Tequila Aged in Bourbons Barrels: Our 15 Picks (2023)

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Using bourbon barrels for aging tequila comes wide and far.

While some companies only make their own barrels, most of them choose to utilize used casks or barrels from other industries. 

Since bourbon barrels can only be used once, many barrels end up in Mexico for another purpose– to age tequila spirits. 

If you’re a bourbon fan and want to explore other spirits, then you better try tequila aged in bourbon barrels.  

Top 15 Must Try Tequilas Aged In Bourbon Barrels

15. Corazón Añejo Old Rip Van Winkle Tequila

Corazón Añejo Old Rip Van Winkle Tequila Bottle with glass and lime

Average Price: around $60 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: For almost two years, Corazón Añejo tequila was aged in barrels used to make Old Rip Van Winkle bourbons.

It resulted in a creamy and flavorful blend of tequila and bourbon.

As expected, agave and caramel are there, but with nicely balanced flavors of warming oak relishes, and Pappy Van Winkle notes. 

You can experience the exceptional meeting of two Sazerac expressions– the Corazón Añejo tequila and Van Winkle.

14. El Mayor Extra Anejo Tequila

El Mayor Extra Anejo Tequila Bottle with lime and salt

Average Price: around $99.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: The Extra Anejo tequila from El Mayor is a superb example of graceful aging.

Crafted from 100% Agave, it’s one of the finest from its brand– aged in white oak barrels.

The palate starts with butterscotch and caramel notes, followed by a subtle pepper and a bit of agave biting towards the finish.

The oak and vanilla aftertaste is satisfying. 

The nose is filled with notes of molasses, maple syrup, and savory elements such as white pepper and barrels of char.

13. Lunazul Extra Aged Anejo Tequila

Close Up Shot of Lunazul Anejo Bottle and Glass

Average Price: around $41.94 /750ml (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: Lunazul is another bourbon drinker’s tequila that you can enjoy with its barrel notes of toffee and vanilla. 

It is aged using Elijah Craig’s bourbon barrels, which impart tasty notes. 

Besides, everyone will love its bourbon-like finish, and it’s an easy sipper. For those who love cigars, you should check out this tequila. 

Overall, the flavors are nicely balanced with the sweet barrel tones. This is a decent choice and is priced reasonably. 

12. Tequila Ocho Reposado

Close up Shot of Tequila Ocho Reposado Bottle

Average Price: around $55.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: This is a different experience from the fruity and citrus nosing we usually get from tequila.

After tasting, it has a robust black pepper and barrel spice flavor.

This tequila, made with pure blue agave, has a variety of flavors, such as light caramel, lemon zest, and bruleed grapefruit.

After resting for about eight weeks in ex-American whiskey barrels, (quite over the minimum time by law), it gives the Reposado the fully cooked-agave note, which is really delicious. 

11. Arette Añejo Tequila

Arette Artisan Suave Tequila - Anejo Bottle

Average Price: around $38 /750ml (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: This tequila expression is aged 14 months in barrels previously used for aging bourbon. It has a smooth and elegant flavor with hints of flowers.

Orange and lemon zest complement raw agave and mint, creating a nose that is sweet with hints of oak. Then, the finish is long with citrus and black pepper flavors.

Since this is crafted from pure Estate Agave, it has low water and high fiber content, making it a more full-bodied drink. 

10. Nulu Bourbon Barrel Aged Tequila

3 Bottles of Nulu Bourbon Barrel Aged Tequila and a salt

Average Price: around $99.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: This tequila is aged in Nulu bourbon barrels, so it has hints of peanut butter on the nose and palate. 

It’s not surprising that this tequila would have this type of flavor, but it’s fairly simple to find other notes. 

The medium-length finish is quite satisfying, making this a good drink for tequila and bourbon lovers. 

9. Espolón Nicholas Reserve Anejo Tequila

Average Price: around $34.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: The Espolón Añejo tequila is aged in white oak barrels for around 12 months. It then gets finished in charred Wild Turkey bourbon barrels.

So the complex and rich whiskey flavors impart this tequila’s flavor profile. It opens with caramel and butterscotch notes, followed by agave notes on the mid-palate. 

On the finish, everyone will be satisfied with its full vanilla spicy finish. If you want a multi-dimensional drinking experience, this tequila is a must-try. 

8. Corazon Reposado Single Barrel (1792) 

Average Price: around $34.99 /750ml (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: Originating from Mexico’s famous Los Altos De Jalisco region, Corazon Reposado Single Barrel (1792) has an intense yet smooth taste and aromas. 

“Once you start tasting tequila, it gets into your soul — it’s piece of Mexico, my home. It will become a part of you too.”

— Alex Valencia, Spirits Expert/Owner of La Contenta, NY 

It is made using traditional methods and is bottled using specifically-designed bottles.

Corazon Single Barrel tequila is full of deep and bold flavors and goes against the grain in taste and essence.

Overall, it’s a good-value tequila with a decent aroma and pleasing flavors. 

7. Corazon Añejo Single Barrel (Blanton)

Single Barrel Corazon Reposado bottle with glass and decanter

Average Price: around $43.99 /750ml (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: This Corazon Añejo Single Barrel tequila is a unique blend that goes against the grain and brings forth a distinct taste. 

This is a tequila aged in barrels from Sazerac’s award-winning whiskey brand–Blanton. 

From its origins in agave fields in the Jalisco highlands, Corazon Single Barrel is characterized wild and unconventional profile.

This Anejo tequila has oak notes with sweet and salty tones and a long finish. This limited-release spirit was produced in only 5700 bottles, so you better seek this tequila now. 

6. Clase Azul Reposado 

han holding bottle of Clase Azul Reposado 

Average Price: around $171.59 /750 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: Clase Azul Reposado is a premium tequila crafted from tequilana Weber Blue Agave, aged in traditional stone ovens for up to 72 hours.

The nose features fruity, woody, toffee caramel, and vanilla aromas.

You can taste the cooked agave with woody, fruity, vanilla, and toffee caramel flavors– but not overwhelming.

We like the finish with mellow mineral notes, soft oak hotness, and creamy notes later on. However, this one is on the expensive side. 

5. Corazón Expresiones Thomas H. Handy Sazerac

3 Bottles of Corazón Expresiones Thomas H. Handy Sazerac on top of a wooden table

Average Price: around $79.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: This incredible Añejo was aged in Thomas H. Handy Rye barrels for 19 months. The result is a powerful and complex blend full of spice and fruit. 

You can definitely experience the full range of Corazón Expresiones de Agave. Each bottle is made from a single barrel, providing a unique and distinct flavor.

We find this expression a pinnacle of tequila refinement [1], with its creamy milk chocolate and vanilla flavors complementing the spicy, pepper-quality of its base ingredient. 

The finish is warm and long, with hints of coconut, spices, and allspice. 

4. Corazón Expresiones W.L. Weller

Corazón Expresiones W.L. Weller with glass and salt

Average Price: around $79.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: This is a premium Anejo tequila from Corazón’s Expresiones series that was aged in ex-W.L Weller bourbon barrels for 26 months.

It uses the Buffalo Trace Collection’s highly coveted barrels, so you might expect that the bourbon flavors would hit you over the head–but they don’t. 

Herbal accents accompany the aroma of cooked agave [2]. And the barrel spices also bring out the cinnamon and vanilla notes. 

This drink has a sweet midpalate and is full of flavor. On the bitter end, there is a pleasant char smoke that lingers.

3. Corazón Expresiones George T. Stagg

3 Bottles of Corazón Expresiones George T. Stagg

Average Price: around $79.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: This Corazón Expresiones is a tequila aged in former George T. Stagg barrels for over two years.

This release, which came out in June 2018, is limited only nationally.

The aroma of this tequila is fruity and bright, with hints of herbal and cinnamon. Its palate also has a well-balanced blend of chocolate and green apple.

Its apple and cherry hints on the nose, followed by a fruit bouquet and vanilla on the palate, reminding of the Buffalo Trace flavor profile.

Overall, this is a great entry tequila for those who love bourbon.

2. Hornitos Black Barrel

Hornitos Black Barrel Bottle and a glass

Average Price: around $29.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: After a year in bourbon barrels, this gets transferred into extra-charred bourbon casks and then to a subtly-toasted vessel. 

It creates strong oak and butterscotch notes with a peppery finish.

This is a great blend of sweet and savory flavors with a great agave taste and a bit of spice from its aging. 

This is a must-try tequila if you like whiskey a lot. It’s like starting with tequila and getting a whiskey finish. 

1. Espolón Añejo Tequila

Espolón Añejo Tequila

Average Price: around $37.99 /750ml (MSRP)

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV 

Why We Like It: This is a relatively new arrival that starts its aging process in American oak before spending a couple of months in Wild Turkey barrels. 

We like Its floral and fruity notes complemented by yeast and spice. If you’re a certified bourbon fan, you’ll find several tasting notes you will surely like. 

On the nose, it’s mellow and pleasing, with hints of vanilla, oak, and sweet agave. It has a nice oakiness that’s not overpowering and provides a good experience. 

The taste of sweet agave and grassy upfront is followed by a bit of oak spice for a good finish.


Why is tequila aged in bourbon barrels?

Tequila is aged in ex-bourbon barrels as bourbons have a sweeter profile than other whiskey types, with rich vanilla and oak notes.

The notes stay in the barrel and are imprinted into the tequila, creating a great-tasting drink.

Do tequilas aged in bourbon barrels taste better? 

Tequilas aged in bourbon barrels really taste better as the sweet notes of bourbon balance the strong flavor profile of tequila.

But you can still find better-tasting tequilas without the influence of bourbon barrels. 

In Conclusion

Tequileros are always looking for ways to craft delicious and high-quality tequila to satisfy drinkers. 

As tequila aged in bourbon barrels gets popular over time, many people are looking for better spirits to try.

So if you’re one of those, we highly suggest trying any of the tequilas mentioned above.

If you’re a bourbon fanatic, these tequilas won’t make you betray your favorite spirit– as they embody the notes of it within. 



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