Jose Cuervo Gold vs Silver Tequila: What’s the Difference?

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Jose Cuervo is one of the best-selling tequila brands in the world, and this excellent brand offers a wide selection of tequila. 

Two of the most prominent offerings from the brand are Jose Cuervo Gold and Silver.

But which is tastier, cheaper, and ideal to be consumed in shots and cocktails? 

Here’s the comprehensive comparison between Jose Cuervo Gold vs Silver. Keep scrolling. 

Comparing Jose Cuervo Gold & Silver

Bottle of Jose Cuervo silver and gold

The Silver tequila has a clear color with a sweet and strong agave flavor, while the Gold tequila has a caramel-like color with vanilla undertones.

Aside from their major color differences, they differ in taste. Jose Cuervo Gold is best consumed in shots, while the Jose Cuervo Silver is ideal for mixing cocktails.

The silver tequila is aged not longer than 60 days in steel barrels, while the gold is a blend of aged reposado and younger tequilas. Also, silver tequila is cheaper than gold tequila. 

Key Differences


One of the biggest and most notable differences between Jose Cuervo Gold and Silver is the color and appearance. 

Jose Cuervo gold has a beautiful amber to caramel-like hue, while Jose Cuervo silver has a clear appearance.

The amber hue of gold tequila comes from the aging of tequila in barrels. 

Production Process

agave plants

Once the agaves are harvested and pruned, the piñas are cooked for eight hours before grinding. 

Once the juices are extracted, they are fermented for 50 to 60 hours, distilled, and become Jose Cuervo Silver. 

On the other hand, Jose Cuervo gold is a joven tequila, meaning it is a blend of reposado and younger tequilas.

The reposado tequila is aged for a minimum of two months in barrels. 

Aging and Maturation

Jose Cuervo Silver is rested in steel barrels for not longer than 60 days, while Jose Cuervo Gold is matured in barrels for a minimum of two months. 

The aging process in barrels gives the Jose Cuervo Gold tequila an amazing amber hue and vanilla undertones. 

Jose Cuervo Gold is a blend of young tequilas and reposado aged for less than one year. 

Price Point

Jose Cuervo Silver is cheaper than Jose Cuervo Gold, which makes sense because of the different production processes the gold tequila undergoes. 

Based on ReserveBar, Jose Cuervo Silver is roughly $8.99, while the Jose Cuervo Gold is priced at approximately $11.49. 

There’s not much difference in their price point, but their tasting notes have a lot to tell. 

Tasting Notes

Jose Cuervo Gold

Palate: Prominent caramel, vanilla, strong peppery notes, sweet candy, and oak

Nose: Strong alcohol scent, caramel, and oak

Finish: Short, warm, sweet, and peppery

Jose Cuervo Silver

Palate: Citrus, herbaceous, black pepper, agave, some vanilla, and artificial bitterness 

Nose: Grassy, herbaceous with a touch of sweet melon and persistent acetone-like aroma

Finish: Short, mild, and sweet

How To Drink It

Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold Bottle with cocktail glass

Jose Cuervo Gold is best to be consumed in shots, while Jose Cuervo Silver is ideal to be enjoyed as a cocktail, like a margarita.

Aside from the clear color of silver tequila, its strong and sweet agave flavor is easier to be combined with mixers. 

“Tequila treats you the same way you treat it. If you aggressively slam it back, it will get mad and return the favor.”

– Steve Calabro, Professional Bartender in Los Angeles

On the other hand, gold tequila has a smoother taste than silver, and it is easier to consume in shots with lime and salt. 

Do Jose Cuervo Gold & Silver Share Similarities?

Distillery and Ownership

The Beckmann Family owns Jose Cuervo Gold and Silver. It is family owned by the descendants of Done Jose Antonio de Cuervo. 

In addition, the production process of the two prominent tequilas is made in Jose Cuervo Distillery (Fábrica La Rojeña) in Tequila, Mexico. 

Base Ingredients

Jose Cuervo Gold with liqour bottles on the background

Jose Cuervo Gold and Silver share similar base ingredients- blue agave plant.

However, unlike premium tequilas, it is distilled from at least 51% blue weber making it a mixto tequila [1]. 

If you noticed on the label, there is no “100% blue agave” in Jose Cuervo Gold and Silver, meaning they can make it from 51% blue weber agave and 49% other sugars. 

Alcohol Proof

Jose Cuervo Silver and Gold features 80 alcohol proof or 40% ABV. It is the average alcohol content of most tequilas and is enough to get you drunk. 


Is Jose Cuervo silver tequila healthier than gold?

Yes, Jose Cuervo Silver tequila is healthier than gold.

Darker tequilas are aged in barrels used for other types of alcohol, so silver tequila is healthier.

Surprisingly, tequila has health benefits and can make you smarter [2]. 

Is Jose Cuervo tequila gold good?

Yes, Jose Cuervo Gold tequila is good. It has amazing tasting notes you can enjoy in shots and without mixers. 

How strong is Jose Cuervo gold?

Jose Cuervo gold is a strong tequila with 40% alcohol by volume. It is strong enough to intoxicate you, especially when consumed faster. 

Key Takeaways

Jose Cuervo Silver features a more agave-forward flavor profile.

On the other hand, Jose Cuervo Gold has amazing amber to caramel-like color with rich vanilla and caramel-tasting notes. 

Silver tequila is cheaper than gold tequila because gold tequila undergoes aging in oak barrels for a certain time. 

If you want to consume tequila in shots, better get the Jose Cuervo gold but if you want a tequila that blends well with other mixers, go for Jose Cuervo Silver. 



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