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What Country Drinks the Most Tequila Per Capita? Answered (2024)

What Country Drinks the Most Tequila Per Capita

Last Updated on March 9, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Since tequilas are a native of Mexico, Mexicans are known to drink the most tequila. Over a year, they typically consume around 50 shots of this drink per adult. 

But following Mexico, what country drinks the most tequila per capita? If you have a country in mind, let’s verify it as we detail the updated ranking. 

Top 10 Countries That Drink The Most Tequila Per Capita (2022) 

RankCountryAverage Shots Per Day
3United States26
5Puerto Rico4.6
8El Salvador2.4

10. Germany

Average Shots Per Day: 2.2 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: Germany lands in the top ten as one of the countries that drink the most tequila per capita, with a little over two shots per adult. 

Although they were not at the top in 2021, Germany ranked as the second-largest tequila importer in 2021, following the US, importing 4 million liters of tequila annually. 

But how is tequila different from other alcohol types?

9. Canada

Average Shots Per Day: 2.3 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: At 9th place in Canada, with an average shot of 2.3 per day for a year. 

It’s no surprise that Canadians love tequila from their neighbor – Mexico, which is just 5 to 6 hours away by plane.

8. El Salvador

Average Shots Per Day: 2.44 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: El Salvador ranked eighth place, surpassing the Canadian tequila drinkers. 

At an average of 2.44 shots, Salvadorians like tequila as one of their party and celebratory drinks. 

El Salvador is one of the neighboring countries of Mexico, so it’s easier for them to access or receive the distribution of tequilas.   

7. Spain

Close Up Shot of Tequila Glass

Average Shots Per Day: 2.8 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: On the rank 7th is the county of Spain.

Unlike the countries mentioned above, Spain is from a different continent, not a neighboring country of Mexico, where tequila originated. 

But distance doesn’t matter to tequila drinkers from Spain. Spanish drinkers love the sweet and spicy flavors of tequila, along with its heat and alcohol. 

Besides, Spanish tends to be festive, so tequila suits their lively traditions and culture. But how does drinking tequila make you feel?

6. Australia

Average Shots Per Day: 3.4 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: Australia ranked 6th with an average of 3.5 shots per capita. 

Australians love tequila as they often use this spirit to make cocktails, a popular choice for social gatherings. 

GoodDrop, one of the leaders in premium tequila retailing in Australia, has a wide selection of the best agave spirits. 

Australian drinkers love how tequila can set the tone for their celebrations– day and night or big and small. 

5. Puerto Rico

Average Shots Per Day: 4.6 shots

Why They Love Tequila: On the fifth rank is Puerto Rico, another country from South America. While rum is the favorite drink of Puerto Ricans, it doesn’t mean they don’t like tequila. 

Since they don’t produce tequilas, they import from Mexico, which most Puerto Rican drinkers use to make cocktails, especially their national drink– Pina Colada. 

4. Panama

2 Glasses of Tequila shots

Average Shots Per Day: 6.7 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: Panama is in the fourth spot, with an average of 6.7 shots per adult per day, just like other countries, people from Panama like the presence of tequila at parties. 

Most especially, tequilas are best enjoyed at various beautiful Panama beaches like the San Blas Islands and Taboga Island.  

3. United States

Average Shots Per Day: 26 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: On the third spot is the United States. Americans love to taste tequila in its purest form as it’s cooler and more complex, particularly the Anejo tequila. 

“With a good-quality tequila, you can enjoy a variety of different cocktails.”

— Ruben Aceves, Global Brand Ambassador for Casa Herradura

From bars, restaurants, beaches, and everything in between, there’s sure to be the spot for tequila bottles. The US is one of the biggest importers of tequila worldwide. 

2. Latvia

Average Shots Per Day: 31.2 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: Surprisingly, the top 2 on the list is Latvia, consuming an average of 31.2 shots per adult. 

One reason tequila is popular in Latvia is the country’s lower tax rate, making it easy for the citizens to buy liquor.

This increases the apparent consumption of tequila in the country.

1. Mexico

Tequila Bottle and a Glass

Average Shots Per Day: 49.6 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: Obviously, on the top spot is Mexico, where tequilas originally came from [1].

Many distilleries are located within the country, so tequilas are very much accessible to the people. 

The rate per capita is twice that of the US and more than the sum of the rates from rank 4 to 10. 

In Mexico, tequila is the national drink, and it’s served at various social events, including national holidays such as Independence Day and the Day of the Dead [2].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which country imports the most tequila?

The United States holds the distinction of being the largest importer of tequila globally, with a substantial demand for this iconic Mexican spirit.

Tequila’s popularity in the U.S. has surged over the years, driven by the growing appreciation for premium and craft tequilas, diverse cocktail culture, and an increasing number of consumers seeking high-quality agave spirits.

Which country is the largest consumer of tequila?

Mexico stands as the largest consumer of tequila, given its status as the birthplace and cultural epicenter of this renowned spirit.

Tequila plays a significant role in Mexican traditions and celebrations, and its consumption is deeply ingrained in the country’s social fabric.

While tequila enjoys international popularity, with a substantial presence in various global markets, Mexico remains at the forefront in terms of sheer consumption volume.

What countries consume the most tequila?

Apart from Mexico, the United States emerges as a major consumer of tequila, driven by a vibrant cocktail culture, a burgeoning interest in high-quality spirits, and an evolving appreciation for diverse tequila expressions.

Other countries contributing significantly to global tequila consumption include Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom, where the spirit has gained popularity both in traditional forms and as a key ingredient in cocktails.

Where is tequila most drank?

Tequila is most commonly consumed in its country of origin, Mexico, where it holds a central role in cultural and social celebrations. Cities like Jalisco, particularly in and around the town of Tequila, are known for producing some of the finest tequilas and often host festivals and events dedicated to this iconic spirit.

However, the popularity of tequila has transcended borders, and it is widely enjoyed in various parts of the world, with significant consumption hubs in the United States, Europe, and other regions where the spirit has become a staple in bars, restaurants, and social gatherings.

The versatility of tequila, whether sipped neat, used in cocktails like margaritas, or enjoyed in innovative mixed drinks, contributes to its global appeal and widespread consumption.

Which country’s national drink is tequila?

While tequila is not the national drink of any specific country, it holds special significance in Mexico, where it originated.

Mexico has declared tequila as a cultural product with a Denomination of Origin, emphasizing its unique connection to the country’s heritage. Tequila is deeply embedded in Mexican traditions and is considered a symbol of national pride.

Who drinks the most tequila?

The largest consumer of tequila is Mexico itself, where the spirit is an integral part of cultural and social celebrations. Mexican citizens enthusiastically enjoy tequila in various forms, from sipping high-quality expressions to incorporating it into traditional cocktails.

Internationally, the United States is a significant consumer of tequila, driven by a growing demand for premium and craft varieties, as well as its popularity in cocktails.

Is tequila popular in Asia?

Tequila has been gaining popularity in Asia, reflecting a broader global trend of increased interest in high-quality spirits and diverse drinking cultures. In countries like Japan, South Korea, and China, tequila has found its place in bars, restaurants, and social gatherings.

The unique flavors and versatility of tequila, especially in cocktails, have contributed to its appeal in the Asian market, where consumers are exploring and appreciating the nuances of this iconic Mexican spirit.

What countries love tequila?

Tequila has garnered love and appreciation in various countries around the world. Apart from Mexico, where tequila holds cultural significance, the United States stands out as a major market for tequila consumption.

Additionally, countries in Europe, such as Germany and the United Kingdom, have embraced tequila as a popular spirit, with a growing interest in premium and artisanal varieties. In South America, countries like Brazil have also developed a fondness for tequila.

The spirit’s global popularity is evident in its presence and acceptance across diverse regions, making it a beloved and celebrated drink in numerous countries worldwide.

Whether sipped neat, enjoyed in cocktails, or savored as part of cultural traditions, tequila continues to captivate enthusiasts across the globe.

What is the top-selling tequila in the world?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the top-selling tequila globally was Jose Cuervo. Established in 1758, this iconic Mexican brand has maintained its popularity and market dominance, offering a range of tequilas that cater to diverse consumer preferences.

However, it’s advisable to check the latest industry reports or sales data for the most up-to-date information on the top-selling tequila.

Why do Americans like tequila so much?

The popularity of tequila in the United States can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the rise of craft cocktails and mixology has led to an increased appreciation for high-quality spirits, including premium tequilas.

The versatility of tequila in cocktails like margaritas has contributed to its widespread adoption.

Additionally, the growing interest in authentic and artisanal products, combined with marketing efforts emphasizing the craftsmanship and heritage of tequila, has resonated with American consumers, further fueling their enthusiasm for the spirit.

Which country exports the most tequila?

Mexico, as the birthplace and primary producer of tequila, stands as the leading exporter of this iconic spirit. The production of tequila is tightly regulated by Mexican law, and the majority of tequila distilleries are concentrated in the Jalisco region.

While tequila is enjoyed globally, with significant consumption in the United States and various other countries, Mexico remains the primary source of tequila exports, showcasing the country’s commitment to maintaining the authenticity and quality of this renowned spirit.

What are the 3 types of tequila?

Tequila is categorized into three main types based on its aging process and the percentage of pure agave used in production. The three types of tequila are:

Blanco (Silver or Plata): This is unaged or minimally aged tequila, bottled shortly after distillation. It retains the purest agave flavors and is known for its clear appearance and crisp, fresh taste.

Reposado: Reposado tequila is aged in wooden barrels for a minimum of two months but less than a year. This aging imparts a slightly golden hue and adds complexity to the flavor, with notes of oak and vanilla while retaining the agave’s essence.

Añejo: Añejo tequila undergoes longer aging, spending one to three years in barrels. This extended maturation results in a darker color and a more nuanced flavor profile, with pronounced notes of caramel, chocolate, and a smoother finish.

These three types represent a spectrum of flavors and characteristics, allowing consumers to explore the diverse and rich offerings within the world of tequila.

Where is tequila popular?

Tequila is particularly popular in Mexico, where it originated, and it holds a special place in the country’s cultural and social fabric. Cities like Jalisco, especially around the town of Tequila, are known for producing some of the finest tequilas.

Beyond Mexico, tequila has gained international popularity, with significant consumer bases in the United States, Europe, and parts of Asia, reflecting a global appreciation for this distinctive Mexican spirit.

What celebrity has a line of tequila?

One prominent celebrity with a successful line of tequila is George Clooney, who co-founded Casamigos Tequila in 2013. Casamigos quickly gained acclaim for its high-quality tequilas, including Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo varieties.

Clooney, along with his business partners, aimed to create a tequila that they could enjoy with friends, and the brand’s success has made it a noteworthy player in the premium tequila market.

How popular is tequila in the world?

Tequila has experienced a surge in popularity worldwide, transcending its Mexican origins to become a globally cherished spirit.

Its versatility, from sipping it neat or on the rocks to featuring prominently in cocktails like margaritas, has contributed to its widespread appeal.

The increasing demand for high-quality and artisanal spirits, coupled with tequila’s rich cultural associations, has fueled its popularity not only in its home country of Mexico but also in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other regions where consumers appreciate its diverse flavors and cultural significance.

Which country drinks the most alcohol in Asia?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, South Korea has been noted for having one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in Asia. The drinking culture in South Korea is deeply ingrained in social and business interactions, with a preference for traditional spirits like soju. However, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest statistics, as alcohol consumption patterns can evolve over time, and new data may have emerged since my last update.

Which countries in Asia drink the most?

South Korea and Mongolia are noted for having some of the highest alcohol consumption rates in Asia.

In South Korea, a strong drinking culture is deeply ingrained in social and business interactions, with traditional spirits like soju being popular choices.

Mongolia also has a high prevalence of alcohol consumption, influenced by cultural traditions and the availability of various alcoholic beverages.

Why is there no tequila in Europe?

Contrary to the notion that there is no tequila in Europe, tequila is indeed available and enjoyed across the continent. However, the perception may arise from the fact that tequila production is regulated by a Denomination of Origin, and true tequila must come from specific regions in Mexico, primarily Jalisco.

While European countries may not produce authentic tequila, they import and distribute various tequila brands, making it readily accessible to consumers.

The popularity of tequila in Europe has grown steadily, with a burgeoning appreciation for the spirit’s diverse expressions and its use in cocktails, further dispelling the misconception that tequila is absent in the European market.

So, What Country Drinks the Most Tequila Per Capita?

Tequila is one of the fastest-growing liquor markets alongside beer. Tequila sales double yearly, with over 1,500 brands available to the public. 

This national drink of Mexico is rapidly taking the world by storm, and it is not surprising how other countries react or patronize the spirit, even if it’s from across or halfway through the globe. 

While no other country can beat Mexico as the largest tequila consumer, the figures from Latvia and the US are slowly changing and improving over time.


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