Washington Apple Drink Recipe: Cocktail Guide (2023)

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Washington Apple cocktail is my go-to beverage whenever I crave a refreshing and delicious drink. It’s a blend of Canadian whisky, sour apple schnapps, and cranberry juice, garnished with an apple slice.

If you’re like me, who always wants a fun drink to savor, I suggest trying this Washington Apple Drink recipe. So, let me share the recipe and some fun facts about this easy drink.

The Ultimate Washington Apple Drink Recipe

Glass of Washington Apple Drink Garnished with Slice of Apple

Prep/Total Time: 3 minutes


  • 1-ounce Canadian whisky (I prefer using Crown Royal Apple, but you can use any apple-flavored whiskey)
  • 1-ounce sour apple schnapps
  • 1-ounce cranberry juice
  • Apple slice (garnish)

Instructions: Add all the ingredients to your ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake until well-chilled. Strain, then pour into a chilled cocktail glass. Put the apple garnishes and enjoy.

Serving: 1

Bartender Tip: You can use a coupe glass, martini glass, or highball glass to serve the Washington Apple Cocktail. Also, keep apples fresh by squeezing lemon juice on the slices.

Nutrition Information/Facts: 128 calories, 10g carbs, 0g protein, and 0g fat per serving.

What’s A Washington Apple Drink?

A Washington Apple is a sweet and tart cocktail. It’s typically served in a chilled martini/coupe glass and garnished with an apple slice.

Actually, this become a popular cocktail in bars over the years. It can be served as a classy martini, a fun party shooter, or on the rocks in a tall or short glass.

It has a delicious apple flavor, imparted greatly by the apple liqueur. But it has the complexity of whiskey [1] and the refreshing vibe of cranberry juice.

“The cocktail hour is the sunlit summit of the day.” – Margaret Turnbull, American Astronomer

When mixed, it makes any cocktail-drinking experience fun, satisfying, and invigorating.

What Is A Washington Apple Drink Made Of?

Bartender Making Washington Apple Drink

The Washington apple cocktail is made of Canadian whisky, cranberry juice, and sour apple schnapps. To complete this delicious drink, it includes adding an apple slice for garnish.

As for the Canadian whisky, I recommend using Crown Royal, and as for the best sour apple schnapps, use Dekuyper Sour Apple Pucker. Still, you can use your preferred apple schnapps or apple liqueur.

It also contains cranberry juice. I suggest trying Cran-Apple juice, as well. Additionally, enjoy the great apple flavor (without artificial flavors) by adding slices of apple as garnish.

Alcohol Content

The alcohol content (ABV) of a Washington Apple Cocktail can vary depending on the ingredients used.

A standard recipe calls for 1-ounce Canadian whisky, 1-ounce sour apple schnapps, and 1-ounce cranberry juice. This would give the cocktail an ABV of approximately 16%.

“Like the crisp autumn breeze, the Washington Apple Cocktail entices with a perfect blend of tangy sweetness, reminding us that life is a fruitful journey worth savoring.” – Liquor Laboratory

However, the ABV will be higher if you use a higher-proof whisky, schnapps, or apple liqueur [2].

For example, if you use 80-proof whisky and 15-proof schnapps, the ABV would be approximately 20% ABV (40-proof).

Washington Apple’s Recipe Variations

Glass of Washington Apple Drink

As A Shot

You can make a Washington Apple Cocktail by simply reducing the ratios of ingredients.

I usually combine Canadian whisky, apple schnapps, and cranberry juice (0.5 ounces each) in a shaker with ice. Shake it well until chilled, then strain it into a chilled shot glass.

Crown Royal’s official recipe for a Washington Apple Cocktail is slightly different.

It calls for 1.25-ounce Canadian whisky, 0.25-ounce sour apple schnapps, and 1.5-ounce cranberry juice. So, the taste may differ from other variations, yet equally delicious.

With A Splash Of Soda

Yes, you can craft this drink by adding a splash of soda, be it a lemon-lime soda, club soda, or ginger ale. After you shake all the ingredients, pour the mix into your goblet.

Now, pour just a splash into your Washington Apples, martinis, shots, and a bit more if you’re serving in tall glasses.

On The Rocks

Mix the ingredients in a goblet half-filled with ice and stir until cold. Garnish with slices of apple, or add more cranberry juice, if desired.


What does Washington Apple Drink taste like?

Washington Apple drink tastes slightly smoky with a tart and fruity flavor. It’s smooth and refreshing – thanks to the balance of flavors from the three ingredients.

How do you drink the Washington Apple drink? 

You can drink the Washington Apple as a martini or a shot. As a martini, serve it in a highball, martini, or coupe glass. Also, you can enjoy a Washington Apple Shot, served in a shot glass.

Final Thoughts

Washington Apple is a drink oozing with tartness and sweetness – made with Canadian whisky, sour apple schnapps, and cranberry juice, plus apples.

I like the combination of flavors, making this drink one of the best recipes for any occasion. While we can enjoy this drink at our favorite bar, it’s easy to make at home alongside our comfort food.



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