How Tall Is a Budweiser Bottle? Standard Size & Dimension

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Knowing how tall a beer bottle is can aid in selecting a suitable cooler or storage space, especially when hosting parties or stocking up for gatherings.

As a passionate mixologist, my journey in the liquor world has led me to appreciate every detail about various beverages, including the iconic Budweiser beer.

So, how tall is a Budweiser bottle? Read on to find out.

Budweiser Beer Bottle: How Tall Is It?

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Budweiser’s standard beer bottle is a 12 fl oz bottle (long neck) approximately 9.09 inches tall. However, these beer bottles vary in size and height vary accordingly.

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For those who prefer larger servings, the 16 fl oz beer bottle stands roughly 7.5 inches, while the 22 fl oz beer bottle measures around 11 inches.

If you’re in the mood for a more substantial party-sized option, the 40 fl oz beer bottle is approximately 11.8 inches tall. Craft brewers typically use a 12 oz long neck that fits the standard commercial case.

But do you know what type of beer is Budweiser?

Its Bottle Sizes & Their Height Dimension Table

Bottle Size Bottle Height (in) Bottle Height (cm)
12 fl oz Roughly 9.09” Roughly 23.1 cm
16 fl oz Roughly 7.5” Roughly 19.05 cm
22 fl oz Roughly 11” Roughly 27.94 cm
40 fl oz Roughly 11.8” Roughly 30 cm

Budweiser Bottle Variants

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Beer bottles come in different bottle sizes, and the longnecks have a capacity of 12 fl oz of refreshing brew.

This standard beer bottle size measures approximately 9.09 inches (23.09 cm), with an outside diameter of about 2.75 inches (6.99 cm).

The standard long neck shape (also seen in stronger beers) fits comfortably in your hand for easy sipping.

Aluminum Bottles

Budweiser’s aluminum [1] bottles offer a modern twist on a classic favorite. These beer bottles are sleek and stylish and come with a capacity of 16 fl oz.

The beer bottle size features a compact dimension, measuring approximately 7.5 inches (19.05 cm).

The aluminum construction keeps your beer colder for longer and adds a contemporary edge to your drinking experience. Larger bottles of beer (40 fl oz) are also made from aluminum.

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Short Beer Bottles

Short beer bottles are a classic throwback to the past and exude a vintage charm that resonates with enthusiasts. These are known as “stubbies” and hold 11.2 fl oz.

Measuring about 7.6 inches tall and an outside diameter of 2.4 inches, they offer a unique and nostalgic drinking experience.

What’s Budweiser’s Standard Beer Bottle?

2 Bottles of Budweiser

Budweiser’s standard dimensions for beer bottle is commonly known as the “longneck” or “regular.” It holds 12 oz and measures around 9.09 inches tall (23.09 cm)

“Know the heights, cool with ease” – Liquor Laboratory

There are larger bottles (up to 40 fl oz), but the 12 oz long neck is the standard size in most breweries.


How big is a Budweiser bottle?

A standard Budweiser beer bottle holds 12 oz, measures around 9.09 inches (23.09 cm) tall, and has a base diameter of about 2.75 inches (6.99 cm).

Stronger beers may come in shorter measurements than the standard ones.

Does the height of a Budweiser bottle vary with the packaging format?

Yes, the packaging format varies depending on Budweiser’s bottle sizes. The packaging format is different in standard long neck, 11.2 fl oz, 16 fl oz, 22 fl oz, and 40 fl oz beer bottles.

The size, width, and weight of shorter beers (e.g., stronger beers) vary, so the label of the bottles come in different dimensions.

How do you use the height information for cooler or storage selection?

Knowing the beer bottle sizes helps you select appropriate coolers or storage spaces.

Considering the bottle sizes, you can fill your portable coolers at maximum capacity and organize contents effectively, even if the size is shorter or larger.

Are there unique heights for collectible Budweiser bottles?

Yes, there are unique heights for collectible Budweiser bottles. The brand also offers a unique beer bottle known as the “stubby.” It is the New Freedom Reserve Red Lager [2] that contains 11.2 fl oz alcohol.

The typical beer bottle (standard 12 oz long neck) measures 9.09″ while the larger bottles measure from 7.5″ to 11.8″.

Key Takeaways

As one of the most popular beers in the US, Budweiser’s standard 12 oz longneck measures 9.09″ tall, but the bottle sizes vary depending on the size of the bottles. The sleek 16 fl oz aluminum is 7.5 “tall, and the largest beer bottle is 11.8”.

Each size caters to different preferences, ensuring every enthusiast can enjoy their favorite brew in the perfect serving.

Whether a classic longneck or a unique stubby, the iconic Budweiser beer bottle brings joy and satisfaction to beer lovers worldwide.




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