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How to Hold a Martini Glass: Explained (2024 Updated)

How to Hold a Martini Glass

Some people are scared to order a Martini because they are clumsy drinkers, and the drink may spill right in front of everyone. However, chances are you are holding the Martini glass all wrong. 

Here’s a guide on how to hold a Martini glass that will save you from embarrassment. 

4 Ways To Hold a Martini Glass 

1. Hold The Stem With One Hand

man holding martini glass

Your dominant hand should hold the stem of the Martini glass firmly. 

The stem of the glass is there for a few reasons. It allows you to hold the martini glass without spilling because if you hold it at the base, it gets shaky. 

It will help if you don’t hold the martini glass between your fingers because the cocktail drink’s coldness may eventually numb your finger.  

2. Use the Palm of Your Other Hand

Now that you hold the stem of the Martini glass with one hand, get your less skillful hand and use the palm to hold the base. Yes, you should hold the Martini glass with two hands, one on the stem and one on the base. 

Holding the base of the Martini glass with the palm of your hand will give more stability. Your free hand will help sturdy the base from beneath. 

3. Keep The Fingers Close Together

It would be best if you keep your fingers together when holding the stem and base of the Martini glass. Your thumb finger and forefinger should be close together while other fingers can naturally hold the stem of the glass. 

It would be better to keep the fingers of the non-dominant hand close together. It will look elegant, prim, and proper. 

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4. Hold at 45 Degrees

It will help if you hold the Martini glass at least 45 degrees from your body. Don’t worry because it will not spill; make sure you hold it with both hands. In addition, in case someone bumps into you, it will not spill on your dress. 

In addition, keep your wrist straight when holding the Martini glass. You will feel comfortable, and your grip will be better. 

What is a Martini Glass? 

martini glass cocktail garnish with lemon peel

A Martini glass is a type of cocktail glass used to serve cocktail drinks like Martini. It has a wide mouth that increases the surface area of the cocktail for easy drinking and great waft to its aroma. 

It has a six to eight-ounce capacity, generally in a letter v shape. It has a stem and a trumpet-shaped body for short drinking. It is designed to enjoy the drink briskly and help it not to warm up quickly. 

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Where Is It Used? 

A Martini glass or cocktail glass is used to serve various cocktail drinks [1]. The glass is not exclusively used in Martinis because it is widely used to serve Manhattan and Gibson.

It is used in Martini variations such as Vodka Martini, French Martini, Appletini, and Espresso Martini. 

In addition, you will frequently see the glassware when ordering Brandy Alexander, Cosmopolitan, Grasshopper, Gimlet, and Negroni at a bar.

Why Should You Hold the Martini Glass By the Stem? 

It would be best to hold the Martini glass by the stem to keep oily fingerprints off the bowl. It will avoid transmission of body heat to the liquid when you hold it by the stem. 

In addition, it is more stable to hold the Martini glass by the stem. The stem acts as an extension of the hand, and it is easier to have controlled swirls and movement by holding on to it. 

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What To Avoid When Holding a Martini Glass? 

martini glass cocktail on the top of table

Avoid cupping the bowl of the Martini glass in your hands. Hold the stem and palm the base with your free hand to be safe. 

Aside from proper etiquette concerns, cupping the bowl of the glass will result in heat transfer. Your cocktail will warm quicker, and your fingers will get numb in the long run. But how many shots are in a Martini?

FAQs Related to How to Hold a Martini Glass

How do you hold a martini glass without spilling it?

To hold a Martini glass without spilling it, hold the stem with your dominant hand and hold the base with the other hand. It will help you keep the stability of the glass, especially when it is filled with cocktails.

Why are Martini glasses shaped that way?

Martini glasses are shaped that way for great exposure to air. Since it has a wider rim, the air helps the spirit to open up, and it will allow the drink to waft and aerate its aroma directly to the drinker’s face. 

How should I hold a martini glass?

Hold the stem of the martini glass between your thumb and forefinger, allowing the bowl of the glass to rest gently in the palm of your hand. Avoid holding the bowl directly to prevent warming the drink.

Why is it important to hold a martini glass by the stem? 

Holding the martini glass by the stem helps to keep the drink chilled for longer by minimizing heat transfer from your hand to the glass. It also prevents unsightly fingerprints on the bowl of the glass.

Can I hold a martini glass by the bowl instead?

While it’s technically possible to hold a martini glass by the bowl, it’s not recommended as it can warm the drink quickly and leave fingerprints on the glass, detracting from the presentation.

What if the stem of the martini glass is too thin to hold comfortably? 

If the stem of the martini glass is too thin, you can use your thumb and middle finger instead of your thumb and forefinger to grip the stem while still keeping the bowl of the glass away from the warmth of your hand.

Is there a specific angle at which I should hold the martini glass?

There’s no strict rule about the angle at which to hold a martini glass. Simply hold it comfortably and securely, ensuring that the bowl of the glass remains upright to prevent spills.

Should I adjust my grip on the martini glass while drinking?

You can maintain the same grip on the martini glass throughout the drinking process. If you need to take a sip, simply tilt the glass slightly towards your mouth while keeping the stem securely held between your fingers.

Can I use a different hand position to hold a martini glass?

While the traditional method is to hold the martini glass by the stem, you can experiment with different hand positions to find what feels most comfortable for you, as long as it allows you to avoid warming the drink and maintain a secure grip on the glass.

In Conclusion 

Remember to hold a Martini glass by the stem and avoid cupping it. Use your dominant hand to hold the stem firmly and your free hand to support its base. It is important to keep your fingers together and keep your wrist straight. 

It would be best to place your fingers between the stem and avoid cupping the martini glass. The heat of your body will transfer to the Martini glass and get your finger numb from coldness when you cup it. 


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