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How To Sneak Liquor On A Cruise In 10 Ways (2023 Updated)

How To Sneak Liquor on a Cruise

Last Updated on November 5, 2023 by Lydia Martin

When sailing the seven seas on a grand cruise ship, we all love to indulge in our favorite drinks. However, as you may know, alcoholic beverages can be expensive on most cruise lines.

While we don’t encourage sneaking prohibited items on board, there are clever ways to sneak alcohol on a cruise and enjoy without emptying your wallet.

Keep reading if you want to know how to sneak liquor on a cruise.

Top 10 Ways To Sneak Alcohol On A Cruise Ship

1. Tampon Flask

Man Holding Tampon Flask

Tampon Flask is a handy little device that imitates the packaging of tampons, a personal item unlikely to be thoroughly inspected during a luggage check on a cruise.

“Here’s to alcohol, the rose-colored glasses of life.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald, Novelist

Each ‘tampon’ is a small flask you can fill to sneak alcohol onboard. Your cruise crew won’t give a second look at tampons, for sure. It’s not like a large bottle that’s too easy to spot.

But do you know the best way to sneak alcohol into a concert?

2. Rum Runners

Rum Runners

Rum Runner is a soft, plastic pouch designed to contain liquor and hide in luggage without detection.

Compared to wine bottles, rum runners have a flexible and irregular material, and the liquid appears dark on cruise ships’ x-ray machines [1], unlike in a water bottle.

Fill the rum runners, tuck them between your clothes inside your carry-on luggage, and you’re ready to smuggle alcohol on a cruise.

3. Umbrella Flask

Woman Opening Umbrella Flask

Many cruise lines don’t question what personal items you will bring on your cruise vacation, so sneaking booze using a flask disguised as an umbrella is a brilliant way.

It is like a regular umbrella, but the handle unscrews to reveal a secret compartment for sneaking alcohol on cruise lines. It’s a fantastic choice for those rainy-day sail-offs or just a stroll on the deck.

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4. Booze Bra/Bra Flask

Bra Flask 

For the ladies out there, the booze bra, bra flask, or wine rack bra provides an undetectable method when sneaking alcohol on a cruise.

This specialty bra includes a hidden compartment that can hold a decent amount of your favorite beverage.

It is comfortable, easy to use, and, most importantly, doesn’t draw unwanted attention during luggage checks, unlike refillable water bottles. Talk about undercover cocktails!

5. Fake Sunscreen (Sneak Flask)

Sunscreen Flask

Royal Caribbean Cruise, Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, and Costa Cruises are some cruise ships that inspect containers of large mouthwash bottles and shampoo bottles.

A sneak flask disguised as a sunscreen bottle can be your best bet to bypass tight security. With this, it’s best to get a fake sunscreen-sealed bottle for sneaking alcohol on a cruise. Just remember not to apply it to your skin!

Note: Never use a shampoo bottle because there is still shampoo residue that may affect the taste and quality of your liquor.

6. Boozy Bladder

The Boozy Bladder is a covert hydration pack. It’s a sturdy plastic bladder that can hold a generous quantity of your favorite spirit.

Boozy Bladder helps you avoid getting your alcohol confiscated or caught smuggling booze because it fits discreetly under clothing, which helps evade prying eyes.

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7. Binocular Flask

Man Holding Binocular Flask

A binocular flask can be your option if you plan on sneaking alcohol onboard. Binoculars are a regular fixture on many sightseeing trips and won’t draw attention to your checked luggage.

Unlike refillable water bottles and soda bottles that might require you to use food coloring, the particular pair has two compartments for storing drinks. Each eyepiece unscrews to access a hidden flask – remember, you’re there to sip, not to spy!

8. Disguised Flask

Bracelet Flask

A sealed water bottle is an old trick, so why not get a disguised flask instead?

Some may look like everyday items, such as a tube of lipstick, a hairbrush, or even a chunky bracelet. These unique flasks are perfect for smuggling alcohol on a cruise.

Unlike plastic flasks, you can hide alcohol in a disguise flask instead of getting an expensive unlimited drinks package not included in the cruise fare.

9. Wine Backpack & Beach Bags

Beach Bag Tote with Hidden Insulated Wine Purse

Wine backpacks and beach bags are perfect for those who prefer their drinks in larger quantities. These are specially designed bags with hidden insulated compartments to sneak alcohol into cruise lines.

Outwardly, they look like regular bags inside your carry-on bag. Inside, they’re your ticket to an onboard, budget-friendly happy hour. It helps you hide contraband alcohol in plain sight, especially on cruise lines; check for it.

10. Hairbrush Flask

Woman Holding Hair Brush Flask

The hairbrush flask is another ingenious disguise. Looking exactly like a regular hairbrush, this flask has a hidden compartment within the handle.

“Sneak your sip, but let responsibility guide your ship.” -Liquor Laboratory

The brush’s bristle head unscrews to save you from all the trouble when you sneak alcohol on a cruise. Remember which brush to use for your hair and which for your secret sip!


What happens if you smuggle liquor on a cruise ship?

If you get caught sneaking alcohol on a cruise ship when you smuggle booze, it would be disposed of, and worst, you may be denied boarding.

Can you get kicked off a cruise for bringing alcohol?

Yes, depending on the cruise line rules, you can get kicked off a cruise for bringing alcohol.

Some allow you to bring one bottle, while some offer spirits onboard and some drinks packages, so if you are not a risk taker, it’s best to get your own drinks or stick with soft drinks.

How many bottles of liquor can you take off a cruise ship?

You can take off as many bottles of liquor off a cruise ship as long as you purchase alcohol. You can bring home a wine bottle after your shore excursions. Just make sure you are of legal drinking age [2].

On A Final Note

In an era of increasingly strict regulations and pricey onboard alcohol, finding creative ways to bring your favorite drinks aboard a cruise ship can add a layer of enjoyment to your vacation without breaking the bank.

The best way to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship is by using a tampon flask because, unlike shampoo bottles, nobody inspects tampons.

Tampon flasks stand out as the best way to sneak booze and make your own cocktails on a cruise ship. It may sound a little cheeky, but this device has proven surprisingly reliable when bringing your own alcohol and passing the cruise ships’ search, unlike a large mouthwash bottle.

Disclaimer: While we have shared these methods for informational purposes, we do not encourage or endorse violating cruise ship policies or illegal activities. Always adhere to the rules of the cruise ship and drink responsibly.


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