 years in matured European and American ex-bourbon oak casks.  The brand is owned by British conglomerate Diageo and is the third-largest premium scotch in the entire world, selling over 1.5 9-liter cases annually.  Here, we give … Read more

Blanton’s Whiskey Bottle Prices, Sizes, Varieties & Guide

Blanton's Whiskey buying guide

Blanton’s Whiskey is a single-barrel bourbon whiskey distilled in Frankfort, Kentucky.  It is the first of its kind to be marketed as a single-barrel whiskey, with plenty of positive reviews and a collection of accolades. See Blantons price list below. Blanton’s Whiskey: History Blanton’s is produced at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky. It was … Read more

Whiskey Bottle Prices, Sizes, Brands & Buying Guide

Whiskey buying guide

There’s something about whiskey drinkers that make them seem… well, cool.  And if that drinker is well-educated about his chosen liquor, it makes them seem cooler. Well, here’s a Whiskey price guide to make you become a whiskey wizard.  What is Whiskey? Whiskey is an alcoholic drink made from fermented grain mash. The commonly-used grains are … Read more