Western Son Vodka Bottle Prices, Sizes & Guide (2023)

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Western Son Vodka is a hand-crafted American vodka loved by the crowd, thanks to its alcohol content and clean taste. 

So sit back, relax and get your glasses ready as we give you a run-through about Western Son Vodka’s price and other things you should know about this distilled spirit. 

What Is Western Son Vodka? 

Western Son Vodka

Western Son Vodka is one of the finest hand-crafted vodkas that captured the heart of the American West because of its clean and clear taste. The Western Son Vodka was released in 2011 by a small group of guys who left the corporate world and carved their new path by creating distilled spirits. 

Unlike other vodkas, Western Son Vodka uses mashed corn, and it undergoes an intense ten distillation process to be a fine vodka

What You Should Know

What You Should Know

Main Ingredients

Western Son Vodka uses 100% American yellow corn harvested from Midwest and Texas, which is naturally gluten-free. Cereal grains and potatoes were traditionally used in making vodkas [1], but the distillery decided to use yellow corn.

How It’s Made

Yellow Corn

Once the yellow corn is milled, it will be cooked for 185 °F, so the starch and sugars will cook out before undergoing fermentation inside the vessels at 75 °F.

Its first distillation will be under copper pot stills, and then with a 20ft vodka column still with 13 copper plates, the spirit will be distilled ten times before being bottled at 30% – 40% ABV. 

Flavor Notes

Thanks to its ten times distillation, Western Son Vodka is known for its smooth and fine taste. The original Vodka has a grain-based texture with 100% distilled mouthfeel because it contains 40% ABV.

On the other hand, the brand also offers multiple flavored vodkas like cucumber, peach lime, blueberry, and more. It has a refreshing taste with an alcohol kick because it is bottled at 30% ABV.


Is Western Son Watermelon Vodka Gluten-Free?

Western Son Watermelon Vodka

No, Western Son Watermelon Vodka is not gluten-free because it contains watermelon flavorings that contain 3g sugar for every 1 oz serving. The scarlet red color vodka has an inviting and fresh aroma, but it has subtle sweet tones and a long, flavorful finish. 

Common Western Son Vodka Prices

Common Western Son Vodka Prices

Type Size Alcohol By Volume Average Price
Western Son Original 750 mL 40% $15.99 – $18.99
1.75 L 40% $23.99 – $25.99
Western Son Blueberry 750 mL 30% $16.99 – $19.99
1.75 L 30% $24.99 – $26.99
Western Son Cucumber 750 mL 30% $16.99 – $19.99
1.75 L 30% $24.99 – $26.99
Western Son Grapefruit 750 mL 30% $16.99 – $19.99
1.75 L 30% $24.99 – $26.99
Western Son Lemon 750 mL 30% $16.99 – $19.99
1.75 L 30% $24.99 – $26.99
Western Son Lime 750 mL 30% $16.99 – $19.99
1.75 L 30% $24.99 – $26.99
Western Son Peach 750 mL 30% $16.99 – $19.99
1.75 L 30% $24.99 – $26.99
Western Son Prickly Pear 750 mL 30% $16.99 – $19.99
1.75 L 30% $24.99 – $26.99
Western Son Raspberry 750 mL 30% $16.99 – $19.99
1.75 L 30% $24.99 – $26.99
Western Son Watermelon 750 mL 30% $16.99 – $19.99
1.75 L 30% $24.99 – $26.99
Western Son Craft Cocktail Blueberry Mint (Lemonade) 200 mL 5% $2.29 – $3.29
Western Son Craft Cocktail Watermelon Cucumber (Cooler) 200 mL 5% $2.29 – $3.29
Western Son Craft Cocktail Prickly Pear Jalapeño (Smash) 200 mL 5% $2.29 – $3.29
Western Son Craft Cocktail Lime Coconut (Colada) 200 mL 5% $2.29 – $3.29
Western Son Spiked Ice Low-Calorie 12 x 100mL 8% $19.99 – $21.99
Western Son Fruit Infusions SpikedIce 12 x 100mL 8% $19.99 – $21.99

Compared to Other Vodkas

Compared to Other Vodkas

Tito’s Vodka

Tito’s Vodka is another handmade vodka crafted from Austin, Texas, and it is known as one of the top-shelf vodkas in the country. It uses traditional old-fashioned stills in distilling the vodka, making it a smooth distilled spirit. A 750 mL bottle costs around $20, making it a mid-priced distilled spirit. 

Wheatley Vodka

Wheatley Vodka

Wheatley Vodka is an outstanding distilled spirit from the award-winning distillery Buffalo Trace. It is one of a kind vodka ten times distilled and triple times filtered to produce an ultra-smooth vodka. A bottle of Wheatley Vodka is almost close to Western Son Vodka, and you can score a 750 mL for roughly $19.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose is premium vodka, and it uses the finest French ingredients to create a top-shelf vodka. Unlike Western Son, Grey Goose is expensive; a 750 mL bottle can cost around $40. In addition, the French Vodka has a signature smoothness because of its 40% alcohol content. 

Popular Western Son Vodka Cocktails

Popular Western Son Vodka Cocktails

Peach Western Mule

Prep Time: 5 mins

Total Time: 5 mins


  • 1 part Western Son Peach Vodka
  • 2 parts Western Son Ginger Beer
  • Squeeze of lime


In your choice of glass filled with ice, pour down the Western Son Peach Vodka and Ginger Beer. Stir it well before topping it off with a squeeze of lime. 

Serving: 1

Red Pilgrim

Red Pilgrim on table

Prep Time: 5 mins

Total Time: 5 mins


  • 1 part Western Son Raspberry Vodka
  • ½ part St. Germain Liqueur 
  • Raspberry
  • Lemon 


In a collins glass filled with ice, pour the Western Son Raspberry Vodka and the St. Germain Liqueur. Squeeze the lemon and add raspberry for garnish, then serve. 

Serving: 1

Fresh Start

Prep Time: 5 mins

Total Time: 8 mins


  • 1 part Western Son Lime Vodka
  • 1 part Western Son Cucumber Vodka
  • 5 mint leaves
  • 1 sugar cube
  • Soda Water


Muddle the mint leaves and sugar cube in a mixing glass, pour the lime and cucumber vodka, and mix it well. Pour it into the glass, add the sparkling water, and finally add ice and serve. 


How much sugar is in Western Son Vodka?

There is no sugar content in the Western Son Vodka. However, the flavored vodka contains sugar due to its flavoring. A 1 oz of a flavored Western Son Vodka contains 4-5g of sugar.

Is Western Son Vodka keto-friendly?

Yes, Western Son vodka is keto-friendly because there are no carbs and calorie content on the original vodka. However, the flavored vodkas are not keto-friendly and should be avoided. 

Final Thoughts 

Western Son Vodka is a grain-based and clear vodka made from yellow corn, and it is no surprise that ten times distillation makes the spirit delectable and smooth. 

Bottled at 30%-40% ABV, the Western Son Vodka price per bottle is reasonable, so get one from your nearest liquor store now and let us know how you like it.



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