Kelt Cognac Bottle Review & Price Guide (2023 Updated)

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Want to drink something unique? Then Kelt Cognac is a must-try. This ocean-aged spirit combines aromas and flavors, plus vintage and modern characteristics.

If you’re curious about this cognac brand, let’s dive deep through this in-depth Kelt Cognac review and see what this spirit can offer. Let’s start!

Everything About Kelt Cognac 

Kelt Cognac

One of the most interesting things about Kelt cognacs is they’re aged at sea. Kelt uses its extensive experience in producing and handling oak barrels to create the ideal environment for its ocean maturation process.

Its ocean maturation process results in a balanced spirit with bits of rancio, which is prevalent in the XO variant. Kelt’s smooth and powerful cognac taste is impressive for its price.  

Interesting Facts 

Interesting Facts 

History & Distillery

Until the 1900s, the barrels used to transport cognac were shipped around the world. The long trips had an effect on the quality of the cognacs. So, Olev Keltes, an entrepreneur from Estonia, started the Kelt company in 1987.

He started his career in the industry by studying the distillation of various types of spirits. After discovering the secret to improving the quality of spirits, he decided to start his own company, Kelt (which also distills the cognac). 

This unique blend of aged spirits is the reason why the company sets itself apart from other houses.

Production Process

Oak Barrels

In addition to being aged in oak barrels, making this cognac also involves using oak barrels from other regions such as Vosges, Ardougne, and Troncais. But Kelt mainly uses limousin oak barrels, set on a three-month sea voyage, for the maturation process. 

Their Master Blender carefully picks and blends various barrels to create the house-style cognac of Kelt. 

Ocean Maturation

As mentioned above, the maturation process takes place at sea. The barrels where the cognacs are stored are set to a three-month sea voyage or Tour Du Monde. 

The combination of temperature variations, air pressure changes, and movement of the seas create a unique blend of flavors and aromas known to produce the Kelt’s signature smoothness.

Key Ingredients

White Grapes

Kelt cognacs are made from 100% Ugni Blanc grapes from Grande Champagne. Aside from the wine used to make this cognac [1], the ocean maturation process is the key component, making this spirit unique from the others. 

Also, the use of limousin oak barrels contributes to the savory flavor profile of this cognac. 

Price & Alcohol Content

The price range of Kelt cognac is around $40 to less than $100, depending on where you plan to purchase this bottle. And as for the alcohol content, it contains 40% ABV (alcohol by volume), equivalent to 80 proof.

Tasting Notes


Kelt Cognac with box on desk

Kelt cognacs feature well-balanced hazelnut and licorice flavors with hints of apricot, coffee, violet, rose, and fresh fig. 


It has a dark, golden amber color. 


You can get the vanilla and oak fragrances on the nose with hints of rose, port wine, and violet. 


On the throat, expect a great structure with a luxurious, long-lasting finish.

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Common Kelt Cognac Prices

Common Kelt Cognac Prices

Type Size Alcohol Proof Average Price
Kelt Cognac Commodore 750 ml 80 Around $100
Kelt Cognac XO 750 ml 92 Around $150
Kelt Cognac Cask Strength 750 ml 102.6 Around $90
Kelt Cognac Sauternes 750 ml 80 Around $70
Kelt Cognac VSOP 375 ml 80 Around $45
Kelt Cognac Captains Barrel 750 ml 80 Around $70

Compared to Other Cognacs

Compared to Other Cognacs


Meukow is more expensive than Kelt, ranging from $30 to $1000 or so. As you can see, Kelt only costs around $40 to $150 as their priciest variant.

Pierre Ferrand

Pierre Ferrand

Compared to Pierre Ferrand, Kelt is still more affordable. Though they’re different brands, you can get almost the same quality. You can get Kelt Cognac at a lower price than Pierre Ferrand


Hine belongs to luxury brands, so expect a high price point. If you’re on a budget, try Kelt instead of Hine


What is Kelt Cognac’s Tour Du Monde Committee?

Kelt Cognac’s Tour Du Monde Committee receives invitations to special events, occasional newsletters, gatherings, and tastings. The committee is consulted regularly on new expressions and bottlings of Kelt.

Is Kelt Cognac available in the United States?

Yes, Kelt Cognac is available in the United States. You can purchase this cognac in New York, Alaska, South Carolina, Nebraska, Michigan, Oklahoma, California, and many more.

Key Takeaways

Kelt Cognac is unique because of its equally unique maturation process compared to other cognacs. Its ocean maturation process creates a well-balanced flavor profile, oak, sweet aromas, and a luxurious lingering finish. 

This affordable cognac also features a dark, golden amber color that attracts any drinker to try out this eccentric spirit. It is available in most states, so you can easily try this cognac out!



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