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Easy Shots for Bartenders: Our 15 Picks (2024 Updated)

Easy Shots for Bartenders

Whether you are a bartender, aiming to be one, or just having fun with friends, knowing the easy shots recipe comes very handy.

Going beyond the standard tequila, jager, and sambuca shots can be a quick route to intoxication, but it is fun, liberating, and satisfying. 

Here’s the list of easy shots for bartenders that you can make anytime. Read on. 

Top 15 Easy Shots For Bartenders

1. ABC

abc cocktail on a wooden table

ABC is a layered shot that tastes great as it looks, and it is one of the easy shots for bartenders. 

  • ⅓ shot Absinthe
  • ⅓ shot Bacardi
  • ⅓ shot Chartreuse

Layer the ingredients. For a pro tip, use the back of the spoon to layer the shooters easily. Some use Absinthe, Bailey’s Cream, and Cognac as alternative ABC shooter recipes.

2. Cement Mixer

Cement Mixer shot glass

Cement Mixer is easy to make layered shots. It looks like cement inside a cement mixer, and it feels like you have thick cement exploding in your mouth. 

  • 1 part lime cordial or lime juice
  • 2 parts Irish cream liqueur

Slowly layer the ingredients in a shot glass. Better to leave it in for ten seconds before swallowing.

3. Chocolate Martini

If you want a vodka shooter to satisfy your sweet tooth, go with some Chocolate Martini. It is sweet, tasty, and easy to make, plus it will not get you drunk easily. 

  • 1 part vodka
  • 2 parts white crème de cacao liqueur 
  • Grated dark chocolate

Combine the ingredients and shake them well with ice. Serve it in a shot glass and enjoy. Here’s the proper way to hold a Martini glass.

4. Bazooka Joe

glass of Bazooka Joe shot

Bazooka Joe can be a nostalgic shot because it reminds us of the bazooka gum we chewed as a kid. 

  • ½ oz chilled banana liqueur 
  • ½ oz chilled blue curacao liqueur 
  • ½ oz chilled Irish Cream

Indulge with a boozy bazooka gum by layering equal parts in a shot glass, then immediately serve.

5. BMW

2 glass shots of BMW with salt on glass rim

The BMW cocktail has nothing to do with the car, and the name came from the ingredients of these easy shots for bartenders. 

In a cocktail shaker, combine the three ingredients, shake well, then strain into a shot glass.

6. Flaming Dr. Pepper

Flaming Dr. Pepper shot with liqour bottles on background

Flaming shots require a high-proof spirit to ensure the brightest pyrotechnic flair. 

  • ¼!– /wp:list-item –>
  • ¾ oz Amaretto liqueur
  • 8 oz beer
  • Pour amaretto into a shot glass and slowly pour the overproof rum. Set it on fire, drop it in a tall glass with beer, then serve.

    7. Four Horsemen

    2 glass of Four Horsemen Shot

    Four Horsemen is a no-joke because it combines four different types of whiskey. If you are a whiskey enthusiast, you should try this sensational shooter. 

    Shake well equal parts of the four whiskeys and strain into a shot glass.

    8. Jelly Bean

    2 glass shots of Jelly Bean on a wooden table

    Calling all candy lovers out there because we have something you will be obsessed over. 

    • ½ oz pineapple juice
    • ½ oz blackberry brandy or cherry vodka
    • ½ oz blue curacao

    Make sure to pour the liquor slowly into the shot glass for that nice layering effect. But what does Blue Curacao tastes like?

    9. Lemon Drop

    Lemon Drop shot with lemon and salt on top

    If you want a not too strong but tasty shot recipe, Lemon Drop is an easy-to-make shooter that can be a great way to start the night. 

    • 1 oz vodka
    • ½ oz lemon juice
    • Splash of simple syrup 

    Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, and you will have that sour-sweet drink with a bit of kick.

    10. Mudslide

    glass of mudslide shot

    Any coffee lovers here? Another easy shot for bartenders is a layered shot that combines coffee, Cream, and chocolate. It is easy to make a cocktail shot, and everyone would surely want to take a shot. 

    • 2 parts Irish cream liqueur
    • 1 part coffee liqueur
    • ¼ cup whipped flavored cream vodka
    • Cocoa powder

    Combine coffee liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, whipped flavored cream vodka, and cocoa powder on top. Tell your guests to leave the shot in their mouths for ten to twenty seconds before they swallow it.

    11. Kamikaze

    Kamikaze shot garnished with slice of lime on a black background

    Kamikaze has been around since the 70s [1], and it is one of the popular shots you should learn how to make. It has evolved from the combination of margarita and daiquiri, and here’s how to make it. 

    • 2 parts fresh lime juice or lemon juice
    • 1 part vodka
    • ½ part triple sec liqueur
    • ½ cup ice cubes
    • 3 parts sweet-and-sour mix 
    • Pureed raspberries

    Combine all the ingredients, shake it well, strain it in a shot glass, and top it off with pureed raspberries.

    12. Tequila Tromba

    If you want a simple, easy-to-make, and delectable shot recipe that goes down easy, you will never go wrong with Tequila Tromba. 

    • 1 part tequila 
    • Grapefruit juice

    You can garnish the shot glass with a grapefruit peel. 

    13. Shamrock Shooter

    2 glasses of Shamrock Shooter on top of a  wooden saucer

    If you feel a little green or want to throw a St. Patrick’s Day party, the two-layered shooter will get you on the right foot.

    • 1 part Irish cream liqueur
    • 1 part Midori
    • Chocolate syrup

    Pour one part of Irish Cream on the bottom of the glass and cover it with some chocolate syrup. Next, add in the Midori and serve it immediately. It is sweet, fruity, and refreshing.

    14. Hand Grenade

    Be careful when handing out these Hand Grenades because it is a deadly mix. 

    In two separate shot glasses, pour the rum and Jagermeister, then balance it on the rim of a pint glass half filled with Red Bull. Find out if Red Bull has alcohol here.

    15. Black Russian

    Another classic shooter recipe is the Black Russian. It is a combination of coffee liqueur and vodka, and it tastes great as it sounds. 

    • ⅓ vodka
    • ⅔ coffee liqueur

    Mix it in a cocktail shaker and then serve in a shot glass.


    There you have it, the easy shots for bartenders. They are easy to make, fun to make with friends, and will taste good as it looks when made well.

    From layered shots to shaken shots, feel free to make one at home, try with friends, or order at the bar. Bottoms up! 




What are the easiest shots to drink?

Bazooka Joe, Lemon Drop, and Chocolate Martini are the easiest shots to drink. It goes down easy because it has a sweet taste, and the mixers have tamed the alcohol taste. 

How do bartenders measure shots?

Bartenders use a dual-cup bar tool or a jigger to accurately measure the cocktail ingredients and shots [2]. The jigger comes in different sizes from ¼ oz up to 2 ½ oz. 

What are easy shots for bartenders to make?

Easy shots for bartenders often include simple combinations of two or three ingredients that can be quickly poured and served, making them ideal for busy bar environments.

What makes these shots easy for bartenders to make?

These shots typically involve straightforward ingredients that are readily available at most bars, along with simple pouring and layering techniques that bartenders can quickly master.

Are there any tips for efficiently serving easy shots during busy periods? 

Preparing ingredients in advance, organizing shot glasses, and practicing efficient pouring techniques can help bartenders serve easy shots quickly and accurately, even during peak hours.

Can easy shots be customized for individual preferences? 

Absolutely! Bartenders can adjust ingredients and proportions to accommodate specific taste preferences or dietary restrictions, providing a personalized experience for patrons.

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