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What Does Blue Moon Beer Taste Like? Flavor Profile Breakdown

What Does Blue Moon Beer Taste Like

Last Updated on October 25, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Blue Moon Beer is an iconic Belgian-style witbier that has become a staple for many beer enthusiasts.

With its distinct appearance and reputation as a Belgian-style wheat beer, Blue Moon has gained popularity as it enters the beer scene.

But what does Blue Moon beer taste like?

As someone always on the lookout for exceptional drinks and flavors, I’ve enjoyed Blue Moon, and here’s my truest and honest take on what this renowned beer brings to the palate.

What Does Blue Moon Belgian White Taste Like?

Bottle of Blue Moon Beer

Blue Moon’s taste is very wheat-forward, proudly displaying its Belgian-style heritage.

The White Wheat malt presence takes center stage, followed by subtle sweetness that adds inviting complexity to the overall flavor profile.

“We’ll unite our beers so consumers can clearly find them and buy them…” -Mara Schaefer, Senior Director

As the flavors evolve, just a hint of spiciness gracefully emerges on the finish. This subtle kick owes its presence to the addition of coriander during brewing, a touch that adds a layer of intrigue to the beer’s profile.

What Is The Flavor Of Blue Moon Beer?

Blue Moon Beer in a Can


As I drink Blue Moon, I noticed it is wheat-centered, slightly sweet, and sparkling citrus flavor, especially in my first few sips.

Creamy oats mingle with the wheat and citrus, adding a gentle sweetness and smoothness. I noticed slight spiciness, but the malt sweetness is very straightforward.

Following the Blue Moon recipe, the orange slice on the glass (orange garnish) enhances the fruity notes, and a touch of orange juice elevates it further.


As I bring a bottle of Blue Moon close, a gentle wave of citrus aroma greets your senses, reminiscent of a sun-kissed orange peel.

This bright and zesty aroma is balanced by a subtle hint of spice, adding a layer of intrigue.

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Blue Moon looks different from American beer [1]. It’s bright and golden, with a tiny bit of orange color. Its hazy appearance or the beer’s cloudiness is normal because it’s not filtered much.

The color of the White Wheat is warm and inviting, with a touch of orange that comes from using Valencia orange peel in the brewing process of the beer.


As I take that final taste, a subtle hint of spice emerges, leaving a pleasant and intriguing sensation on the palate. The bitterness is moderate, falling within 9 IBU, adding just the right touch of balanced flavor.

What Does Blue Moon Taste Similar To?

Close Up Image of Blue Moon Beer Bottle Label

Blue Moon’s flavor profile shares similarities with traditional Belgian witbiers, showcasing the wheat-forward taste hallmark of this style.

The hints of citrus, gentle spice, and delicate flavor align with the flavor palate of many European beers.

Is Blue Moon A Good-Tasting Beer?

Blue Moon Belgian White is a good beer, appreciated for its accessible and balanced flavor profile.

The flavorful beer has impressive mild sweetness, smooth finish, and creamy mouthfeel. Blue Moon is a classic wheat beer popular among many beer drinkers.

Aside from their Belgian-style wheat ale, other Belgian wheat beers to try on a hot summer’s day are the Belgian Moon, Summer Honey Wheat, and other Blue Moon labels.

Drinking Tips To Experience Its Best Flavors

Bottle and a Glass of Blue Moon Beer


Blue Moon is best served cold. Serving Blue Moon at around 38 degrees Fahrenheit (about 3 degrees Celsius) allows its taste profile to shine.

The refreshing citrus notes are accentuated at this cool temperature, and the wheat-forward character is balanced perfectly.

Type Of Glass

The choice of glass for enjoying Blue Moon can significantly influence your tasting experience. Opt for a beer glass that provides ample room for its flavors to develop.

A tall, narrow, or classic pint glass is a suitable option. These glasses help concentrate the beer’s inviting scents while allowing you to appreciate the color and clarity.


Blue Moon, served with a fresh slice of orange, is part of Belgian tradition and can heighten the beer’s fruity qualities.

When placed on the rim of the glass, the orange slice releases its citrus flavors, mingling harmoniously with the beer’s wheat-forward and subtly spiced flavors.

Bottle vs Can vs Draft

Drinking Blue Moon from a bottle with the remarkable Blue Moon’s packaging offers convenience and portability. The beer is protected from light, which helps maintain its flavors.

Opting for a can provide similar benefits to a bottle, with the added advantage of being more easily recyclable and often better at keeping out light and oxygen, which can impact taste.

“Blue Moon offers a balanced and approachable option.”-Liquor Laboratory

Drinking Blue Moon on draft, poured fresh from the tap, can be a delightful experience. The draft beer provides a slightly different taste due to carbonation and serving temperature.


What beer tastes closest to Blue Moon?

Beers like Hoegaarden and Allagash White feature similar wheat-forward characteristics as the Belgian White. It is often coupled with refreshing citrus hints and spiciness.

Does Blue Moon taste like IPA?

No, Blue Moon does not taste like an IPA (India Pale Ale).

While IPAs are known for their pronounced hop bitterness and often showcase fruity-tasting notes, Blue Moon follows a different flavor profile.

Blue Moon is one of the Belgian-style beers with a focus on wheat malt, citrusy flavors, and subtle spices.

Is Blue Moon like Bud Light?

No, Blue Moon is not similar to Bud Light, especially in terms of taste and style.

Blue Moon is a Belgian-style wheat beer characterized by its wheat-forward flavor, hints of citrus, and subtle spices.

On the other hand, Bud Light (light beer) and Coors Light are light lagers with a milder taste, less emphasis on specific flavors, and a lighter body.

Will one Blue Moon get you drunk?

Consuming one Blue Moon is unlikely to result in a noticeable level of intoxication for most individuals. Blue Moon typically has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 5.4%.

Is Blue Moon sweet or bitter?

Blue Moon is characterized by its mild sweetness. This sweetness is not overly sugary but presents a natural and balanced fruity quality from corn sugar and pairs well with grilled shrimp and spicy food.

In Conclusion

Blue Moon remains one of the best flagship beers from the Blue Moon Brewing Company [2].

The Belgian White Beer is a great beer with a wheat-forward character, subtle sweetness, and sparkling citrusy-tasting notes from the orange peel (in the brewing process).

It is a heavy beer touch of spice on the finish that adds a layer of intrigue, while the creamy body from oats provides a comforting smoothness.

Blue Moon’s taste is a testament to the art of craft brewing, offering a balanced and approachable option for those seeking a flavorful and enjoyable beer for the warm weather.




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