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7 Personalized Decanter Set With Box Gift Ideas (2024)

Personalized Decanter Set With Box

Last Updated on February 25, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Liquor decanters can class up home bars, and as the gift-giving season is fast approaching, a personalized decanter set with a box can be a nice, special, and thoughtful gift. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive something from someone who tried to get something they love and adore? 

Here are some gift ideas with a personalized decanter set (with box). Read on. 

Top 7 Gift Ideas For A Personalized Decanter Set (With Box) 

7. Engrave The Receiver’s Name 

Engraved Decanter Gift Set | Liquor Laboratory

A personalized gift is a thoughtful gift, so if you want to give something that can make the receiver more special, get something with their name on it. 

A personalized decanter set with the engraved name of the receiver will always bring positive memories whenever they use or see the gift.

It shows that you are thinking about them. 

The decanter set with a box that has an engraved name shows that not only did you choose the best gift, but you went the extra mile to personalize it. 

6. Choose A Personalized Logo 

Nothing beats a personalized gift, so if you want a gift that will be appreciated and treasured forever, get a decanter set with a personalized logo. 

There are imagery stores that can engrave a personalized logo on the decanter and the box. 

Decanter sets with boxes are mass-produced, but a personalized logo can make it extraordinary. 

5. Put His Favorite Liquor Bottle Inside

If someone close to you has a soft spot for drinking liquor, you can get a personalized decanter set with a box and put his favorite liquor bottle inside. 

Oxygen is both a friend and foe to wine. Once you’ve opened the bottle, all the amazing beautiful oxygen is going in, but now you’ve got a ticking clock.”

– Chevonne Ball, Certified Sommelier

Putting liquor inside a decanter that is not airtight may lose flavor [1].

So, consider placing the liquor bottle inside the box with the decanter instead to be safe. 

4. Find A Unique Whiskey Decanter Set

Whiskey Decanter Set | Liquor Laboratory

If you like something different, you can choose a unique whiskey decanter set to send as a gift.

There can be limited options for a unique whiskey decanter set, but it will surely be worth the hunt. 

There’s a saying that people may forget what you did or said, but they will always remember what you made them feel.

Unique decanter sets can come in different designs to class up a home bar.  

3. Score A Rare Custom-Made Decanter Set With High Value

If you want to go extra and are willing to spend more on a decanter set, consider getting a rare custom-made one with high value. 

It can be expensive since it is made from high-quality glass. Given its rarity, it is not surprising that you will spend thousands of dollars on custom-made decanter sets. 

2. Give Extra Things Like Serving Tray, Tong, & Whiskey Stones

Liquor Decanter Set With Glasses & Whiskey Stones | Liquor Laboratory

A beautiful set of personalized decanters is nice, but you can make your gift more special by adding extra things like tongs, whiskey stones, and a serving tray. 

The whiskey stones you can reuse [2], tray, and tong included in the decanter set can make the drinking experience more enjoyable. 

1. Imprint His Favorite Liquor Logo & His Name

Not all liquor brands sell personalized decanter sets, so if you want to go beyond expectations, you can have it personalized by imprinting his favorite liquor logo and name. 

If he loves drinking whiskey like Buffalo Trace, you can buy a Buffalo Trace decanter with a logo and go to a craft store to engrave his name. 

A customized gift is a gesture of gratitude, love, and affection.

It’s more special because aside from the exclusivity of the decanter, he knows you remember his favorite liquor.


Final Say

The thought counts, but authentic and personalized gifts can turn ordinary into memorable and unique souvenirs. 

Engraving the receiver’s name and favorite liquor logo is the best idea for a personalized decanter. 

However, if you are willing to pay more, you can check out rare and unique pieces of decanters. 



Where can you buy a personalized decanter set with box?

You can buy a personalized decanter set with a box on Amazon, Etsy, online craft stores, and gift shops. 
Make sure to give the correct details when ordering to avoid the hassle of misspelled names and wrong logos. 

Do official liquor websites offer a personalized decanter set with box?

No, official liquor websites do not offer personalized decanter sets with boxes. 
However, they sell decanter sets, and if you want to have it personalized, you can look for an engraving store to get things done.

How much does a personalized decanter set with box usually cost?

A personalized decanter with a box usually costs around $70 to $100, depending on the size and inclusion of the box. 
However, rare custom-made and unique decanters may cost you around $1000 or more, depending on their rarity. 

What does a personalized decanter set with box typically include?

A personalized decanter set with box usually includes a decanter, whiskey glasses, and sometimes additional accessories like a wooden box or coasters.

How can I personalize a decanter set with 2 whiskey glasses?

You can personalize a decanter set by engraving names, initials, dates, or messages onto the decanter, glasses, or wooden box, depending on the options provided by the manufacturer or seller.

What materials are commonly used for personalized decanter sets?

Personalized decanter sets typically utilize premium materials, including glass for the decanter and whiskey glasses, while the box is commonly crafted from wood. Some sets may also incorporate stainless steel or crystal elements.

Can I choose the design for personalization?

Yes, many sellers offer a variety of design options for personalization, ranging from classic monograms to custom logos or artwork over liquor bottles. You can usually select your preferred design when placing your order.

Can I order a personalized decanter set with a different number of glasses?

Some sellers offer flexibility in the number of glasses included in a personalized decanter set. You may be able to choose sets with two, four, or more glasses, depending on your preferences and the options available.

How long does it take to receive a personalized decanter set?

The production and delivery time for personalized decanter sets can vary depending on the seller and the complexity of the personalization.

Is there a difference between a 5-piece decanter set and a set with 2 glasses?

The main difference between these sets is the number of glasses included. A 5-piece set typically includes a decanter and four glasses, while a set with 2 glasses includes just the decanter and two glasses. The additional glasses in the 5-piece set allow for more people to enjoy drinks together.

Are there any restrictions on what can be personalized?

While most sellers offer a wide range of personalization options, there may be some restrictions on the length of messages or the complexity of designs that can be engraved. It’s a good idea to check the specific guidelines provided by the seller before submitting your personalization request.



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