How To Take A Tequila Shot With Lime? Answered (2023)

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What’s a party without tequila shots? But wait, should it be tequila – lime – salt or salt – tequila – lime?

If you are unsure how to take a tequila shot with lime, don’t worry because we’ve got your back.

Here’s an easy and accurate guide on taking tequila shots without making a fool of yourself in front of everyone.  

4 Ways To Take A Tequila Shot With Lime 

1. Lick The Skin On The Back Of Your Hand

While others prefer licking the gap between the index finger and thumb, the back of your hand is the solid place where you can place the salt afterward. 

Why is licking the skin necessary? Your saliva will help hold the salt and prevent it from slipping. If you find it unhygienic, you can use a drop of water instead. 

2. Sprinkle Some Salt

Salt on the hand

Once done licking, your saliva will act as the adhesive to the salt. Sprinkle some salt on the area while saying your tequila prayer silently.  

The salt helps lessen the burn of the tequila. Kosher salt or sea salt will be ideal for tequila shots.

3. Hold the Lime

Cutting a Lemon

Get the lime with your hand that contains salt you sprinkled a while ago. You will surely not spill the salt, and it will be easier to hold the lime. That’s the benefit of using the back of your hand instead of the gaps. 

Lime is another instant relief that will help you from tequila burn. Just one piece of lime is enough for one tequila shot. 

4. Lick The Salt & Take The Shot

Now, lick the salt first before taking the tequila shot. You will slightly trick your taste buds by tasting the salt first, then follow it immediately with a shot of tequila. So how many tequila shots will get you drunk?

Did You Know? 

Serving lime and salt with tequila evolved in the 19th century to mask the taste of bad tequila. However, it is now widely used by bars to serve with any tequila – good or bad. 

5. Bite, Sip & Suck The Lime

Tequila Shot Glass

Now that you’ve taken the shot, quickly bite, sip and suck the lime. The citrus flavor of the lime will help balance and enhance the flavor of the tequila.

Once you are done sucking the lime, pop it in the shot glass and smile as if nothing happened. But what’s the best cheap tequila for shots?


Can you take a tequila shot without tasting it?

Yes, you can take a tequila shot without tasting it. You can breathe out, take a shot and breathe out again using your mouth.

Do not breathe through your nose so you can trick your taste buds; your sense of smell is 80% responsible for your taste [1]. 

What kind of salt do you need for tequila shots?

Kosher salt and sea salt are ideal for tequila shots. The size of the grain and its flavor compliments well with the spirit.

Can you use pineapple in tequila shots instead of lime?

Yes, you can use pineapple in tequila shots instead of lime. Pineapple also tastes good with tequila.

However, it would be challenging to eat pineapple between shots. It would be best to use lime or lemon instead. Here are other great chasers for tequila.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to take a tequila shot with lime, you can easily be a tequila shot champion! 

Here’s a pro tip: if you want to remember how to take a tequila shot with lime easily, remember L-S-S: Lick, Shot, and Sip. Lick the salt. Take a Shot. Sip the Lime. 

Have fun and enjoy your tequila shots! 



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