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Irish Car Bomb Recipe: Beginner’s Guide (2024)

Irish Car Bomb Recipe

The combination of Guinness, Irish cream, and Irish whiskey makes for a popular Irish Car Bomb cocktail. There’s always an excitement factor whenever I prepare this popular drink.

Yes, I’m preparing it myself, so I don’t need to go to Irish pubs to enjoy this delightful blend. If you want to know more about this Irish shot and how to make this Irish Car Bomb recipe, read on.

The Perfect Irish Car Bomb Recipe

Irish Car Bomb Cocktail Drink

Prep/Total Time: 3 minutes


  • 0.5oz Irish Whiskey (we suggest Jameson Whiskey)
  • 0.5oz Baileys Irish Cream
  • 0.75oz Stout beer (we prefer Guinness)

Instructions: Add whiskey and Baileys Irish cream to your shot glass. Do it by pouring slowly to make a layered effect.

Drop the shot glass into a pint glass filled half to three-quarters with Stour beer (Guinness stout beer). Now, your Irish Car Bomb drink is done. Serve and drink immediately.

Serving: 1

What’s An Irish Car Bomb?

Irish Car Bomb is commonly associated with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Ireland.

“It wasn’t done to celebrate car bombs. It was done to celebrate Irish families here in America.” – Charles Oat, Bartender/Inventor

The traditional way of serving this Irish Shot involves dropping a liquor shot glass (usually whiskey) into a half-full glass 0f beer mug.

The Irish Shot contains a two-part mixture (or equal portions) of whiskey and Baileys Irish cream.

What Does Irish Car Bomb Taste Like?

Glass of Irish Car Bomb

An Irish Shot tastes unique, combining the rich and creamy texture with a hint of sweetness. It’s also smooth and slightly smoky with a touch of warmth.

This flavor combo with stout beer (Guinness) profile creates a harmonious blend of malty, roasted, and bitter notes.

Overall, I really like Irish Shot for its balanced combination of creaminess, sweetness, and strong flavors.

How Do You Drink The Irish Car Bomb?

To drink this shot, I usually do it this way:

First, pour a half-pint of stout beer into a glass. Next, slowly layer whiskey and Irish cream in a shot glass.

Drop the shot glass into the beer, then consume the mixture quickly before it curdles. Quick consumption is encouraged as the carbonation may cause the drink to foam.

Note that some people skip the “shot glass drop” and simply mix all the ingredients in a glass.

Fun Facts

man Drinking Irish Car Bomb

Quick History

The Irish Shot originally bore the name Irish Car Bomb Shot (aka Irish Slammer or Irish Bomb Shot). It was introduced in 1979 by Charles Burke Cronin Oat and has gained popularity in Irish pubs and other bars across the US.

Charles Burke Cronin Oat is the previous proprietor of Wilson’s Saloon in Norwich, Connecticut.

Throughout the years, the controversial and offensive name [1] has been removed from marketing campaigns, although still present in cultural discussions.

Nowadays, requesting this drink using its original name is strongly discouraged, especially in Ireland. Just referred to it as “Irish Shot.”


The Irish Car Bomb drink is traditionally prepared with the above method mentioned. But of course, you can make your own variation.

I sometimes replace Guinness beer with other stouts – like Harp Lager – and Jameson’s whiskey with alternatives like Bushmills.

But by doing so, does it still retain its status as an “Irish” beverage? The essence lies in honoring the remarkable liquid offerings of Ireland.

“Crafted with a touch of rebellious spirit, the Irish Car Bomb recipe blends the rich flavors of stout, whiskey, and Irish cream, creating an explosive symphony that ignites taste buds and celebrates the boldness of Irish heritage.” – Liquor Laboratory

In the case of replacing Bailey’s Irish Cream with other creams like Kahlua [2], you need to be aware that it could transform the Irish Car Bomb recipe into a Mexican-Irish Slammer.

Alcohol Content

The alcohol content of an Irish Shot can vary depending on the specific measurements and brands used.

  • Irish whiskies typically have an ABV of about 40%.
  • Irish cream liqueur, such as Bailey’s, usually has an ABV of around 17%.
  • Stout beer, like Guinness, typically has an ABV of around 4-6%.

When combined, the alcohol content will depend on the proportions used and how you mix the drink.

FAQs Related to Irish Car Bomb Recipe

What is an Irish Car Bomb Shot called now?

The Irish Car Bomb drink is now called Irish Shot or Irish Slammer. These alternative names are used to respect cultural sensitivities (specifically in Northern Ireland) and promote a more inclusive environment.

What happens if you don t drink an Irish Car Bomb fast enough?

If you don’t drink the Irish Car Bomb fast enough, you’ll notice the curdled cream soon after. The combination of the Irish cream liqueur and the stout beer can lead to curdling if left sitting on the glass for an extended period.

Do you chug an Irish Car Bomb?

You can chug an Irish Car Bomb as it’s the traditional way to consume the drink. It’s highly encouraged up to this day, as the goal is to finish the glass before the drink curdles.

How fast do you have to drink an Irish Car Bomb?

There are no strict rules on how fast you have to drink an Irish Car Bomb. However, the traditional approach is to consume it relatively quickly, usually in one or a few large gulps.

How do you make an Irish Car Bomb?

To make an Irish Car Bomb, fill a shot glass halfway with Irish cream liqueur. In a pint glass, pour half a pint of Irish stout beer. Then, pour a shot of Irish whiskey into a separate shot glass. Drop the whiskey shot into the pint glass and drink the entire contents quickly.

Can you modify the ingredients in an Irish Car Bomb?

While the traditional recipe calls for Guinness, Irish whiskey, and Irish cream liqueur, you can experiment with different beer or liqueur varieties. However, the combination of Irish ingredients is what gives the drink its characteristic flavor.

How should an Irish Car Bomb be consumed?

An Irish Car Bomb should be consumed quickly after dropping the whiskey shot into the pint glass. Drink the entire mixture in one go to prevent the ingredients from separating.

What variations of the Irish Car Bomb exist?

Some variations of the Irish Car Bomb include using different types of stout beer, such as chocolate or oatmeal stout, or substituting the whiskey with other spirits like rum or vodka. However, these variations may result in a different flavor profile.

In Summary

The Irish Car Bomb is a mixed drink featuring whiskey (Jameson), Irish cream liqueur (Baileys), and stout beer (Guinness), served in a shot glass and pint glass with a layered effect.

Once prepared, I highly advise consuming this drink quickly to prevent curdling. Expect sweetness and creaminess with strong flavors. This is a must-try drink that spans history.


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