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10 Best Mixed Drinks With White Wine Ranked (2024 Updated)

Mixed Drinks with White Wine 

Last Updated on March 26, 2024 by Lydia Martin

If your wine-loving friends are coming to your place, serving them the best cocktail drink is your primary focus. 

But with all the wine cocktails, it’s hard to decide what recipe to serve your guests they’ll surely enjoy.  

To save you from hassle, we’ve narrowed down the best mixed drinks with white wine that will surely please anyone present. 

Top 10 White Wine Cocktails To Sip 

10. Strawberry White Wine Spritzer

Glass of Strawberry White Wine Spritzer

This drink recipe is one of the most refreshing wine cocktails containing vodka, white vino, and fresh strawberries, providing a flavor and taste perfect for summer.

Prep/Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 3oz Sauvignon Blanc
  • 1oz vodka
  • 3 strawberries
  • 1tbsp agave nectar
  • ¼ juiced lemon
  • 1.5oz tonic water

Instructions: Muddle the berries with the nectar and lemon in your mixing bowl. Add vodka and Blanc, then stir. Pour into your flute and top it with tonic water. 

Serving: 1

9. St-Germain Cocktail

Bottle of St-Germain Cocktail Garnished with Flower

This cocktail recipe is simple to make that only needs white wine (or sparkling wine), soda water, and an elderflower liqueur.

It’s slightly bitter but refreshing, like any other cocktail recipe.

Prep/Total Time: 2 minutes


  • 1.5oz St-Germain elderflower liqueur
  • 2oz white wine (dry) or sparkling wine 
  • 2oz soda water 

Instructions: Add the St-Germaine and wine to your Collins glass and stir. Pour water soda on top and enjoy. 

Serving: 1

8. Pineapple White Wine Cocktail

Glass of Pineapple White Wine Cocktail

This summer cocktail calls for various ingredients, but you can make it simple with white wine, soda, and pineapple juice.

The drink has the right sweetness and acidity, making it not overly sweet. 

Prep/Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 5oz Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling
  • 2oz lemon-lime soda
  • 2oz pineapple juice
  • 3 pineapple chunks

Instructions: In your flute, pour all the ingredients and stir. 

Serving: 1

7. Front Porch Swing

front porch swing cocktail drink

This cocktail recipe is similar to Sangria, but it gets a boozy kick from the cucumber vodka and elderflower syrup, creating a refreshing and herbaceous drink perfect for any occasion.

Prep/Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 3oz wine (white)
  • 1.5oz cucumber-flavored vodka 
  • 1oz elderflower liqueur
  • 5 halved white or green grapes
  • 5 halved red grapes
  • Sprig mint, orange wheel, and halved strawberry

Instructions: In your shaker, add all the ingredients over ice. Shake for about 10 seconds and pour into your large wine goblet.  

Serving: 1

6. The Saint

Glass of The Saint Cocktail Drink

The Saint cocktail recipe is a summer cocktail drink with fresh herbs and citrus flavors–a perfect drink recipe for any occasion. 

Prep/Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 1.5oz ginger syrup 
  • 3oz wine (white)
  • .5oz orange juice, fresh (or Triple Sec)
  • .5oz vermouth 
  • Orange bitters
  • Ginger ale

Instructions: In your ice-filled shaker, add the wine, syrup, juice, and vermouth. Shake and strain into your goblet and top it with ginger ale. 

Serving: 1

5. White Wine Vodka Lemonade Chiller

2 Glasses of White Wine Vodka Lemonade Chiller

This drink is another cocktail recipe ideal for cooling off. Adding chilled lemonade concentrate and frozen fruit adds sweetness and a citrusy feel. 

Prep/Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 12oz frozen lemonade concentrate
  • 750ml chilled white wine (dry)
  • 8oz vodka
  • cold tonic water 

Instructions: ⅓-fill your pitcher with ice and pour the concentrate, wine, and vodka. Stir to mix and top it with tonic water. Pour the mix into glasses and serve. 

Serving: 8

Tip: For this recipe, feel free to adjust the number of ingredients if serving a larger crowd for your next party. 

4. Sauvignon Blanc Punch

Glass of Sauvignon Blanc Punch

This cocktail drink recipe is a variation of Day’s white wine drink, made with a combination of Sauvignon Blanc, lime juice, and Aperol—topped with club soda and simple syrup.

Prep/Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 3oz Sauvignon Blanc
  • .5oz Aperol
  • .5oz grapefruit juice
  • .5oz lemon juice
  • .25oz simple syrup
  • Club soda

Instructions: Except for the club soda, combine all the ingredients in your cocktail shaker over ice and shake until well-chilled.

Pour into your highball glass with ice, pour club soda on top, and stir gently. 

Serving: 1

3. White Sangria

2 Glasses of White Sangria

Sangria is one of the classic wine cocktails with the refreshing fruity flavors of summer fruits and citrus lemon. 

Prep/Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 750ml Pinot Grigio, chilled
  • 4oz Lillet Blanc
  • 1 peach, pitted & sliced
  • 1 green apple, cored & sliced
  • 1 lemon wedges
  • 3 mint sprigs

Instructions: Add all the Pinot Grigio, Lillet, mint, and fresh fruit into a punch bowl and refrigerate for up to four hours. Then, pour into 4-6 wine goblets.  

Serving: 4-6

Tip: You can add peach wine to the mixture for a fruity Sangria drink recipe and more nuanced flavors. 

2. Albariño Mint Julep

Hand Holding Albariño Mint Julep

Want a deceptively simple yet delicious cocktail drink to enjoy? Try this Albariño  [1] Mint Julep drink—combining wine (white) and crème de pêche. 

Prep/Total Time: 2 minutes


  • 3oz Albariño 
  • 1tsp. crème de pêche or peach liqueur 
  • Mint sprig for garnish

Instructions: Pour the liquids into your Julep or Old-Fashioned double glass. Fill it with crushed ice and garnish with mint sprig. 

Serving: 1

1. Bicicletta

Glass of Bicicletta Cocktail Drink

This Italian aperitivo features two of Italy’s favorite wines: dry white wine and Campari, a bitter red commonly used in a Negroni drink.

“No amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well-made cocktail.”

— David Sedaris, American Author

Prep/Total Time: 2 minutes


  • 2oz Campari
  • 3oz white wine, dry
  • Club soda

Instructions: In your wine [2] (or rocks glass), combine Campari and dry white wine. Put ice and pour club soda on top. 

Serving: 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is good to mix with white wine?

White wine is a versatile beverage that can be mixed with various ingredients to create delightful cocktails and refreshing spritzers. One popular option is to combine white wine with sparkling water or soda to create a light and effervescent spritzer.

Adding a splash of fruit juice, such as orange, peach, or strawberry, can enhance the flavor profile and add a touch of sweetness to the drink.

Alternatively, you can mix white wine with fresh fruit slices or muddled herbs like mint or basil for a refreshing and aromatic cocktail. Experimenting with different mixers allows you to tailor the flavor of your white wine drink to suit your taste preferences and the occasion.

What mixes well with wine?

Wine is a versatile beverage that pairs well with a wide range of ingredients, allowing for endless mixing possibilities.

For white wine, popular mixers include sparkling water or soda for a light and bubbly spritzer, as well as fruit juices like orange, peach, or pineapple for added sweetness and flavor.

Fresh fruit slices or muddled herbs can also be incorporated to enhance the aroma and complexity of the drink.

Additionally, liqueurs such as elderflower, peach, or ginger can be used to create more complex and indulgent wine cocktails.

Whether you prefer your wine mixed with simple ingredients or more elaborate concoctions, the key is to experiment and find combinations that complement the flavors of the wine and suit your personal taste preferences.

What is the best way to drink white wine?

The best way to drink white wine depends on individual preferences and the specific characteristics of the wine. However, there are some general guidelines to enhance your enjoyment of this versatile beverage.

White wine is typically served chilled, so it’s essential to store it in the refrigerator and chill it to the appropriate temperature before serving.

Use stemmed glassware, such as a wine glass or flute, to showcase the wine’s color and aromas while preventing heat transfer from your hands.

Swirl the wine gently in the glass to release its aromas, then take small sips to savor the flavors and appreciate the wine’s nuances.

Pairing white wine with appropriate foods can further enhance the tasting experience, with options ranging from light salads and seafood dishes to creamy pasta or poultry entrees.

Ultimately, the best way to drink white wine is to enjoy it slowly, savoring each sip and appreciating its unique characteristics.

Can you mix white wine and Coke?

While mixing white wine and Coke is not a common practice, it is technically possible. The resulting concoction is often referred to as a “Kalimotxo” or “Calimocho” and is popular in some regions, particularly in Spain. Typically, this mixture consists of equal parts white wine and cola served over ice.

The flavor profile of this combination tends to be sweet and fizzy, with a unique taste that may not appeal to everyone. It’s important to note that mixing wine with cola may alter the characteristics of the wine, potentially masking its original flavors.

Ultimately, whether you choose to mix white wine with Coke is a matter of personal preference, but it’s worth experimenting with caution to determine if you enjoy the taste.

What not to mix wine with?

While wine is a versatile beverage that can be mixed with various ingredients to create delicious cocktails and spritzers, there are some combinations to avoid to preserve the integrity of the wine’s flavors.

One rule of thumb is to avoid mixing wine with overly strong or heavily flavored ingredients that may overpower or clash with its delicate nuances.

For example, mixing wine with spirits like vodka or whiskey can result in a harsh and unbalanced drink, as the strong flavors of the spirit may overshadow the subtleties of the wine.

Similarly, mixing wine with highly acidic or sour ingredients, such as vinegar or citrus juices, can disrupt the wine’s balance and acidity levels.

Additionally, it’s generally not recommended to mix wine with artificially flavored syrups or sugary sodas, as these additives can mask the natural flavors of the wine and create an overly sweet or artificial-tasting drink.

When mixing wine, it’s best to choose complementary ingredients that enhance the wine’s characteristics rather than overpowering them.

Can you mix wine with Coke?

Mixing wine with Coke is a practice that has gained popularity in some regions, particularly in Spain, where it is known as “Kalimotxo” or “Calimocho.”

While it may not be a conventional pairing, combining wine with cola can create a sweet and fizzy beverage with a unique flavor profile. Typically, this mixture consists of equal parts wine and cola served over ice.

While the idea of mixing wine with Coke may seem unconventional to some, it’s ultimately a matter of personal taste.

Some people enjoy the sweet and bubbly combination, while others may prefer to enjoy their wine and Coke separately.

As with any mixed drink, experimenting with different ratios and ingredients can help you find a combination that suits your palate.

Can you mix wine with soda?

Mixing wine with soda is a common practice in some regions and can result in a refreshing and effervescent beverage. This mixture, often referred to as a wine spritzer, typically consists of wine combined with sparkling water or soda water. The addition of soda water can lighten the body of the wine and add a fizzy, refreshing quality to the drink. Additionally, flavored sodas or fruit-flavored sparkling waters can be used to enhance the taste and aroma of the wine spritzer. While mixing wine with soda is not traditional in all wine-drinking cultures, it can be a pleasant and enjoyable way to enjoy wine, particularly during warmer weather or as a casual refreshment.

Should you mix wine with other drinks?

Whether or not you should mix wine with other drinks depends on personal preference and the specific characteristics of the wine.

While mixing wine with other ingredients can create delicious cocktails and spritzers, it’s important to consider how the flavors of the wine will interact with the other components of the drink.

Generally, lighter-bodied wines such as white wines and rosés are more suitable for mixing, as they pair well with a wide range of ingredients and can be easily incorporated into cocktails and spritzers.

However, heavier-bodied wines such as red wines may not be as conducive to mixing, as their bold flavors and tannins can overpower other ingredients.

Ultimately, the decision to mix wine with other drinks is a matter of personal taste, and experimenting with different combinations can lead to delightful and unexpected discoveries.

Should you refrigerate white wine?

Yes, it is generally recommended to refrigerate white wine before serving. White wine is best enjoyed when served chilled, as this helps to preserve its delicate aromas and flavors.

Storing white wine in the refrigerator maintains a consistent temperature and prevents it from becoming too warm, which can cause the flavors to become muted and the wine to lose its freshness.

Ideally, white wine should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of around 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit (7 to 13 degrees Celsius) until ready to serve.

However, it’s important not to store white wine in the refrigerator for too long, as prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can affect the wine’s texture and flavor.

To enjoy white wine at its best, refrigerate it for a few hours before serving and remove it from the refrigerator shortly before pouring to allow it to come to the ideal serving temperature.

Which white wine is sweet?

Several varieties of white wine are known for their sweetness, ranging from light and floral to rich and luscious. Some popular sweet white wines include:

Riesling: Known for its versatility and range of sweetness levels, Riesling can range from bone-dry to intensely sweet, with flavors of citrus, stone fruit, and honey.

Moscato: Moscato wines, such as Moscato d’Asti or Muscat, are renowned for their floral aromas, fruity flavors, and pronounced sweetness, making them a favorite among those with a sweet tooth.

Gewürztraminer: Gewürztraminer wines are often aromatic and spicy, with notes of lychee, rose petals, and tropical fruit. While they can vary in sweetness, many Gewürztraminer wines lean towards the sweeter side.

Sauternes: This French dessert wine is made from botrytized grapes and is known for its rich, honeyed sweetness, with flavors of apricot, peach, and caramel.

Late Harvest wines: Late Harvest wines are made from grapes that are left on the vine longer than usual, allowing them to develop higher sugar levels and intense sweetness. These wines can be found in various grape varieties, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chenin Blanc.

When selecting a sweet white wine, it’s essential to consider your taste preferences and the occasion for which you’re drinking. Whether you prefer a light and refreshing Moscato or a rich and decadent Sauternes, there’s a sweet white wine to suit every palate.

What is the best time to drink white wine?

The best time to drink white wine depends on personal preference, the occasion, and the specific characteristics of the wine. White wine is generally considered more suitable for warm weather and lighter meals due to its crisp acidity and refreshing qualities.

Therefore, it’s often enjoyed during spring and summer months or as an aperitif before a meal.

However, white wine can be enjoyed year-round and is versatile enough to pair with a wide range of foods, from seafood and salads to poultry and pasta dishes. It can also be a delightful accompaniment to casual gatherings, picnics, or outdoor events.

Ultimately, the best time to drink white wine is when you’re in the mood for it and when it complements the occasion and cuisine.

Whether you’re sipping a crisp Sauvignon Blanc on a sunny afternoon or enjoying a rich Chardonnay with a cozy dinner at home, white wine offers a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience whenever you choose to indulge.

Final Verdict: Mixed Drinks With White Wine

White wine may be considered a less common cocktail component, but it can still make the best cocktail recipes that anyone would surely enjoy regardless of the occasion. 

From the classic Sangria to the Bicicletta cocktail–all are equally fruity and revitalizing, not just in flavor but in the overall feel. 

Depending on your preferred flavor, this is your recipe guide for your next gatherings. Enjoy but drink responsibly!  


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