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Stoli VodkaStoli Vodka Bottle Prices, Sizes & Buying Guide

Stoli Vodka buying guide

Last Updated on February 29, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Stoli is a well-known vodka brand from Russia. The spirit is made from fermenting wheat and rye and diluted with artesian water. 

Despite using wheat, it remains gluten-free. Interestingly, this was the first to introduce the concept of premium and flavored vodka in the market. Learn about Stoli price (and more) today. 

Stoli Vodka: A Brief Introduction

Stoli Vodka

Stolichnaya Vodka means “capital city.” It is unknown exactly when the brand started, just that it started being sold in the early 1900s. Some accounts say it was trademarked in 1938, but the label says 1946. The earliest confirmed production date is 1948. 

And like the actual start date, its ownership remains confusing — it’s even involved in an ongoing lawsuit. 

At the start of the 20th century, the Russian government took control of vodka production. In 1999, SPI Group, owned by billionaire Yumi Shefler, purchased the company and brought control over to Latvia. 

State-owned FKP Soyuzplodoimport and SPI Group have been in a decades-long lawsuit about ownership. [1] Shefler claims that he should be the sole owner due to privatization, while the state says the privatization was never finalized. 

Currently, two versions of Stoli Vodka are being sold: one from Russia and the other from Latvia. Both differ in materials used and the alcohol bottle label. 

How to Drink It

The most common way of drinking it is in shots, but some find the taste of pure vodka too much.  

Some prefer using this alcohol as a mixer to their favorite drinks, the most popular of which include lemonade, lemon, and grapefruit juice. It’s to cut down much of the alcohol burn. 

Others appreciate slowly sipping this alcohol, whether neat, straight, or on the rocks. Stoli Gold and Stoli Vanil are excellent choices for sipping due to their sophisticated flavors. 

Common Stoli Vodka Prices

Common Stoli Vodka Prices

Type Size Proof Average Price
Vodka Stolichnaya 750ml 80 $10.99 – $17.99
1L 80 $15.99 – $19.99
1.75L 80 $16.99 – $19.99
Stoli Crushed Mango 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stoli Crushed Pineapple 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stoli Crushed Ruby Red Grapefruit 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stolichnaya 100 Proof  750ml 100 $22.99 – $26.99
Stolichnaya Elit 750ml 80 $45.99 – $49.99
Stolichnaya Gluten Free 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stolichnaya Blueberi 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stolichnaya Citros 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stolichnaya Cucumber 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stolichnaya Gold 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stolichnaya Hot 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stolichnaya Stoli Ohranj 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stolichnaya Peachik 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stoli Razberi 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stolichnaya Salted Karamel 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99
Stolichnaya Strasberi 750ml 70 $15.99 – $19.99

What is Stolichnaya Premium Vodka?

Stolichnaya was the first in the field to be marketed as a premium vodka. 

It goes through a tedious 60-hour fermentation process using rye and wheat. The resulting alcohol is distilled thrice and diluted using artesian water. It is finally filtered with the help of sand, quartz, charcoal, and cloth. 

The Russian-produced variant gets its artesian water from Russia, while the Latvian-produced variant uses Latvian water. 

Compared to Other Brands’ Prices

Compared to Other Brands Prices


Ciroc Vodka

Ciroc is made from grapes. It doesn’t have much of a grape juice taste, though. This French company was first released in 2001, making it much younger as a result than Stoli’s 100 years in the business. 

Ciroc is marketed as luxury liquor. Each 750ml bottle of Ciroc has prices starting at roughly $26 in stores. It also has 80 proof, similar to most other brands. 

Grey Goose 

Another French luxury label, Grey Goose, is filtered through limestones and uses only calcium-rich water obtained from Cognac’s natural springs. It is the best-selling premium vodka in all of the United States. 

A bottle of Grey Goose is at par with Ciroc at about $28 per 750ml in prices. 


Belvedere Vodka

Hailing from Poland, the Belvedere is another one in the $30-ish price range. It is made from 100 percent Polish rye and is distilled four times. In terms of flavor, the liquor has a creamy mouthfeel with hints of vanilla and cream soda and is one of the highest when it comes to vodka proof at 100.

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam, from the United States, has a similar price to both Svedka and Stoli. Both New Amsterdam and Stoli have a wide range of fruit-flavored liquors, but Stoli takes the cake when it comes to taste. 

We find that much of New Amsterdam’s taste leans more towards synthetic candy, while Stoli’s is smoother and more sophisticated. 


Svedka Vodka

Svedka from Sweden is one of the most affordable alcohols you’ll purchase out in the market. Just like New Amsterdam, they have an extensive list of prices for fruit-infused vodkas. It is an easy drink that bartenders often use for mixing.

Popular Cocktail Recipes

Popular Cocktail Recipes

Your favorite bartenders may already be using Stoli in your cocktails. We list down a few you can try assembling: 

Stoli O Cosmo


  • 3 ounces Stoli Vodka
  • ½: 400;” aria-level=”1″>½ ounce lime juice 
  • ½ ounce cranberry juice 
  • Cucumber or Lime twist 


Combine everything in an iced shaker. Strain and pour into a chilled glass and garnish with a lime twist. 

Vodka Ginger Cocktail

Vodka Ginger Cocktail


  • 2 ounces Stoli Vodka 
  • 1 ounce ginger syrup 
  • ¾ ounce lime juice 
  • Club soda 
  • Lime twist 
  • Fresh ice 


This recipe calls for ginger syrup, which is to boil single part water and single part sugar with a few ginger slices. Cool the syrup down to room temperature. 

Combine the alcohol, syrup, and lime juice in an iced shaker. Strain and pour into a tall glass filled with ice. Add the splash of club soda, stir gently, and garnish with a lime twist. 

The Honey Bee

Replace the common lemonade with this super-sweet beverage! 


  • 1 ½ ounces Stoli Vodka 
  • ¾ ounce lemon juice 
  • Honey syrup 
  • Lemon twist 


In a saucepan, heat single part honey and single part water until you have a semi-thick consistency. 

Once cooled, pour into a shaker filled with ice along with the vodka and juice. Adjust the honey syrup according to your liking. Pour into a chilled glass and garnish with a lemon twist. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Stoli a good vodka?

Yes, Stoli is good vodka and is one of the best vodkas from Russia out in the industry today. 

Is Stoli Vodka cheap?

Not really. Stoli is a great bang for your buck for its quality. Its caliber can rival those who have higher prices in the spectrum while maintaining an affordable price. 

How strong is Stolichnaya Vodka?

Stoli Vodka has an ABV of 40 percent (or 80 proof), which is standard for most vodkas. It also has a 100 proof variant for those who are feeling more adventurous. 

Is Stoli a good vodka?

Stoli, or Stolichnaya, is generally considered a good vodka, known for its quality and traditional Russian distillation methods.

Is Absolut or Stoli better?

The preference between Absolut and Stoli is subjective and depends on individual taste. Both are reputable vodka brands with distinct characteristics.

What kind of drink is Stoli?

Stoli is a brand of vodka, and it is often used as the base spirit in a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks.

Is Stoli considered top shelf?

Stoli is often considered a mid-range vodka. While it is of good quality, top-shelf status can vary depending on personal preferences and categorizations.

Is Stoli cheap vodka?

Stoli is typically priced in the mid-range and is not considered a cheap vodka. It offers a balance between affordability and quality.

Is Stoli better than Smirnoff?

The comparison between Stoli and Smirnoff depends on personal taste preferences. Both are popular vodka brands with different flavor profiles.

What is the #1 ranked vodka?

The ranking of vodkas can be subjective, but brands like Grey Goose, Belvedere, and Absolut are often highly regarded.

How strong is STOLI?

Stoli vodka typically has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40%, which is standard for most vodkas.

Why is Stoli vodka so good?

Stoli is often praised for its quality, traditional production methods, and smooth taste. Its heritage and commitment to craftsmanship contribute to its positive reputation.

How do you drink Stoli vodka?

Stoli vodka can be enjoyed in various ways, including in classic cocktails like martinis or mixed with soda or juice. The choice of mixers depends on personal preferences.

Is Stoli vodka sweet?

Stoli vodka is generally neutral in flavor, but it may have a subtle sweetness from the base ingredients used in its production.

Is Stoli vodka smooth?

Stoli vodka is often described as smooth, making it suitable for sipping or mixing in cocktails.

Where does Stoli rank in vodka?

Stoli is considered a well-established and respected vodka brand but may fall into the mid-range category rather than the top-shelf. Rankings can vary based on personal preferences and the criteria used for evaluation.

In Summary

The Russians love their vodka and Stoli proves just that. 

Despite its puzzling history, production start date, and ownership, there is nothing confusing about Stoli Vodka’s caliber compared to others out in the world today. 


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