What Does Malta India Taste Like? Tasting the Unique Beverage

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Malta India is a Puerto Rican drink that stands as a delightful low-sodium, no-alcohol malt beverage. It is often referred to as “kid’s beer,” and it’s renowned for its refreshing nature and the energy it provides.

Today, I’m excited to dive into a recent tasting experience that’s been on my radar for a while.

You might be wondering, what does Malta India taste like? Is the stuff worth giving a try? Read on to find out.

What Does Malta India Non-Alcoholic Malt Taste Like?

Man Holding Bottle of Malta India

With Malta India’s thick and dark appearance, the carbonated soda delivers an intense sweetness.

However, what truly distinguishes it is the robust notes of the finest barley, which takes center stage with its earthy and deeply satisfying notes.

“Some of these products are more complex, and have multiple notes that you can try to pick apart,” – Julia Bainbridge, Author 

This brewed malted barley [1] is popular in the Caribbean, and kids and adults of all ages can consume it.

But what does malt taste like?

What Does It Taste Like?

Man Holding Bottle of Malta India Non-Alcoholic Malt


Having tasted Malta India brand, it’s really sweet, although not as sugary as drinks like Coke, Sprite, or root beer. This thickness lends a perception of even greater sweetness and a sense of fullness after each sip.

The interplay between its noticeable sweetness from corn syrup and the substantial mouthfeel creates a distinctive sensation that sets the brand apart from other beverages.

Malta tastes like cereal or a meal in a bottle, so expect that not all may love Malta. Drinking it with milk makes it more refreshing.


As I poured Malta into a glass, the liquid cascaded smoothly, releasing its distinct smell into the air(rest it for two minutes). The heavy sweetness was immediately evident on the stuff, filling the surroundings with a unique fragrance that lingered.

I couldn’t help but notice the interplay of scents, with the smell of malts and a subtle touch reminiscent of marsh water, all coming together to create an intriguing and inviting experience.


Pouring the stuff into a glass, I can see this deep and rich brown color, which is a big part of what makes it unique.

Malta India’s color is quite similar to the dark brown shade of stout beers. When you look at it, you’ll notice it’s dark, even darker than a soft drink.

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After the initial notes unfold, a lingering richness coats my mouth. My friend from the Caribbean mentioned that they’ve drunk this since he was a kid.

It tastes great, especially since the sweetness and earthy notes leave a lasting impression (not bitter), much like molasses’ deep flavors linger.

What Is Malta India Made Of?

Man Holding Malta India Non-Alcoholic Malt in Can

Malta India’s ingredients include carbonated water, barley malt, cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and aspartame.

“Malta India: Puerto Rican sweet brew, a no alcohol delight.” – Liquor Laboratory

The mixture comprises refined corn grits or rice, phosphoric acid, hops, and caramel color. These elements combine to create the distinct flavor and characteristics of the Malta India brand.


Is Malta, India, a Puerto Rican drink?

Yes, Malta, India, is a Puerto Rican drink known for its sweetness and depth. It’s often enjoyed for its refreshing and energizing qualities, making it a notable part of Puerto Rican culinary culture.

The drinking community worldwide is happy because it is exported to several countries like Poland, the UK, Germany, and Italy.

Is Malta, India, a Dominican drink?

No, Malta, India is not a Dominican drink. It originates from Puerto Rico and is known for its distinctive taste and energizing properties. It holds a place in Puerto Rican culinary culture rather than Dominican.

Is Malta India healthy?

No, Malta India is not considered a healthy choice. It typically contains added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and phosphoric acid, which may not align with a health-conscious diet [2].

Kids can consume these drinks, but drinking too much may harm their health.

Does Malta, India, have alcohol?

No, a bottle of Malta India does not contain alcohol, similar to Malta Goya (made from caramel malt and pale malt).

It is enjoyed for its unique flavor and other attributes without alcoholic content.

In Conclusion

Malta India is a carbonated soda hailing from Puerto Rico that presents an intense sweetness with a deep, dark color and a notable thickness.

A bottle with a dominant presence of malted barley lends an earthy richness to its profile, evoking molasses flavors.

Malta India’s combination of flavors and origins makes it a noteworthy and flavorful experience that stands apart in the world of beverages.

We may not love Malta because of its too much sweetness, but it is worth trying- just for the experience.

Do you drink Malta? How do you find it? Let us know your opinion by commenting below!




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