What Country Drinks the Most Tequila Per Capita? Answered

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Since tequilas are a native of Mexico, Mexicans are known to drink the most tequila. Over a year, they typically consume around 50 shots of this drink per adult. 

But following Mexico, what country drinks the most tequila per capita? If you have a country in mind, let’s verify it as we detail the updated ranking. 

Top 10 Countries That Drink The Most Tequila Per Capita (2022) 

Rank Country Average Shots Per Day
1 Mexico 49.6 
2 Latvia 31.2
3 United States 26
4 Panama 6.7
5 Puerto Rico 4.6
6 Australia 3.4
7 Spain 2.8
8 El Salvador 2.4
9 Canada 2.3
10 Germany 2.2 

10. Germany

Average Shots Per Day: 2.2 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: Germany lands in the top ten as one of the countries that drink the most tequila per capita, with a little over two shots per adult. 

Although they were not at the top in 2021, Germany ranked as the second-largest tequila importer in 2021, following the US, importing 4 million liters of tequila annually. 

But how is tequila different from other alcohol types?

9. Canada

Average Shots Per Day: 2.3 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: At 9th place in Canada, with an average shot of 2.3 per day for a year. 

It’s no surprise that Canadians love tequila from their neighbor – Mexico, which is just 5 to 6 hours away by plane.

8. El Salvador

Average Shots Per Day: 2.44 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: El Salvador ranked eighth place, surpassing the Canadian tequila drinkers. 

At an average of 2.44 shots, Salvadorians like tequila as one of their party and celebratory drinks. 

El Salvador is one of the neighboring countries of Mexico, so it’s easier for them to access or receive the distribution of tequilas.   

7. Spain

Close Up Shot of Tequila Glass

Average Shots Per Day: 2.8 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: On the rank 7th is the county of Spain.

Unlike the countries mentioned above, Spain is from a different continent, not a neighboring country of Mexico, where tequila originated. 

But distance doesn’t matter to tequila drinkers from Spain. Spanish drinkers love the sweet and spicy flavors of tequila, along with its heat and alcohol. 

Besides, Spanish tends to be festive, so tequila suits their lively traditions and culture. But how does drinking tequila make you feel?

6. Australia

Average Shots Per Day: 3.4 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: Australia ranked 6th with an average of 3.5 shots per capita. 

Australians love tequila as they often use this spirit to make cocktails, a popular choice for social gatherings. 

GoodDrop, one of the leaders in premium tequila retailing in Australia, has a wide selection of the best agave spirits. 

Australian drinkers love how tequila can set the tone for their celebrations– day and night or big and small. 

5. Puerto Rico

Average Shots Per Day: 4.6 shots

Why They Love Tequila: On the fifth rank is Puerto Rico, another country from South America. While rum is the favorite drink of Puerto Ricans, it doesn’t mean they don’t like tequila. 

Since they don’t produce tequilas, they import from Mexico, which most Puerto Rican drinkers use to make cocktails, especially their national drink– Pina Colada. 

4. Panama

2 Glasses of Tequila shots

Average Shots Per Day: 6.7 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: Panama is in the fourth spot, with an average of 6.7 shots per adult per day, just like other countries, people from Panama like the presence of tequila at parties. 

Most especially, tequilas are best enjoyed at various beautiful Panama beaches like the San Blas Islands and Taboga Island.  

3. United States

Average Shots Per Day: 26 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: On the third spot is the United States. Americans love to taste tequila in its purest form as it’s cooler and more complex, particularly the Anejo tequila. 

“With a good-quality tequila, you can enjoy a variety of different cocktails.”

— Ruben Aceves, Global Brand Ambassador for Casa Herradura

From bars, restaurants, beaches, and everything in between, there’s sure to be the spot for tequila bottles. The US is one of the biggest importers of tequila worldwide. 

2. Latvia

Average Shots Per Day: 31.2 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: Surprisingly, the top 2 on the list is Latvia, consuming an average of 31.2 shots per adult. 

One reason tequila is popular in Latvia is the country’s lower tax rate, making it easy for the citizens to buy liquor.

This increases the apparent consumption of tequila in the country.

1. Mexico

Tequila Bottle and a Glass

Average Shots Per Day: 49.6 shots 

Why They Love Tequila: Obviously, on the top spot is Mexico, where tequilas originally came from [1].

Many distilleries are located within the country, so tequilas are very much accessible to the people. 

The rate per capita is twice that of the US and more than the sum of the rates from rank 4 to 10. 

In Mexico, tequila is the national drink, and it’s served at various social events, including national holidays such as Independence Day and the Day of the Dead [2].


Which country imports the most tequila?

The country that imports the most tequila is the US, followed by Germany and China.  

Which country is the largest consumer of tequila?

The largest consumer of tequila is Mexico, recording about 0.63 liters or 1.3 pints per person per year. 

Final Say

Tequila is one of the fastest-growing liquor markets alongside beer. Tequila sales double yearly, with over 1,500 brands available to the public. 

This national drink of Mexico is rapidly taking the world by storm, and it is not surprising how other countries react or patronize the spirit, even if it’s from across or halfway through the globe. 

While no other country can beat Mexico as the largest tequila consumer, the figures from Latvia and the US are slowly changing and improving over time.



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