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How To Make Mojitos With Tequila: Full Guide (2023)

How to Make Mojitos With Tequila 

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Discover a refreshing twist on a classic cocktail with our guide on how to make Mojitos with Tequila. We sometimes substitute the traditional rum with tequila to bring a vibrant Mexican flair to the mix.

So, let’s unleash your inner mixologist and elevate your summer gatherings with our zesty and refreshing recipe.  

Easy Mojito With Tequila Cocktail Recipe

Tequila Mojito with Lime and and Mint Leaves

Experience a tropical escape in a glass with this Tequila Mojito recipe. Let’s transform the classic Mojito cocktail with this quality aged tequila, mint, and sweet syrup blend. 

“Tequila twist, mojito bliss; a refreshing fusion for your glass.” – Liquor Laboratory

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes 


  • fresh mint
  • 1 ½ limes, quartered
  • 1oz simple syrup
  • 2oz reposado or anejo 
  • 2-cups ice cubes
  • soda water
  • mint sprigs 

Instructions: In your blender or cocktail shaker, combine ice cubes, mint leaves, tequila, and simple syrup. 

Then add lime juice and distribute lime slices among the glasses. Blend or shake until thoroughly mixed. Pour into glasses, then add soda water and mint sprigs for a finishing touch.

Serving: 2

Nutritional Facts: 124kcal Calories | 16g Carbs | 10mg Sodium | 51mg Potassium | 1g Fiber | 11g Sugar | 14.6mg Vitamin C | 17mg Calcium | 0.8mg Iron 

What Is A Mojito Tequila? 

A Mojito Tequila is a variation of the classic Mojito cocktail, where tequila is used as the primary spirit instead of rum

This delightful twist brings tequila’s vibrant and distinct flavors to the mix, resulting in a refreshing and zesty beverage with a Mexican-inspired flair.

Is Mojito With Tequila Good? 

Yes, Mojito with tequila is good. Tequila in a Mojito adds a distinctive taste compared to the traditional rum-based version. The combo of tequila, mint, lime, and sweet syrup creates a refreshing and invigorating flavor profile. 

Furthermore, we can customize Tequila Mojitos using different types of tequila, such as blanco, reposado, or añejo, allowing for a range of flavor variations. 



  • Tequila’s strong and distinct taste may overpower the other ingredients 
  • May potentially diminish the classic rum-based experience

Can You Make Mojitos Tequila Without Muddling? 

Glass of Mojito, Pitcher and a Patron Tequila

Yes, you can make Mojitos with tequila without muddling. Instead of muddling the ingredients, we blend or shake the tequila, mint leaves, lime juice, and simple syrup together. 

This alternative method still allows for the infusion of flavors, resulting in a refreshing Tequila Mojito.

Mojito Tequila Variations 

Experiment with Vodka or Gin

We swap the traditional rum with vodka for a clean and crisp twist (Vodka Mojito), or we use gin for a botanical infusion (Gin Mojito). 

These creative alternatives offer unique flavor profiles, allowing us to customize our Mojito experience.

Craft a Skinny Mojito

Maintain flavor while cutting calories by replacing simple syrup with diet lemon-lime soda and swapping regular soda water with club soda. 

We enjoy this simple substitution for a lighter version of Mojito without compromising on taste.

Enhance with Fruit Purée

For an ultimate summer drink, we let the sweet and juicy notes of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, pineapple, coconut, and watermelon enhance and complement your refreshing Mojito beverage.

Create a Mojito Float

We elevate our Mojito to a delightful adult indulgence by incorporating a generous scoop of zesty Lime Sorbet. 

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining; the breeze is blowing, and a mojito in your hand.” – Bar Refaeli, Israeli Model  

This addition creates a delectable and refreshing twist, perfect for any occasion. 

Best Tequilas To Use 

Bartender Holding a Glass of Mojito

Remember – the key to crafting exceptional Mojitos lies in the quality of the tequila [1] used. So, here’s our recommendation for the best tequilas to use: 


Are mojitos a healthy drink?

Mojitos can be a healthy drink, depending on the ingredients and measurements. You can enjoy Mojitos in moderation as part of a balanced lifestyle. 

While they contain fresh ingredients like mint and lime, be mindful of the added sugar. Opting for lower-sugar variations can make them a relatively healthier choice.

Are mojitos better with tequila or rum?

Mojitos are better with rum if you prefer the traditional recipe. But for a twist, mixing it with tequila is better. 

The preference for tequila or rum in a Mojito [2] comes down to personal taste. 

Final Thoughts 

Now you know how to make Mojitos with Tequila; it opens up exciting possibilities. We infuse this classic cocktail with a Mexican-inspired twist by substituting rum with tequila, adding a vibrant and unique flavor profile.  

Whether you’re a tequila enthusiast or simply seeking a refreshing variation, Tequila Mojitos will elevate your summer gatherings and transport your taste buds to new horizons of enjoyment.  




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