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10 Best Skyy Vodka Flavors (2024 Updated)

Best Skyy Vodka Flavors

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Skyy vodka is one of the top-player brands in the world of liquors, selling millions of liter cases each year. But due to the increasing demand for flavored beverages, the brand upgraded to using water filtered through California limestone and enriched with Pacific minerals. This change further enhances the flavored varieties of Skyy Infusions.

We have listed the best Skyy vodka flavors to give you ideas for your next cocktail refreshments.

10 Best Skyy Vodka Infusion Flavors

1. Pineapple


This vodka explodes with the smell of fresh fruits and offers a palate of sweet juicy and freshly cut pineapple. This flavored vodka has a bright sweetness that masks the taste of its alcohol content. 

Mixing it with cranberry, orange juice, or soda creates a tropical cocktail that makes you reminiscent of a warm summer day on the beach.

2. Georgia Peach

Georgia Peach with cocktail on desk

Georgia Peach is a vodka infused with natural flavors from one of America’s favorite fruits, Georgia peaches. It has a balanced blend of peach and apricot that lingers pleasantly on the mouth. The succulent flavor of ripe peaches gradually builds up with every sip while hinting at spiciness towards the finish. But what’s the best vodka chaser?

3. Citrus


Skyy Citrus is the first and probably the most versatile among the line of Skyy flavored vodkas. The nose bursts with the tantalizing aroma of lemon meringue pie, while flavors of zesty lime and citric acid create a bright and crisp palate.

Since lemon and lime are the recipes that always mix well with vodkas, combining them in a single drink makes a perfect base for most cocktails.

4. Honeycrisp Apple

Honeycrisp Apple with cocktail on table

Honeycrisp is an apple variety that has achieved runaway success since its introduction in the 1990s [1]. Honeycrisp Apple presents the sweet-tart flavor and juicy texture of the fruit. This smooth expression has notes of cinnamon and vanilla taste, but it does not entirely mask the biting finish of the alcohol. 

It is the first vodka of its kind, and it mixes well with ginger beer, creating the infamous Ginger Crisp. But does vodka evaporate?

5. Blood Orange

Blood Orange

Blood Orange is a highly nutritious fruit variety that boosts with refreshing citrus flavors. This vodka infused with blood orange flavor is a fruit-forward liquor that does not fall short of the authentic sweet-tart goodness of citrus.

Due to its intensely fruity flavors, it creates a bold cocktail with a zesty kick by simply adding soda water with a few pieces of ice. More orange-flavored vodkas here

6. Raspberry


The Skyy Infusions Raspberry vodka has mild notes of sweet and bitter flavors that naturally came from the fresh juiciness of raspberries. The palate has a rich taste of red raspberry jam, but with a little bite on the finish.

Mixing it with some cocktail recipes makes the flavor taste like cough syrup. Its complexity makes it an exciting mixer to experiment on. So, how many vodka shots will get you drunk?

7. Cherry

Cherry on desk with cocktail

Infused with natural flavors of soft cherries, this next from the Skyy flavored vodkas line tastes like candy or flavored bubble gum. It finishes warmly and smoothly in the throat.

One of the most famous cocktail drinks for this flavor is the Cherry Bomb. It is a cocktail that combines ginger ale, grenadine, and flavored Skyy vodka, resulting in a very sweet drink with a peppery finish.

8. Skyy Infusions Grape Vodka

Skyy Infusions Grape Vodka on table with cocktail

Featuring the pleasant hand-pressed juiciness of a Moscato grape, this Skyy expression has the essence of a Kool-Aid. But it is not a bad thing as it still contains sweetness in every sip, and the nose has the aroma of ripened grapes. It finishes in an almost dry manner, with a little bitterness.

9. Texas Grapefruit

Texas Grapefruit

Texas Grapefruit joined the trend of complex flavored vodka names such as Bartlett Pear, Vanilla Bean, Coastal Cranberry, and Tropical Mango. It has a well-balanced taste of sweet and sour notes with citrusy hints on the palate. 

The flavors become fuller and bolder in the middle, while the finish is mellow and smoothly refreshing.

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10. Pacific Blueberry

Pacific Blueberry

Like the Honeycrisp Apple flavor, Pacific Blueberry is another naturally flavored vodka in the growing family of Skyy Infusions. Although other flavored drinks have a strong lingering taste of vodka, Pacific Blueberry only leaves a smooth and clean finish. This flavor has a dynamic light to bold, sweet taste, capturing the true essence of the blueberries.

Although it is flavorful enough to take straight, you can still create vibrant and refreshing cocktails with this as a base.

The Hype About Skyy Infusions

A liquor presented in a cobalt-blue bottle and labeling it as Skyy might impact a consumer. However, some would argue that the strategic marketing of sexy and suggestive advertisements left a strong impression on the public. 

But the grains distilled four times and filtered three times before infusing natural flavors is the real reason behind the hype. The marketing team has thought of interesting names that best describe the fruity Skyy flavors. Some Infusions products are Vanilla Bean, Moscato Grape, California Apricot, and Passion Fruit.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

It’s 100% American

The Skyy company prides itself on using raw materials of quality American grains and water in creating their vodkas. The grains are distilled four times and go through filtration three times to create a very smooth vodka that can rival the Russian and Swedish products in the market [2].

After years of experimentation and hard work, Maurice Kanbar formulated a process of making a spirit that compliments the local cocktails.

Martini (Somehow) Made It


Maurice Kanbar’s years of experimenting with the distillation process of spirits started when he felt unsatisfied with the neighboring local martinis in San Francisco. Since martini is a mixed drink that originated in the United States, Kanbar aimed to make vodka that is also purely American. 

His dedication to making a perfect martini birthed the range of Skyy vodkas that we know today.

It’s Very LGBTQ Positive 

As early as 1995, Skyy was one of the first spirits brands to show support for the LGBTQ+ community with their advertisements. The company became the official partner of Los Angeles Pride and New York City WorldPride, providing their quality vodkas to the largest Pride celebrations. 

In 2021, they donated around $25,000 to support the LGBTQ+ nightlife workers heavily affected by the pandemic [3].

It Has A Genius Founder

Maurice Kanbar

One significant difference between Skyy and other brands is the man who started the company, Maurice Kanbar. He is a genius inventor with around fifty patents, including the Skyy brand and the hypodermic needle protector. 

At 22, he earned approximately $200,000 when he created the D-Fuzz-It sweater comb.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many Skyy Vodka flavors are there?

There are around twenty Skyy flavors in the market. It includes simple food labels like Pineapple, Grape, Melon, Peach, Passion Fruit, and the newly-released Cold Brew Coffee.

Was Skyy Vanilla vodka discontinued?

No, the company did not discontinue the Skyy Vanilla; it was simply changed to Vanilla Bean. For more appeal, the marketing started using interesting and complex names such as Texas Grapefruit, Bartlett Pear, Moscato Grape, Tropical Mango, and Coastal Cranberry.

What are the different flavors of SKYY Vodka?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, SKYY Vodka offers a range of flavored vodkas in addition to its classic unflavored option. Some of the SKYY Vodka flavors include:

SKYY Infusions Pineapple

SKYY Infusions Blood Orange

SKYY Infusions Raspberry

SKYY Infusions Citrus

SKYY Infusions Cherry

SKYY Infusions Grape

It’s essential to check the brand’s official website or local retailers for the most up-to-date information on available flavors, as product offerings may change over time.

Which vodka flavor is best?

The preference for the best vodka flavor is highly subjective and varies among individuals. The “best” flavor depends on personal taste preferences and the intended use, such as mixing in cocktails or enjoying the vodka on its own. It’s recommended to try different flavors and determine which one aligns with your palate.

What tastes good with SKYY Vodka

SKYY Vodka’s smooth and clean profile makes it versatile for various cocktails. Popular mixers for SKYY Vodka include fruit juices like orange or cranberry juice, soda water, tonic water, and lemon or lime wedges. Classic cocktails such as the Moscow Mule, Vodka Tonic, or a Cosmopolitan can also be made using SKYY Vodka.

Is SKYY a premium vodka?

SKYY Vodka is generally considered a mid-range or premium vodka. While it may not be as expensive as some of the ultra-premium brands, it positions itself as a high-quality option with a focus on a smooth and clean taste.

Why is SKYY Vodka special?

SKYY Vodka is often recognized for its unique and proprietary distillation process, known as “quadruple distillation” and “triple filtration.” This process aims to create a vodka with a smooth and crisp profile. Additionally, SKYY Vodka is made from American grains and water sourced from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, contributing to its distinctive character. The brand’s commitment to quality and its innovative approach to flavor infusions also set it apart in the competitive vodka market.

What level is SKYY Vodka?

SKYY Vodka is generally considered a mid-range or premium vodka. It falls within a category that offers a balance between affordability and quality. While it may not be as expensive as some ultra-premium vodkas, SKYY is known for its focus on a smooth and clean taste, positioning itself as a high-quality option.

What are the top 3 vodkas?

The perception of the “top” vodkas can vary based on personal preferences and regional popularity. However, some vodkas that are often recognized and well-regarded globally include:

Grey Goose



These brands are known for their quality, craftsmanship, and popularity in the vodka market.

What is the #1 ranked vodka?

Rankings for the “best” vodka can be subjective and may vary depending on individual tastes and preferences. Different organizations and competitions may provide various rankings. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the title of the #1 ranked vodka may not be universally agreed upon. It’s recommended to check recent reviews, competitions, and expert opinions for the latest information.

What are the top 5 brands of vodka?

The top brands of vodka can vary, but some widely recognized and popular vodka brands globally include:

Grey Goose




Ketel One

These brands are known for their consistent quality and widespread availability.

Does SKYY Vodka smell?

Like any alcoholic beverage, SKYY Vodka has an aroma, but it is generally described as having a clean and neutral scent. The distillation and filtration processes employed by SKYY aim to produce a vodka with a smooth and mild flavor profile, and any scent is typically subtle. Individual sensitivity to smells can vary, so perceptions may differ among consumers.

Skyy Vodka Flavors

Skyy Vodka brand has an interesting background that started when the genius Maurice Kanbar wanted to make a perfect martini. It is one of the first companies to actively support LGBTQ+ from advertising campaigns to partnering with Pride celebrations.

The brand started expanding through naturally infused products in 2008. With all the vibrant, juicy characteristics of fruits, they debut vodka varieties available to drink straight or on the rocks. These expressions also make a refreshing and flavorful base for fruity cocktails.


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