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What Alcohol Makes You Last Longer in Bed? (2024 Updated)

what alcohol makes you last longer in bed

Many people believe that alcohol can boost your confidence and increase your stamina in the bedroom. But, really, what alcohol makes you last longer in bed? 

Let’s take a look at how drinking is associated with better sex life, including some considerations to level up your game.

What Alcohol Makes You Last Longer in Bed

2 Alcohols That Might Make You Last Longer In Bed 

1. Beer


Beer can make you better in bed because it loads your body with phytoestrogens from the alcohol. According to research, phytoestrogens can delay orgasm. 

Dark beer is a good choice to set the mood for sex and have better erections. This is attributed to the high amount of iron that improves blood circulation to the penis. 

Italian researchers also found that daily beer consumption equates to better stamina and a lesser likelihood of heart disease or stroke. But is whiskey healthier than beer?

2. Red Wine

Red Wine

Wine drinkers might have the most spontaneous sex because red wine increases sexual desire and constantly fires your sex drive. [1

Red wine can help men and women increase sexual stimulation and arousal. It is believed to decrease erectile dysfunction for men and increase lubrication for women.

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How Alcohol Helps Make You Last Longer 

How Alcohol Helps Make You Last Longer 

Increases One’s Libido

One to two drinks of alcohol can effectively lower stress levels, relax the mind, and increase libido. A person’s sexual desire or libido differs from one another because many factors influence it. [2]

However, overindulgence and excessive alcohol consumption can lead to health complications. 

Helps With Premature Ejaculation

Wine Spritzers Cocktail

The right volume of alcohol can help delay premature ejaculation. And that could mean longer sex and better orgasm later on.  

However, studies show that people who experience it are also associated with sexual dysfunction.

Heavy drinkers might find it hard to have an ejaculation because of high alcohol consumption. 

Helps With Delayed Ejaculation

Consuming alcohol can delay ejaculation because it has the ability to numb physical sensations. Too much booze slows down the brain activity needed for an orgasm.

Excessive alcohol consumption might lead to preventing blood flow through your penis. It can cause erectile dysfunction and can mean being unable to ejaculate for some people. So, you need to be careful not to overdo alcohol drinking.

Boosts Confidence While Having Sex

Beer Cocktail

Few drinks of alcohol might help you lose social inhibitions. Others see it as a boost of confidence when having intercourse. 

But scientifically, alcohol does not give confidence. It simply relaxes your muscles, making you lose control of your mind. So, what you’re seeing or experiencing could be a thoughtless behavior.

Gives You Courage

People use liquid courage to do things when they have performance anxiety or want something extraordinary.

It’s a mind trick for people who wants the spirit and determination to do something outside their comfort zone. It’s when they feel no pain and are braver, leading to a loss of restraint. 

Alcohol can successfully overcast your perception of anguish, perhaps reducing fear and increasing your pain tolerance.

Risks Of Having Too Much Drink Before Having Sex

Risks Of Having Too Much Drink Before Having Sex

You Might Forget A Condom

Alcohol consumption and binge drinking are connected with an increased risk of unwanted pregnancy. You might lose consciousness and forget necessary things when intoxicated with alcohol. 

Alcohol use at first sex is linked with lower chances of condom use at first sexual intercourse. And might as well result in teenage pregnancy or regretted sex.

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Risk Doing Something Nonconsensual

Liquor Bottles

Drinking in potentially sexual situations raises women’s risk of being sexually assaulted. Many men expect to feel more aggressive, powerful, and disinhibited after consuming alcohol. 

Increased sexual drive and capacity may result in risks of something non-consensual. Sexually assaultive men may see drunk women as easy targets because they may be less able to resist or fight. 

Risk Of Going Too Far

The chances of doing unpredictable things can happen when you’re intoxicated with alcohol. At the same time, chronic alcohol intake makes men lose their sexual pleasure.

Too much alcohol can cause serious sexual problems like an imbalance of male sex hormone levels resulting in infertility. But how long will it take for alcohol to kick in?

May Constrict Blood Vessels In The Body

A glass of alcohol

Intoxicating levels of alcohol can affect the muscles in your blood vessels. This can cause it to become narrow and may result in high blood pressure.

When you’re taking medication, it is not good to consume it with alcohol. It’s a bad combination that causes sexual health problems and changes in blood pressure.

Can Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

With excessive drinking, men are likely to grow the “whiskey dick.” That means you get completely pissed drunk. Your penis stops cooperating in achieving erectile function, so you cannot perform sexually.

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How It Affects Sexual Desires 

How It Affects Sexual Desires 


Taking alcohol may increase sexual desire for men. A drink or two can make a male’s sensual spirit be awakened. This can be a good thing to consider if you want to explore new sexual things. 

However, too much drinking on a regular can cause delayed ejaculation, and getting hard may be difficult to achieve. 


Woman drinking a glass of alcohol

Many women say that alcohol makes them think they’re horny. Alcohol affects the central nervous system that functions our awareness, movement, and thinking.

So some females feel a sudden increase of interest in sex but not necessarily that their bodies will be into it.

A few drinks can arouse you, but too much drinking can stop these sexual responses, take longer to climax, and have less intense orgasms.

Does Drinking Alcohol Make You Perform Better? 

Yes, moderate alcohol drinking can make you perform better in bed. It helps you get aroused and boost your urge to do it.

But chronic heavy drinking changes how a person’s body responds to sexual activity. This may result in less sustaining and satisfying sex. But what alcohol gets you drunk fast but still tastes good?

How Much Alcohol Is Too Much? 

Experts in the Centers for Disease Controls say that men shouldn’t have more than two alcoholic drinks daily and one for women. 

They define it as excessive for more than five drinks per session. And it is considered heavy drinking if there are more than 15 drinks per week.  

Professional medical advice shows that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to many physical ailments and alcohol abuse. This can affect sexual performance as well as sexual health and sexual dysfunction.


What type of beer can make you last longer in bed?

Dark beer can make you perform better in bed. Darker beers contain iron that helps red blood cells create hemoglobin and improve blood circulation, resulting in stronger erections and enhanced orgasms.

Do you need alcohol to last longer in bed?

It depends. Some people consume alcohol before sex to last a little longer—especially those who have premature ejaculation. However, consuming too much can cause problems with erections.

Can whiskey make you last longer in bed?

Yes, whiskey is an alcohol that can also make you last longer in bed.  
But whiskey has more alcohol content, so you better set a drink limit. Otherwise, it may result in sexual health problems.

Is there any alcohol that can help improve sexual performance and last longer in bed?

While alcohol is sometimes associated with increased libido or reduced inhibitions, there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that it directly improves sexual performance or helps individuals last longer in bed.

Are there any risks associated with using alcohol to try to last longer in bed?

Yes, relying on alcohol to enhance sexual performance can have negative consequences. Alcohol can impair judgment, decrease sensitivity, and lead to erectile dysfunction or difficulty reaching orgasm.

What are some common misconceptions about alcohol and sexual performance?

One common misconception is that alcohol can prolong sexual activity. While it may initially increase arousal or reduce anxiety, excessive alcohol consumption often leads to decreased sexual function and satisfaction.

Are there any alternatives to alcohol for improving sexual performance?

Rather than turning to alcohol, individuals seeking to improve sexual performance should focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and managing stress.

Can certain types of alcohol have different effects on sexual performance?

While some people may experience temporary boosts in confidence or arousal with certain types of alcohol, there’s no evidence to suggest that one type of alcohol is more effective than another for improving sexual performance.

Is it safe to mix alcohol with other substances or medications for sexual enhancement?

Mixing alcohol with other substances or medications for sexual enhancement can be dangerous and increase the risk of adverse effects, including impaired judgment, dizziness, and potentially life-threatening interactions.

Are there any non-alcoholic methods for improving sexual stamina?

Yes, non-alcoholic methods for improving sexual stamina include practicing relaxation techniques, communication with partners, experimenting with different sexual positions, and seeking advice from healthcare professionals if experiencing persistent issues.

Final Verdict 

Alcohol is rumored to initiate sex. And people today used this trick to engage in much more courageous sensual acts. It numbs your penis and makes you last longer in bed.

But if you drink beyond a certain amount, you can get a squishy dick.    


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