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How to Spot Fake Hennessy: Full Guide (2024 Updated)

How to Spot Fake Hennessy

Last Updated on March 8, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Imitation, they say, is the biggest form of flattery, but not with forged drinks like Hennessy. These fake drinks are easily distributed in many countries. The problem now is determining which Hennessy bottle is real and which is fake. 

Fortunately, our team of experts intensively researched important things so you’ll know how to spot fake Hennessy. 

Real vs Fake Hennessy – 10 Things To Check

Real vs Fake Hennessy - 10 Things To Check

1. Very Low Price

Production of authentic cognac from Hennessy costs a fortune – the price will never go low. You can’t place Hennessy XO in a bargain since the price of raw materials is already very high. We’ve got the most expensive Hennessy bottles here

2. NAFDAC Registration Number

Back of Hennessy

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) registration number is found in every authentic brand name. Hennessy V.S, JAS Hennessy, and all other liquors under this brand name bear this number. 

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3. Shell & Cork

Before you decide on buying Hennessy, you can also check the shell and the cork. The cork sits tightly and is not movable at the mouth of the real bottle. Also, you should see the brand and logo visible as part of its original features. 

4. Excise Stamp

Fake alcoholic beverages do not contain an excise stamp. It also has fake blurry or unclear letters or is written in a foreign language. Fake alcohol is a threat to alcohol addiction and life itself.  

5. Color

Hennessy VS

The original Hennessy bottle contains a rich cognac color. The original drink either has a golden or amber hue. Imitations are far from the real cognac since it is almost similar to a weak tea mixed with lemon.  

6. Bottle

Hennessy XO

You can tell a fake Hennessy VSOP from an Original Hennessy cognac by searching for the hand with a halberd at the upper front side. The fake wine bottles are also different as the authentic alcohol has a wider, pot-bellied shape. 

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7. Laser Protection 

Hennessy brandy uses special technology and places a holosleeve hologram on the cork and body of the bottle.

It uses laser engraving for the original pattern in the upper mid-part of the original bottle. But what goes good with cognac?

8. Original Cover & Top Label

Counterfeit alcoholic beverages sold worldwide have a cover resembling a locally-made vodka.

Furthermore, the top part of the cover is silver compared to the all-black counterfeit Hennessy. The top label also bears an engraved name and the company logo of such drinks.  


9. Stopper

Hennessy cork

Original alcoholic beverages from Hennessy use oak-made cork and not synthetic cork. These are not easy to distinguish by the naked eye until it is pulled out already. It prevents oxygen from getting in, which can spoil the flavor. According to what they share in support groups, its amazing savor is why many have an alcohol addiction. 

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10. Uneven Liquid & Misspellings 

An authentic cognac house just 0.35 or .7 L inside, which is exactly the amount they pour in. You can be sure that there is uniformity in the bottle’s content and labels written in an original cognac bottle. 

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Real Vs Fake Hennessy Barcode

a fake Hennessy involves paying close attention to details such as the bottle’s packaging, label, and the authenticity of the Hennessy barcode. A key indicator is the barcode, where the distinction between a real and fake Hennessy becomes evident. Genuine Hennessy bottles feature a carefully crafted and unique barcode that aligns with the brand’s standards. To verify the authenticity, consumers can utilize various methods, including scanning the Hennessy barcode.

One way to ensure the legitimacy of a Hennessy bottle is by using a reliable barcode scanning app. Simply open the app, position the barcode within the scanner, and await the results. Authentic Hennessy barcodes should yield accurate product information, including details about the specific batch and origin.

It is crucial to be cautious of counterfeit bottles that may have inaccuracies in the barcode, such as inconsistent spacing, mismatched fonts, or missing elements. Counterfeiters often struggle to replicate the intricate details present in genuine Hennessy barcodes.

By staying vigilant and employing modern technology like barcode scanning apps, consumers can confidently discern between real and fake Hennessy bottles, ensuring an authentic and enjoyable drinking experience.

Original Hennessey VSOP

To verify the authenticity of a Hennessy bottle, consumers can conduct a Hennessy serial number check. Each genuine Hennessy bottle comes with a unique serial number that can be cross-referenced with the brand’s database or customer service.

By providing transparency and traceability, this check ensures consumers are purchasing legitimate Hennessy products.

Counterfeit bottles often lack valid serial numbers or have discrepancies, making this process an effective means of confirming the authenticity of the iconic Hennessy brand.

Real vs Fake Hennessy XO

Genuine Hennessy XO (Extra Old) stands as a pinnacle of Cognac excellence. Authentic bottles feature a rich amber hue, intricate aromas of dried fruits, spices, and a velvety palate with a long, luxurious finish.

Counterfeit versions often lack the nuanced complexity, exhibiting inconsistencies in color, packaging, and taste. Authenticity checks, including scrutinizing the label, bottle details, and purchasing from reputable sources, are crucial to ensure an authentic Hennessy XO experience.

Real vs Fake Hennessy VSOP

Distinguishing real from fake Hennessy VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) involves examining key details. Authentic bottles showcase a balanced blend of eaux-de-vie, delivering a smooth, layered taste. Counterfeit versions may display inconsistencies in labeling, bottle design, and flavor, often lacking the depth of genuine Hennessy VSOP.

Verifying authenticity through authorized retailers, checking holograms, and recognizing the iconic Hennessy bottle shape are essential steps to safeguard against counterfeit products and enjoy the true essence of Hennessy VSOP.


What happens if you drink fake Hennessy?

If you drink fake Hennessy, the possibility of organ failure, blindness, or even death can happen. Non-original products are believed to contain illegal substances that can cause these fatalities. But, what is Hennessy’s alcohol percentage?

How much does real Hennessy cost?

Real Hennessy costs around $17.99 to $19.99 per 375ml bottle, but this is only for the regular Hennessy VS. For the more special Richard Hennessy bottle is roughly around $3,799.99- $5,499.99 per 750ml. But can a cognac be an after-dinner drink?

How do I know fake Hennessy?

Identifying fake Hennessy involves checking for inconsistencies in the label, bottle details, and packaging. Look for spelling errors, label misalignments, and discrepancies in the holograms. Purchasing from authorized retailers and paying attention to the overall quality of the packaging can help ensure authenticity.

How do you scan Hennessy?

Hennessy bottles often have barcodes that can be scanned using a barcode scanning app. These apps can provide information about the product, helping consumers verify the authenticity of the Hennessy bottle.

What is the original Hennessy?

The original Hennessy refers to the authentic and genuine products produced by the Hennessy brand, such as their renowned Cognac expressions like Hennessy VS, VSOP, and XO.

What’s the proof of Hennessy?

The proof of Hennessy varies depending on the specific expression. Hennessy Cognacs typically range from 80 to 86 proof, representing 40% to 43% alcohol by volume (ABV).

What color is Hennessy?

Hennessy Cognac has a rich amber color, often described as deep gold or mahogany. The color is influenced by the aging process in oak barrels, imparting complexity and depth to the spirit.

What color is the Hennessy logo?

The Hennessy logo features a distinctive gold and red color scheme. The gold represents the premium quality and sophistication of the brand, while the red adds a touch of vibrancy and elegance.

How do you know if a drink is original?

Verifying the authenticity of a drink involves checking for consistent labeling, packaging, and purchasing from reputable sources. For Hennessy, specific details like holograms, label alignment, and the overall quality of the bottle can be indicators.

How do you scan if a drink is original?

Scanning a drink, such as Hennessy, can be done using barcode scanning apps. These apps help authenticate the product by providing information about the specific batch and origin associated with the scanned barcode.

How do you know if whiskey is original?

Authenticating whiskey involves scrutinizing details such as the label, bottle shape, and packaging. Genuine whiskey brands often have consistent labeling with no spelling errors or misalignments. Purchasing from reputable retailers and checking for proper seals can also help ensure the whiskey’s authenticity.

So, How To Spot Fake Hennessy…

To spot fake Hennessy, you need to be cautious of the price of alcohol. Any wine from Hennessy will never be on a bargain. Always look at the upper part of the wine and look for the special relief image and other indications of the authentic product. 

The producers spent time and resources to leave their mark clearly but meticulously to ensure authenticity. Counterfeit falls high in places with a high demand for alcohol.

However, avoiding fake bottles of Hennessy is easy despite the sufficiently large number circulating these days. 


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